The Great Canadian Buck It List

CBR Bull Team Profile – K & G Bull Team 

The Great Canadian Buck It List

By: Leigh Ann Schroeder

K & G, the only internationally owned CBR Bull Team franchise on the Road to Cheyenne is owned by  Travis Gawley of Alberta, Canada and with Brett Barrett at the helm, this team made their second trip to Cheyenne for the CBR World Finals in July. At the end of the two day World Finals one of their bulls, Standing on X’s, was the highest marked rank bull score of the finals and named CBR Bull of the Event.

Gawley, who really enjoys the bucking bull industry, owns Park Plumbing and Heating in the Alberta area, owns the franchise and Brett Barrett manages the team and selects the bull power for the team’s entries.

“Travis really enjoys the bucking bull business and he found a way to be part of it from a distance as he competes at the highest level in the CBR Bull team challenge,” said Barrett.

Barrett identified B9 Juicy Fruit as the team’s anchor bull that will be bucking in the semifinal round in Laughlin. He has been a part of many winning bull teams and recent qualified rides include an 87 point ride by Nic Lica in Ashland, MO for the PRCA rodeo bull riding win. The right hand delivery bull is currently unridden in CBR competition with outs in Del Rio and Cheyenne - bucking off Eli Vastbinder in 3 seconds and Corey Bailey in 2.97 respectively. Sired by Mr. Juicy and out of a White Sports Coat cow, B9 is owned by Brett Barrett and Audi Willis and was purchased from Vernon Guidry.

If you are a left hander you will be happy to see his name by yours as left handers ride him 50% of the time while right handers buck off 100% thus far.  

According to Barrett he is a consistent 22 point bull that has the same trip every time and the cowboys should take him close to the whistle earning the team additional ride time points.

“He is a darn good bull and we are hopeful he might see him selected for the National Finals Rodeo this year,” said Barrett added.

The second bull in Laughlin is 3415 Bad JuJu who assisted Jeff Askey for the Road to Cheyenne win in Jackson last January with a 91 point score and a 44 bull score. 3415’s highest rank bull score is 45.5 and came from Cody Kelley when he bucked him off in 2.21 seconds. Sired by Last Call and out of a Whitewater Skoal cow his roots are with the Jaynes Gang and Exclusive Genetics. He grew up on the competitive circuit and came from Bob Whisnant.

K & G’s third bull is 304 Chop Hou, a left hand delivery bull that is new to the CBR roster. 304 has two unridden attempts on Probullstats with zero qualified rides.

“He is consistent and will be the showiest bull on our team,” continued Barrett who owns all three bulls with Audie Willis. Cop Hou was formerly owned by Bob Whisnant. 304 has bucked five times in pro rodeos this summer and ridden once at an Extreme bull competition.

Moving to the CBR Bull Team Challenge competition from the futurity competition side of the industry, Gawley selected Bret Barrett and Audie Willis to manage the bulls and BTC investment.

This is the team’s first out in Laughlin and in 2016 they placed second, sixth, and fifth earning $16,000 total on the year. According to Brett Barrett, who has been a part of the CBR Bull team competition since 2012 they were “one bull short” last year from having the dream team and feels they have fielded a great team for the Laughlin competition.