CBR Bull Team Challenge Profile

 CBR Bull Team Challenge Profile

Hat Brand Rodeo


HURON, South Dakota – (August 30, 2017) - When Colten Sullivan was in the eighth grade he knew what path he wanted his life to take. He had his Dad, bull man and former member of the CBR Board of Directors, Terrell Sullivan, as the perfect mentor. The young stock contractor began his bucking bull breeding program before he started high school and thirteen years later he is the owner of Hat Brand Rodeo Company with partner Dalton Bates and is on the Road to Cheyenne with his first stop – the Red Wilks Construction Bull Bash in Huron, South Dakota.

The Centerville, Texas rodeo company is competing both nights at this year’s CBR season opener in Huron in the Bull Team Challenge competition against a competitive field of Bull Team Challenge franchise owners. Hat Brand’s goal - looking forward to getting a jump start on the season and with two opportunities in Huron - qualifying for the $100,000 prize check available at the end of the year.

If you win night one in Huron, known as the Cheyenne Challenge you can call Cheyenne and make your hotel reservations for July for the CBR World Finals because you earn an automatic entry with the $20,000 check.

Hat Brand Rodeo Company was established over 25 years ago by Lynn Bottoms. In 2011, Sullivan bought him out and began producing rodeos. Five years later, Sullivan sold half interested in Hat Brand to Dalton Bates and last year they re-purchased Sullivan’s original bull team from Zach Craig and Championship Pro Rodeo.

With 50 bulls on hand, Hat Brand found the CBR a great place to take his talent.

“The CBR is like a big family and we really enjoy participating and coming to the event, my wife and partner – all of us looking forward to the season,” said the twenty-six year old stock contractor who brought a trailer full of great buckers from Centerville, Texas.

But don’t take my word for it, their website, is full of testimonials.

 “I must commend you guys for such an outstanding persona in all aspects and concerns. It is obvious you guys have love and compassion for the sport and to accomplish this challenge is quite commendable,” wrote a long time bucking bull breeder and producer about Hat Brand.

Colten Sullivan and Dalton Bates have been providing stock and producing rodeo events and that CBR model suits them as they aim to make each and every Hat Brand event fun and entertaining, something for the whole family to enjoy.

“The Hat Brand Family and Crew feel very fortunate to work for some great committees and produce great events.”

As the Sullivan name is synonymous with great buckers, they have raised the stock standing in Huron and have great expectations from the team.

“Most of our bulls are sired by 63 Fat Boy and a Mexican bull that is sired by Garfield,” said Sullivan.

Like most, their process of selecting the competitive bulls was choosing bulls that if they ride they will be big points.

According to Sullivan, 257 Heavy Duty is the anchor of the team that Sullivan and Bates expect to be the highest score.

“257 has no tricks, just a solid bucker that will turn back right in the gate,” said Sullivan.

He pointed out that 177 is the trickier out of their team.

“Don’t take the fake,” he chuckled as he described this bull as one that would fake either right or left before settling in a pattern.

“Our third, 251 Scooby, is a good bull with lots of timing and showy,” continued Sullivan.

Sullivan and Bates have not bought a bull since 2003 using their bred to buck breeding program to power the Brand’s stock on the Road to Cheyenne and on their rodeo trails. Sullivan, who married last October, would like to thank his wife, Robyn for handling what he says is “everything” for the brand.

You can follow Hat Brand on Facebook, and #HatBrand on Twitter. For more information on CBR Bull Team Challenge contact For more information CBR and media credentials for Road to Cheyenne events contact or call 940.902.1112.