Benton Takes Place in History winning third George Paul Memorial Bull Riding title

 40th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding presented by Ram Truck

DEL RIO, Texas  - April 29, 2017 – Trey Benton III, of Rock Island, Texas rode into the George Paul Memorial history books as the third man to win the legendary bull riding event three times. Benton won his first GPMBR in 2013 and again in 2014 before battling a series of career ending injuries that would sideline his career until last month when he returned to the CBR Road to Cheyenne.

“I had to believe in myself when no one else believed in me, the past two years were kind of rough on me, I have been down a long road for twenty-five years old. I learned how to lose and for a winner to lose it was difficult,” said the humbled bull rider who is a graduate of Sam Houston State in Huntsville.

Benton rode all three of his bulls including a 93 point ride in the final four Shoot Out round on Dirty Blonde a bull owned by Rhon Brown.

“I try to keep it as simple as possible and I have a plan everywhere I go, it feels like I’m at home here, I am a south Texas bull rider doing what I love, here in South Texas. The fans here are amazing and they love the sport, and ask any rider, that really makes a difference.”

“There is something about this event that is so special to me, if you know anything about bull riding history you know about Charlie Sampson and Tuff Hedeman and I am just proud to be able to stand alongside them in that way,” continued Benton.

Benton who has strong bull riding roots here in Del Rio where Mack Altizer from Bad Company Rodeo, is a life-long friend and he credits Altizer with putting him on quality stock at 14 years old.

“Mr. Mack, he is a big part of why I am standing here today with my third George Paul buckle,” said the bull rider who returned to CBR competition earlier this month qualifying for the final four man round at his first comeback event.

Round One

Thirteen riders heard the whistle in round one with several former George Paul winners in and behind the chutes. John Ash, the 1998 GPMBR winner returned to Del Rio to watch his son Demond Haynes take a shot at the Super Bull title. But after 29 outs, it was the rookie, Braeden Richardson of Jasper, Texas, who won the round with a 90.5 ride on 059 Boomer (Elite). Richardson had a great first trip to Del Rio finishing second on night one of the GPMBR.

Wrangler NFR qualifier Joe Frost kept pace and finished right behind him with 89 points on 3728 Yellowhair (Hurst).Benton was third in the round riding 277 Dirty Little Secret (Harris).

“That first bull felt perfect, my goal is always to stay in the middle, and he let me,” said Benton.

Five time World Champion Sage Kimzey turned in 86 points before stepping off 128 Uptown Funk, a bull he had never ridden but seen on tour for years.  Cody Jesus and Hector Cardona turned in a pair of 88’s and Australia native Ben Jones was 87. Ramagos, Radley and Melancon completed the round with scores to advance as did Boudreaux Campbell who advanced with an 82.5 on Bad JuJu (Team Whisnant).

Semifinal Round

With a new Ram truck and $40,000 waiting on the bull team winner, the bulls powered advanced right alongside the top twelve qualified rides in the CBR’s tournament style format. Campbell riding again as the number one gunner in the round set the pace with an 87.5 on Rawson’s Louisville Slugger. He would watch the next four riders, including five time World Champion Sage Kimzey, buck off. But it was Lyndal Hurst’s 243 Breaking Bad bull who wowed the bull savvy crowd sending Jeffery Ramagos to the dirt in 1.99 seconds.

But before Benton could make his second attempt of the night, thirty eight year old Australian native Ben Jones returned to victory lane riding CBR’s 2016 bull of the year Cowtown Cartel for 88.5 points.

Benton would be the third and only other qualified ride of the round easily riding JC Knapp’s 276 Midnight Tequila for 87 points.

“The only thing I was thinking at this point was to stay on, if I over think it never works out,” laughed Benton.

Shoot Out Round  

Jones was 175.5 on two which put him in the driver’s seat on bull selection. Benton was second with 175 Campbell was 170 on two and in third place thus far. The fourth and final seat in the Shoot Out would go to Braeden Richardson who advanced on his round one score of 90.5. With bull guru Sage Kimzey not qualifying for the final round, the remaining bull riders took advantage of his vast experience in picking the winning ride and Kimzey would be correct in his consultation.

Jones selected Crimson King (Melton), Benton quickly took the bull he and Kimzey thought was the path to success, 3112 Dirty Blonde from Rhon Brown. Rookie Boudreaux Campbell was confident he could ride the Jaynes bull he had been on in the past, EG 3034 Fraueline, which would leave Richardson matched up and left with the bull Rhon Brown calls the Bone Crusher.

