Rookie Bull Rider Wins night one of the Super Bull

 Whitehead Memorial Museum 40thAnnual George Paul Memorial Bull Riding presented by  RAM Country Dodge, Ram Country Truck Center, and Ram Rodeo

A rookie bull rider competing for the first time at the Val Verde Fairgrounds scored 90 points on a bull named Speckled Bird to win the first performance of the 40th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding presented by RAM Country Dodge.   

With only fifteen qualified rides in forty outs, Garrett Jones of Devers, Texas took the lead in the second section as the thirteenth rider on the day sheet. That 90 point ride on Jeff Harris’s 201 Speckled Bird would hold as the highest score of the night against three former World Champions including five time World Champion Sage Kimzey who was 88.5 on 214 Lone Wolf (Harris).  

Jones had this to say about his first winning CBR ride, “He was a good bull and Mr. Harris said he would turn back and he did. I don’t know any of these bulls so I just ride them all jump for jump,” said Jones when asked about his riding style.

Jones, who was rewarded for his high marked ride of round one, earned the opportunity to ride one more bull. If he makes the whistle on the bounty bull selected by Tuff Hedeman, he wins a new Ram 4 x4 Truck.

Jones said he doesn’t know any of the bulls on the draw tonight, but the one he did know was now the match up for the Ram truck bounty bull ride of the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, T2 Texas Twist.

“I saw him at Shawnee a few years ago at the IFYR finals and he knocked Boudreaux (Campbell) out, but he was pretty good, a jam up bull,” said Jones of the bull who just cost him a new truck.

“I didn’t know if I got by him, I knew it was close,” continued Jones who stopped the clock at 7.78 seconds when he came down off the unridden T2.

“I put everything out there I had. He felt good, lots of rear and lots of timing and he went back right kind of hard, and it got me run back and I tried to jump back over there and got bucked off.”

Jones who credits Robbie Teel from nearby Kountze as one of his bull riding mentors developed his interest in bull riding during his freshman year at Liberty High School. 

Braeden Richardson of Jasper, Texas finished second behind Jones with 88.5 points on C735 Jack Tar (JQH).

Jeff Harris and his Rockin C bull team finished first tonight in the Cheyenne Challenge competition of the CBR Bull Team contest. With tonight’s win, Harris and partners, Lowell Clay and Bob Blackwell, qualified their team for the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days where they will compete for 100,000 prize package.  

The team was anchored by Jones’s ride on 201 Speckled Bird for 90 points. Sage Kimzey’s 88.5 on Lone Wolf was the team’s second qualified ride score with Cody Wood bucking off 2141 Seeing Red at 7.22 seconds, which didn’t help Wood but was a solid bull score plus ride time for Harris’s team.

CBR back in action on Saturday night for the second performance of the GPMBR at the Val Verde Fairgrounds in Del Rio, Texas.   

Del Rio Horizon Series Results

1, Garrett Jones, Devers, Texas 91 points on 201 Speckled Bird from Rockin C and Harris, $3,312.00.2, Braden Richardson, Jasper, Texas, 88.5, $2,392.00. 3, Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Oka. 88.5,$1,472.00. 4, Jeffery Ramagos, Zachary, La., 88.5,   $1,102.00.5, Josh Barentine, Johnson Bayou, La., 88, $644.00. 6, Hector Cardona, Mexico, 87.5, 184.00. 7, Ben Jones, Boyd, Texas, 87.5, $184.00.

Cheyenne Challenge Del Rio Bull Team Results

1, Rockin C/Jeff Harris 283.72, $20,000. 2, Jaynes Gang, 281.45, $12,000. 3, JQH, 281.06, $8,000. 4, Winston Bucking Bulls/Melton Bull Co, 279.90, $5,000.00