Campbell’s consistency wins Navajo Nation CBR as he takes the lead of the CBR World Standings

 Campbell’s consistency wins Navajo Nation CBR as he steals the lead of the CBR World Standings

WINDOW ROCK, Arizona – (September 4, 2017) – Nineteen year old Boudreaux Campbell returned to Window Rock to right his record with the savviest bull riding crowd in the country. This year the circumstances and the outcome were different for the Crockett, Texas bull rider who was a perfect three for three to win $26,787.50 on the second stop of the CBR’s Road to Cheyenne tour which opened the 71st Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock, Arizona.

“Last year I was a rookie and I made the Shoot Out four man, but I really let my nerves get to me, this year I have a lot more experience and stamina to finish and ride three in a row,” said the leading PRCA rider in the 2017 rookie race.

Campbell, who finished third in the 2017 CBR final World Standings, is anything but a rookie in CBR competition. He won two event titles on last season’s tour, but missed the CBR season opener last week. Campbell came out swinging winning the Navajo Nation CBR and taking the lead in the CBR World Standings race.  

With eighteen qualified rides, Campbell and rookie rider Matt Palmer finished first and second and were the only riders to end the night three for three. 2012 World Champ Josh Barentine rode two as did Travis Briscoe, and Ruger Piva. 


10 qualified rides emerged from round one with Campbell setting the pace for the event with an 89 on 26Y Savage Moves (Bob Whisnant/Johnston) as the first rider of the night.

“I had first seen him at pro rodeos this year and I was happy to have him tonight, he bucked and felt great and was the kind of bull you could be a lot of points on and it worked out for me,” said Campbell.

Three CBR rookie riders advanced in their Road to Cheyenne debut, Ruger Piva, Challis, ID, Brendon Averett, New Orleans, LA, and Matt Palmer, Chelsea, OK.

“This was an unforgettable experience for me, everyone was so friendly, I loved the atmosphere here at the CBR,” said eighteen year old Matt Palmer.

2012 World Champion Josh Barentine was second in the round with an 88 on 721 King Pin (Cunningham Scoggins) followed by Finals Champion Cody Jesus who was 87.5 on 08 Homeboy (Rawson).

New Mexico’s Travis Briscoe gambled and kept his 67 points on 410 Harvey to advance to the semifinal round.


The riders continued to set the pace with five qualified rides in the Semifinal round. Briscoe was the first to ride two and he thrilled the Navajo Nation with 90.5 on X37 Ink Slinger, JQH’s four year old bull that has earned his place as the new anchor of the Amarillo based JQH bull team. According to Skip and Elaine Jones, he never disappoints the rider or them during a performance.

Palmer answered with a 90 on 138 Crackerjack (Hudgins) for 171 on two. The bulls would reclaim the middle of the round bucking off Hestetune and Kirwan followed by Ruger Piva’s 86 on Rawson’s L139 Little David.

The crowd fell silent when Jesus bucked off 756 Whacked Out, but if it’s any consolation to the Navajo Nation the bull owned by GEM bucking bulls earned the rank award and was named the Window Rock Bull of the Event title with a 93.5 bull score.

Barentine claimed the round win and the highest marked ride of the night with 92 points on 17 Shots owned by Ray Cattle Com/New Star Pro Rodeo. Barentine, from Johnson’s Bayou, Louisiana, made the trip after working Hurricane Harvey Rescue with his airboat in Southeast Texas.

Campbell marched on with 89 points on 313 Space Jam (Barker Barnett) and finished second in the average thus far in the three round tournament style competition.

“I didn’t know anything about this bull, he came with one of the new stock contractors on tour with new bulls, but the bull was good and fit me, I got in a bind at the end but gritted it out,” claimed the 5’11 former Texas High School Rodeo Champion.


With a new season comes new bulls and Tuff Hedeman had a four pack of surprises on the Shoot Out round draw. Campbell picked first followed by Barentine and the two rookies, Piva and Palmer, making their first decision behind the chutes with Chute Boss and four-time World Champion Tuff Hedeman.

