CBR Bull Team Profile - Harris Bucking Bulls

It is probably fair to say that when Jeff Harris and family sit down for dinner the conversation of bucking bulls is probably on the table.

Harris Bucking Bulls of Palestine, Texas is a true southern family run business.  You rarely see Jeff without his wife Susan, daughter Lacee, son-in-law Corry Fetterman, or son Tate, a former pro bull rider Tate...if the trailer is unloading.

“I raised my kids in and around the bucking bulls and we are blessed to all participate in the family business, they all recognize good bulls and we don’t sugar coat the truth,” laughed Harris. “Some nights you shine and others you don’t, and we all know the difference.”

Next week the Harris’ hard work will be on display as the Jacksonville Rodeo Arena as the Bull Bash Revolution bull riding is placed squarely on their backs.

“We are proud to work with Haley Beasley, the backbone of this event, and we all pitch in and raise money for the FFA and 4-H students in Cherokee County,” continued Harris. Harris went on to say that  Lacee is working on the advertising while Tate and Jeff line up the bulls and I don’t even want to guess at all the tasks on Susan’s to do list.

Eventually the conversation with Jeff always turns to bulls so bull riders, listen up, here is a tip -  if you want to see a few of Jeff’s secret weapons for the 2018 Road to Cheyenne you might think about coming to the Bull Bash where Jeff will buck 31 head including the new ones, the old ones, and the one’s you have never seen.

While Jeff is busy lining up the October 28 event it is safe to say that Harris, the 2016 World Champion Bull Team stock contractor, and 2014 Stock Contractor of the Year has already carried the 2017 momentum to this year’s Road to Cheyenne. Harris, the winner off multiple event championships qualified six teams for last season’s World Finals and seems to be on a good path this year as well.

Harris won the Cheyenne Challenge on night one in Huron which is an automatic entry to the CBR World Finals. The following night he was second at the BTC season opener and second again in Conroe, the final event of the first quarter. He has banked $44,000 off the two events he competed in.


With multiple teams in the BTC competition it is always a tough decision for Harris to group them in the sets of three to compete, but after winning the first Cheyenne Challenge on night one in Huron, which is an automatic entry to the CBR World Finals, a second place finish in Huron on night two and second Conroe it is safe to say that Jeff Harris has corned team momentum for 2018.

Winning the Cheyenne Challenge in Huron on night one with a trio of young buckers, 215 Lone Wolf was the team’s best bull score with 88.5 points which was impressive given the ride time was less than two seconds. Maier’s 89 point win on 277 Dirty Little Secret produced the second best bull score of his team. Last but certainly not least was Ryder May’s 86 points on Harris’ up and coming four legged star, four year old L33 Tamale, a CBR Finals bulls that Trey Benton rode for 90 points in Cheyenne.  

33 Tamale seems to be Jeff’s anchor for this season. Pairing 33 with 277 Dirty Little Secret seems to work with a rotation of the third bull. 33 was Champion Bull in Huron earning half of the 89 point showing from Koby Radley and that 89 was Harris’s only qualified ride of the Huron second place check. 215 Lone Wolf was the third bull on Harris night two of Huron. 

In Conroe Juan Alonzo was an 89.5 points on 33 as Harris was second again with Dirty Little Secret and 408 Jughead, a young bull from partner Bob Blackwell.  408 will most likely be seen again as he was seasoned well last year on the rodeo and Horizon series circuits.

Harris took home the Champion Bull Honors again in Conroe with Speckled Pup, a non-bull team entry for Harris, when Boudreaux Campbell’s earned 90.5 points on him in the semifinal round.

Harris, owner operator of Rafter J Ranch is a commercial cattle operator residing in Palestine, Texas with his wife Susan, and two children, Lacee Harris Fetterman, and husband Corry and son Tate, a former bull rider.

For more information about the Bull Bash Revolution contact Haley Beasley- 903-747-7199 or Lacee Fetterman-903-724-0591. Tickets are on sale for the Bull Bash Revolution and more information is at or  Proceeds for the Bull Bash benefit local agricultural based programs and operations. Moving our community forward, providing self-sufficiency and local jobs for our future generations.  

Photo credit: Todd Brewer

Pictured: 215 Lone Wolf  and Jeff Bertus (Huron)