CBR Bull of the Year Finalist Heads to Las Vegas NFR Profile - 1137 Cowbanger

 CBR Bull of the Year Finalist Heads to Las Vegas

NFR Profile - 1137 Cowbanger

Championship Pro Rodeo


There are not many six year olds that have valedictorian status, but 1137 Cowbanger is considered one of the smartest bovines of the 2017 NFR Class of Bucking Bulls that are headed to Las Vegas this week.

The older he gets the smarter he becomes, he feels the rider get a seat and comes back the other way usually bucking them off, said Brett Barrett of Championship Pro Rodeo (CPR).

Only one cowboy in the NFR top 15 has ridden the elusive bucker owned by Benny Cude of CPR.

I hope to draw him, I have won a lot of money on that bull and I know hes going to buck hard every time, hes also one I know I can ride and ride for a good score in the high 80s, said Joe Frost.

Joe Frost is the authority on 1137 the only guy to hear the whistle while on his back. Frost rode him for 91 points to win the Tuff Hedeman Fort Worth CBR in April and at the 2016 NFR in round two for 87 points.

No doubt Joe is home in Utah working out and honing his skills before next weeks Super Bowl of rodeo, but what is Cowbanger doing to prepare?

We dont have to buck him at home for practice this bull knows his job, he stays with other bulls at the ranch and stays fit and muscled from his natural environment, continued Barrett.

According to Championship Pro Rodeo, the six year old bull is easy to haul. He has spent his life on the road and eats well and rests. In fact, according to Barrett, you can buck him five days in a row and he will be as reliable the fifth time as he was the first.

His consistency began as a futurity calf, he was consistently rank and bucked so hard he would flip, but as he matured he got better. He finished in the top four as a three year old derby bull who always won a check. His four year old year he also finished in the top four in sanctioned bucking bull competitions.

With ten qualified outs on the PRCA trail and one on the CBRs Road to Cheyenne there, are only two qualified rides listed beside his name so what makes the son of Im A Gangster so hard to ride?

Hes short backed, compact, muscled up but yet very agile and athletic, said Cude.

Id like to see Sage Kimzey ride him, he has been on him several times, he got a good seat on him at the CBR World Finals and we all thought he would hear the whistle, but the bull comes back the other way and bucked him off, said Cude.

What style of rider fits Cowbanger?

Joe Frost style I would have to say because he pulls a tight rope and bares down hard, 1137 can take the strength and Joe is also a big stout guy, answered Barrett. 6 years old no plans of retirement no calves

1137 Cowbanger will buck for the second time at the Thomas Mack on rodeos biggest stage and his owners say there are no plans of retirement in his near future - although they are anxious to get a calf crop from the Championship Pro Rodeo super star.

Cowbanger sports an 85% buck off percentage bucking off left handed riders 100% of the time. The average ride time is approximately 4 seconds.

You can follow Cowbanger on and Championship Bull Riding on Facebook. @CBRBULL on Twitter and Instagram.