Palmer was out first and earned an 88 on New Star Pro Rodeo’s Boston’s Legend to finish his first CBR with a three for three effort. Piva made a big effort but fell short at 6.36 on 21 Jaynette’s Pet. The two highly decorated experienced Shoot Out round riders were left.

Campbell thrilled the near capacity crowd with a 91 on Bob Whisnant’s 29B O’l Black.

“My buddy Hayden Shaw hauled him up here and he told me to pick em, he thought he was one you could be enough points on and win, so I did and it worked out,” claimed Campbell who is an A plus student of the buckers and happy to share his knowledge with other competitors.

Nicole Ray brought the heat for Ray Cattle Company and Barentine fell short to 296 Casino.

“This is one of the best events on tour, the fans here are awesome, everything seems to come together for me in Window Rock, last year I made the four man but didn’t win anything, this year I was able to stay loose and cool and it all worked out and I was thrilled to get the win,” said Campbell who missed the season opener last week.


Campbell stole the lead from last week’s average winner Koby Radley who fell to fourth. Campbell leads with 269 points, but leaves the door wide open as he will not be in Laughlin due to a conflict in the rodeo schedule. Rookie Matt Palmer gets on the leaderboard with 259 points followed by the veteran of the standings Josh Barentine with 180. Ruger Piva rounds out the new top five with 172.

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Beginner's luck refers to the supposed phenomenon of novices experiencing disproportionate winning, but GEM Bucking Bulls were far from being novices in Window Rock. GEM, the all-female Bucking Bull team, with the coolest name on the CBR’s 60 bull team challenge team roster, walked away with the win in Window Rock as they competed for the first time since buying the CBR franchise and a great bucker who shined in Cheyenne last month.

The two young women, Ruby Baush and Crystal Chandler, just met and formed their team in Cheyenne last month. Their team earned them two qualified rides and 282.63 points including the rankest bull score of the night.

“This was our first event and we brought three consistent buckers that we could count on, they performed with one over achiever tonight and it was an amazing experience - we are thrilled to be part of the CBR Bull Team Challenge,” said Ruby.

Jesus was thrilled to have Whacked Out after seeing Kimzey ride him in Cheyenne for 92 points.

“He asked us who he was out of and when we told him Bushwacker, his eyes lit up,” continued Crystal.

Wacked Out blew out of the chutes harder tonight and ended Jesus evening in 3.13 seconds in the semifinal round.

The team named after their first names, Ruby and Crystal, took on an instant identity winning with two qualified rides in round one with 3312 Lil Cranky and 3274 Bring the Bling.   

2.28 points behind GEM was Barker and Barnett #2 team with one qualified ride from Campbell on 313 Space Jam. Ray Cattle Company and New Star Pro Rodeo were third with 279.17 earning the Champion Bull title and the semifinal round with Josh Barentine’s 92 points on rookie bull 38 - 17 Shots. Bob Whisnant/Johnston team rounded out the money places with 278.52 and a round win from 26Y Savage Moves.

Navajo Nation CBR Results

1, Boudreaux Campbell, Crockett, TX, 269 points on 3, $26,787.50. 2, Matt Palmer, Chelsea, OK, 259, $15,462.50. 3, Josh Barentine, Johnson’s Bayou, 180 pts, $2,250. 4, Ruger Piva, Challis, ID, 175 pts, $2,240.

Shoot Out Round Results

1, Boudreaux Campbell 91 points on 29B O’l Black, Whisnant Bucking Bulls. 2, Matt Palmer, 88 pts on 934 Boston’s Legend, New Star Prorodeo. 3, Ruger Piva, no score on 21 Jaynette’s Pet. Josh Barentine, no score on 296 Casino, New Star Prorodeo.

Navajo Nation CBR Bull Team Results

1, GEM Bucking Bulls, Ruby Bausch, Crystal Chandler, 282.63 points, $20,000. 2, Barker/Barnett 2, 280.35, $12,000. 3, Ray Cattle Co/New Bar Pro Rodeo, 279.17, $8,000. 4, Bob Whisnant/Johnstons, 278.52, $5,000.

The CBR tour moves on to Laughlin, Nevada next week for the Colorado River Chute Out at the Laughlin Events Center. Laughlin Ticketing Link. For more information contact Follow Championship Bull Riding on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on