Richardson in his first final four appearance would come down early, but the rookie sensation Boudreaux Campbell once again stepped up and set the pace with a 90 point ride on Fraueline. The crowd would not see Jones dance again as he would come down early off the big bucker, Crimson King.

From the first jump of Benton’s championship ride he was locked in the middle where 8 seconds later he was rewarded with the highest score of the night, 93 points.

“I was not going to get put down again after Fort Worth, it’s 90 percent mental and 10 percent athletics,” said Benton to the reporters while the crowd and fans were lining up for his autograph as the 2017 GPMBR Champion.

“That bull was my pick so it worked out for me,” said the champ who won not only his third GPMBR title but maybe more important than the prizes, the genuine South Texas bull rider won back his piece of mind… knowing and proving he is still a winner.

 Bull Team Competition

Less than two points separated the top four teams winning money at the “super pot for the super bulls” created this year to celebrate the 40th GPMBR. On the other side of the chutes the competition was fierce with $90,000 payout, a new Ram Truck, and a custom Juan Munoz Andrade saddle on the line. With a narrow margin of .21 points, Jerilyn Harmon and former bull riding champion Mike White triumphed with one ride score and two rank bull scores totally 281.62.

“Boomer really anchored our team tonight with the 90.5 score with Braiden in round one, but as usual Karaoke provided the assist with a rank bull score from the semifinal round,” said White who knew how tight the competition was all night and gave all the credit to Harmon's four legged athletes.

“You know Karaoke has been a great bull from a two year old and always a winner, he proved that again tonight. I pulled him off breeding cows a few weeks ago and bucked him that night in Fort Worth and he was the high marked bull – happened the same this weekend. I pulled Boomer off cows yesterday to make the trip to Del Rio. They love their job and tonight just proves it.”

“Bet on Black was my third bull and is a really good bull, he’s just a three year old, but he hit his hip tonight and it worried me he would not be as good as he drifted just a little before he turned back,” said Mike White who lines up the buckers and partners with Jerilyn Harmon’s Elite Bull teams.  

In second place was Burleson and Barnett with two qualified ride scores for their hard earned 281.41 points and the second place check of $24,000. Hurst Pro Rodeo took home $16,000 for third with The Jaynes Gang sliding in fourth for $10,000.

Bull of the Event honors went to Billy Jaynes’s Chaos Ghost who brought Kimzey down in round two with a rank bull score of 91 points from the four judge system. Lyndal Hurst’s Breaking Bad was also 91 points.

Champion Bull was Dirty Blonde who posted 93 points in the high marked ride column to provide the assist to Benton for the win.

World Standings Race

The Super bull has once again provided drama and impacting the backdrop of the CBR’s World Title race. Kimzey arrived in Del Rio 180.5 points ahead of Number two ranked Eli Vastbinder. Kimzey added one score, 86 points from round one, to remain in the CBR lead by 266.5 points or three bulls. Vastbinder uncharacteristically bucked off in round one leaving the door open for Kimzey who rode just one in Del Rio. Third ranked Boudreaux Campbell finished the strongest of the top five riding all three to finish second and add three bulls to his year end point total and remain in third as he heads to his first CBR World Finals in July.

GPMBR Results

1, Trey Benton III, Huntsville, Texas, 93 points on 3112 Dirty Blonde owned by Brown Ranch, $11,212.50. 2, Boudreaux Campbell, Crockett, Texas 90 on EG3034 Fraulein (Jaynes Gang) $6,037.50. 3, Ben Jones, Alvin, Texas, No Score on Crimson King (Melton) $1,000.00. 4, Braeden Richardson, Jasper, Texas, No Score on Bone Crusher (Brown Ranch), $1,000.

GPMBR Average Results

1, Trey Benton, 268 on 3 bulls, $13,462.50. 2, Boudreaux Campbell, $8,287.50, 260 on 3. 3, Ben Jones, 175.5 on 3, $2.250.00. 4, Braeden Richardson, 90.5 on 3, $2,250.00.

CBR Bull Team Challenge Results

1, Jerilyn Harmon’s Elite Bulls Team 3, 281.62, $40,000. 2, Burleson/Barnett #2, 281.41, $24,000. 3, Hurst Pro Rodeo, 281.11, $16,000. 4, Jaynes Gang, 280.14, $10,000.00.

CBR standings are unofficial and after audit the scores and points will be released at a later date. For more information contact Leigh Ann Schroeder, or 940.902.1112.