Bull Team Profile Bob Whisnant

Bull Team Profile

Bob Whisnant

“Average is not the answer”

With the CBR Bull Team Challenge World Champion title already checked off his “to do” list, Bob Whisnant has settled into enjoying the process of raising world class bucking bulls, as well as being elected to the Board of Directors and President of Championship Bull Riding (CBR).  

“The caliber of bulls has stepped up in the last year or so on the CBR Road to Cheyenne, I had three or four bulls I sold because the level of the team competition increased – scores went up and you have to have the bulls that can take you there,” said Whisnant.

Whisnant has been successful since he wandered into the bucking bull arena in 2010. He has owned bulls who have bucked their way to the CBR and PBR Finals winning and earning money at the highest level. In 2012 Whisnant was a partner in the CBR World Championship Bull team that included his bull Vortex Madness who is retired and living with Whisnant at the ranch.

As if I was talking to one of the winningest football coaches of all time, Nick Saban, a crucial element of Bob Whisnant’s unflappability sounded similar. Whisnant definitely has a "Process," a simple but profound way of breaking down a difficult situation into manageable pieces.

With 150 commercial cows, 70 bucking stock cattle, and 40 one to two year old bulls, it is no surprise Bob Whisnant has developed a system that includes endurance. Patient with the process of raising a string of competitive buckers, Whisnant understands what it takes and really enjoys the progression of his herd and believes success rises from that persistence.

“I have watched them thru the 2, 3, and 4 year old system. I really don’t believe in buying 5 or 6 years olds because they are usually finished bucking in a few years,” said Whisnant from his Columbus, Texas office of Boral Concrete Products.

“Bob is a very passionate guy.  Whether it’s building a block plant, running a business, playing (bad) golf, or building bull teams, he is all in.  He is a straight shooter and we are the best of friends,” said Murphy Lents, CBR CEO.

With a full bucking bull facility under roof in Columbus, Whisnant's recent process included shifting some of the livestock to Hayden Shaw in East Texas.

“I have a bull facility – chutes, everything under roof, a really nice facility but the bulls get more riders up on them with Hayden Shaw. I grow them and he trains and bucks them up there where he has access to more riders to season the bulls. We buck the yearlings down here too - I just don’t have much time with a full time job.

Recently the place they decided to compete was Las Vegas, Nevada. They left with the satisfaction of placing third in the ABBI yearling sale and making money for both him and the new owner.

“There is nothing better than raising one that can go and qualify, compete and win against the industry’s top breeders. I actually like the calves at home the best; no doubt I like to watch the young cattle grow up – it is special.”

“Anyone can buy a great bull, but when you raise a calf that makes it to the finals, that is what really drives me and it is great satisfaction - more than anything else in the industry.”

“This year I raised him from our sire and he was born on the place and made it to the finals.”

In the upcoming months, Whisnant will shift his focus to his rider bulls with the second quarter of the CBR BTC on the Road to Cheyenne set to begin in less than 60 days.

With several up and coming talents, Whisnant is most looking forward to watching 29B Ol’ Black develop, a son of Scream and out of a Smooth Move daughter. 29B is the reason Boudreaux Campbell sits at the top of the CBR World Standings as he assisted Campbell twice this year on his path to two event championships (Window Rock and Conroe) on the televised tour.

“We are really excited about him, we are partnered with Cheyenne Owens on him, he got tripped up in the chutes in Conroe with Boudreaux, but he still rode him and made it to the finals on him."

According to Whisnant, 29B is a three year old bull that did well placing and winning money as a derby bull and he will be permanently on the trailer as he grows and continues to mature.

4130 Ralph, a top ten derby finisher at the UBBI Finals, is already on the CBR trail for Whisnant scoring 87.5 when paired with Eli Vastbinder in Conroe. BJ5 Go Blue is a four year old that was the runner up in the E.G. Finals and won $100,000 as a 2 year old! He is tuning up as well for the upcoming Road to Cheyenne.

Recent additions to the Whisnant string include three new bulls just purchased from Tom Peterson that are big rider friendly bulls that will fit the CBR format.

“I am looking forward to next year because I know these bulls from the ground up and I can guide their career paths.”

Whisnant and his wife Julie enjoy the bucking bull facility near their home in Columbus where the six grandkids often can be found playing “bucking bulls” in the chutes inside the covered arena.

What was the name of your first bull?

J702 Fully Wicked (a bull that would go on to be a PRCA bull for three years with Diamond S).

Why do you like the CBR BTC?

“I like the team concept with the rider bulls, everyone has a shot at winning and it’s a good average with the rider time added, you have three bulls instead of just owning and bucking one bull – it keeps you interested and more people have an even shot.”

It’s all lot of fun than a single competition – it’s fun – I like it with the different teams and owners you have the chance to create a lot of great relationships. It’s all about the company you have with all the contractors and they are competitive but good guys to hang out with.

 What bloodlines are on the Whisnant Ranch?

“Page cows. Some cows are bred to Buck Autism and Best Shot. This year they will be bred by a Brutus son and Surefire son.”

What can we expect from your process for the 2018 BTC teams?

“A notch up from rider friendly bulls, we are shooting for bringing better ranker bulls to the events – we have rider friendly bulls that are 85, 86 point bulls all day but the caliber of riders in CBR increasing steadily we are taking the better - little ranker bulls to the events. Whether it’s going to work or not we don’t know. When the top riders are there we feel that concept will be the successful concept thru out the year.

“In the last couple of years if you bring an average bull you get an average score – we are aiming higher and going for it!”


Photo - Aaron Pass, 91.5 points on Vortex Madness, 2012 CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days

Photo credit: Todd Brewer

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