Texas Cowboy Garrett Jones Wins Lebanon

Lebanon, Missouri’s motto “Friendly People, Friendly Place” proved to be true this weekend at the Show-Me State CBR Shootout. Fans filled the Cowan Civic Center to watch as 30 bull riders attempted their fate on some of the best bulls in the industry.

The night featured 2 rounds of bull riding as well as a bull competition. Only 5 qualified rides in the long round, coupled with eight bull riders  based on time, with 6 seven plus second rides advanced to the short round. The bull power overwhelmed the rider lineup, resulting in only 5 qualified rides for the night.

Garrett Jones of Devers, TX set the pace with an 88.5 ride on Fat Boy owned by Rafter B- Rockin C/Harris Bucking Bulls. Jones  was chased by a tie between current Horizon leader Braden Richardson and CBR new comer Gannon Ivy, both earning 86.5 points.

Ultimately, the Texas coyboy maintained the highest score and was announced the Show-Me State CBR Shootout Champion, taking home a $4,190.44 check.

Knapp/Barrett/Willis was awarded the bull team champion check of $10,000.

Results from 2018 Show-Me State CBR Shootout, April 7, 2018 listed below—

Long Round- 3 Sections: 1, Garrett Jones, Devers, TX, 88.5 on Fat Boy on Rafter B- Rockin C/Harris  . 2. Gannon Ivey, Huntsville, TX , 86.5 on War Tiger of D4 Cattle Co.  3. Braden Richardson, Jasper, TX, 86.5 on Biscuit Snatcher of Knapp/Barrett/Willis. 4. John Pitts, Panama City Beach, FL, 84.5 on Chick-Fila of Lindsey/Tollett.  5. Gray Essary, Somerville, TN, 81.5 on Wildcat of Rawson Bucking Bulls #2.

Short Round:  No qualified Rides

Average Results

1. Garrett Jones, 88.5, $4190.44. 2. Gannon Ivey, 86.5, $2,526.80. 3. Braden Richardson, 86.5, $2,526.80. 4. John Pitts, 84.5, $1,155.60.

Round by round scoring available on

Bull Team Results

1. Knapp/Barrett/Willis, 275.56, $10,000. 2. D4 Cattle Co, 274.51, $7,375. 3. GEM Bucking Bulls, 273.57, $4,500. 4. Rawson Bucking Bulls #1, 269.64, $2,500. 

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