Tying it Up Las Cruces

The 2nd annual Bucking for the Cure bull riding in Las Cruces at the Southern New Mexico State Fairgrounds exceeded attendance expectations for local business man and supporter for Cowboys for Cancer Research, Larry Barker. Arena stands were filled with almost three times the previous yearís crowd and the cowboys and bull came to put on a show.

Joining the CBR rider lineup were a few local cowboys who shined for their home state. Blaise Milligan of Artesia defeated Arkansas Flash of Barrett/Willis with an 83.5. Hector Lerma of Chihuahua, Mexico but a frequent guest of Las Cruces earned 80 points on Fender Roads of Winston Loe/Melton Bull Company.

The night started sluggish with nine qualified rides in the first section and only three in the short round. The excitement began when 6 riders were advanced to second round based on time, a fortunate occurrence for Travis Briscoe of Edgewood, NM.

Briscoe scored first place in the short round with an 88 on Jerilyn Harmonís Elite Bulls Ring of Fire, ultimately earning 2nd place overall, behind CBR Horizon leader Braden Richardson and Mike Lee, the only two cowboys to cover both bulls in the competition. 

Richardsonís first draw for the night was Dirty Little Secret with a score of 84 points. ShishkaBob of Barrett/Willis was ridden for 82.5 points by former World Champion Mike Lee. The short round tied up the night with these cowboys with a total of 168.5 points each.

Trey Holston, ranked number one in the CBR Tour Standings, maintained his position after bucking off a bull named Mamaís Boy in the short round, but successfully making 8 seconds on Dirty Blonde of D4 Cattle Co in the long go.

Last nightís CBR Horizon competition was part of the CBR Bull Team Challenge (BTC). With a prize purse of $56,250, stock contractors compete with three bulls that are featured during two rounds of competition. The bulls receive points for their performance and additionally, the time the bull rider stays on is combined to the bullís score. At the end of competition, the total bull team scores determine the BTC Champion.  Barrett/Willis #1 received first place in the bull team competition with a check of $23,000.00.

The reason contestants, stock contractors and fans attended Bucking for the Cure was to support Cowboys for Cancer Research (C4CR). By nights end, Mr. Larry Barker donated a $10,000 check to C4CR with the proceeds of the event. Check out their website!

Average Results

1st Place Tie:  Mike Lee, 168.5 points, $3,439.58, Braden Richardson, 168.5 points, $3,204.36.

3th: Travis Briscoe, 88 points, $2,242.30.

4th: Brett Custer,  87.5 points, $1,666.01.

Round by round scoring available on

Bull Team Results

1. Barrett/Willis #1, 276.5 points, $23,000. 2. Jerilyn Harmonís Elite Bulls #3, 275.03 points, $14,000. 3. Championship Pro Rodeo/Cude Energy, 272.48 points, $9,000. 4. D4 Cattle Co., 272.46 points, $6,000. 5. Barker/Barnett #1, 270.67 points, $4,250. 

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