CBR Bull of the Year Nominee - 210 Chaos Ghost

CBR Bull of the Year Nominee

210 Chaos Ghost


Owned by Scott Winston and Corey Melton Bull Company

Sired by Kamryn's Chaos 

The important things about 210 Chaos Ghost are well documented and well known. He has been ridden one time on this year’s Road to Cheyenne. He was scored the rankest bull winning the CBR’s Bull of the Event honors twice, Jackson, Tennessee and Hobbs, New Mexico and according to his traveling partner, former professional bull rider Corey Melton, he is an easy keeper, eats whatever he wants, and stands square in the chutes.   

210 Chaos Ghost came from former bull rider Jacob Kennemer of Mayflower, Arkansas. He is out of a Firestomper cow and a bull named Kamryn's Chaos that is double bred Little Yellow Jacket.  He competed as a classic bull as a three and four year old before he found his way on the Road to Cheyenne.  

“I watched him at the classic level and Jacob didn’t want to sell him and when he turned 5 he called me and I bought him– his first event was in Jackson, Tennessee in January and he was the rankest score of the night winning us the Bull of the Event,” said Corey Melton of Melton Bull Company, Tolar, Texas.

That first out for 210 at a CBR was a match up with five time World Champion bull rider Sage Kimzey who showed him well for 91.5 points on the ride side and 91 on the bull score side.

He would go on to Hobbs, New Mexico later in January and be named Bull of the Event for the second time, this time bucking off Juan Alonzo and receiving a 90.5 bull score.

“Everybody thinks they can ride him but they can’t, he is intense and gains speed as he bucks,” said  Corey Melton.

As far as things we don’t know about him is where he got his name, and who will be the next bull rider  to hear the 8 Second whistle while still upright.

As far as the name goes – Melton was unsure so an educated guess (thanks to Google) is he is named after a game mode in the popular Call of Duty video game series. That game features a “chaos ghost”. During this game you can play with other people,  the players have 2 minutes – not 8 Seconds, and the weapons (bull riders) are scattered and can be picked up…with three self-revives (a  bull rider’s dream) but most of the time -  time runs out and players (bull riders) lose. Starting to see the similarity?

What makes him a bull of the year candidate?

“He’s got some moves to him, it looks like he bucks the same every time but he adds a little extra, everybody thinks they can ride him but they can’t and I think his confirmation makes him difficult to ride, he is a long bull and when he bucks he has a lot of whip and that is what gets the rider off balance,” added Melton.

Why do the cowboys like him?

“He is real good in the chute, he stands still, you can pull all the rope and wiggle around and he doesn’t move, he really gives them a fair opportunity,” said the former professional bull rider turned stock contractor.

Photo Credit: Todd Brewer

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