100X Helmets Safeguards the Road to Cheyenne


100X Helmets Safeguards the Road to Cheyenne

Battle Everyday to Be the Best Xample


WEATHERFORD, Texas – (August 25, 2017) - CBR is pleased to announce a strategic partnership for the 2017-18 season with one of the fastest growing rodeo brands on the market, 100X Helmets. 

In a sport that defines what danger is, co-founders of 100X Helmets Cris Welch and Cody McGee have raised the bar in protecting rodeo athletes and definitely changed the conversation of what the best helmet is - in what is considered the most dangerous sport in the world.

According to to 3-time CBR and 3-time PRCA World Champion bull rider, Sage Steele Kimzey it is plain and simple.

“100x Helmets are the best bull riding helmet on the market, period,” said Kimzey from the road who won his last three world titles with a 100X protecting him.

Years of bull riding impact research combined with  materials to withstand the hard-hitting impacts, the founders designed what the top bull riding competitors consider the most practical, light-weight and comfortable helmet available.

Eli Vastbinder, who finished just six points behind Kimzey for the CBR gold buckle this year is also a fan of the brand. "100X helmets are comfortable and easy to get on and off," said Vastbinder who kept pace with Kimzey for twelve months on the Road to Cheyenne and heads to Huron next week to launch his 2018 attempt to unseat the champ.     

The most important factor in the 100X brand is that their helmets are made specifically for bull riding. In a world where inches mean life and death, the brand brought new components and elements to the head gear that have been absent in the history of the sport.

The helmets are designed and manufactured using the shape of the head and focused on an elite design that is well-matched for multiple impacts, a factor other “helmet” sports do not have.

“We want to help educate everyone in the process of the helmet – not just sell products – we are passionate about the sport and are passionate about protecting the bull riders,”  said Cris Welch.

Many bull riders like the way they fit and are easy to get on and off but Koby Radley, the 2015 IFYR World Champion likes them for a different reason.

“My 100X helmet has saved me in multiple wrecks, and by far the most durable helmet out there,” said the 2016 Horizon Champ and top ten CBR cowboy.  

The Difference

According to Welch and McGee the COMLOX (Securing/Attachment) system which separates their product from others.

“It doesn’t matter how good your helmet is if it does not stay on,” said Welch in response to where they began in the design process.  “Keeping the helmet on seems to be a big part of the problem in this industry.”

Simplifying the reason their design is better is a little like taking a crash course in engineering and manufacturing, but after an informative and lengthy discussion with the founders, watching multiple videos, and talking to the elite of the bull riding world it breaks down to this:

1.     They stay on your head better because of the securing system that holds the head in place

2.     They are manufactured with Carbon Fiber face frame, a material that reinforces the helmet so it can take multiple impacts from the side or the front while maintaining its integrity thru multiple impacts.

3.     It covers the Occipital Bump which protects the C1 and C2 vertebra of the spine.

4.     It has X’s on the side that are designed to allow the athlete to hear, a function prohibited in earlier helmets  

“We worked hard to design a helmet that would allow some sound to get to these guys, I mean a bullfighter talking to you on the ground can save your life,” said McGee.

McGee added that their helmets have a two piece plastic injection molding that adjusts on the side to fit anywhere from a 6 5/8 to a 7 ¾ size head - and it is 2.8 pounds which is significantly lighter than the competition’s helmets.

“The front guard was strengthened using carbon fiber so the helmet can take the impact if you are on your side and getting stepped on,” continued Welch.

The story of 100X begins in Platte City, Missouri where the design process started in the fall of 2015. After fourteen months of hard work, the first helmet came out in 2016. 

The formal product launch was at the National Junior High School Rodeo Finals in June and later that same summer four of the top 5 CBR ranked riders wore 100X at the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne including: Sage Kimzey, NFR qualifier Cody Rostockyj, IPRA World Champion Corey Bailey, CBR World Finals champion Brennon Eldred, and CBR and PRCA World Champion Cody Teel.  

In 2017, 100X added CBR event champion Tyler Taylor, CBR World Finals Champion Cody Jesus, and rookie world finals qualifier Josh Frost to the list of riders wearing their helmet at the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days.  

 “Everywhere we added a groove we added strength – by design – we are longer on the back to cover critical points if impact takes place and that adds strength and more protection,” continued the young entrepreneurs.

Adding CBR to their lineup is important to 100X Helmet and they are proud to also support and work with the Youth Bull Riders organization, the National High School Rodeo Association, and other pro bull riding associations to educate the riders and fans about the importance of safety in the sport. 

100X is expanding their commitment to the sport and expects to launch their helmets designed for “mutton bustin” and calf riders later this year.

“100X Helmets set out to enhance and preserve the sports and cultures we love in the best way possible. We strive to use the foremost technologies and focus on innovation, education and teamwork to put forward elite products in all we do.” – Cris Welch and Cody McGee.

You can find 100X Helmets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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Photo credit: Todd Brewer photo of Corey Bailey, Paris, Tennessee - IPRA World Champion and CBR World Finalist (2011-2017)