CBR Announces New Game Plan for Bull Team Challenge Franchises

CBR Announces New Game Plan for Bull Team Challenge Franchises

WEATHERFORD, Texas – (April 14, 2017) – Billy Jaynes, CEO at Championship Bull Riding announced today two major developments in CBR competition aimed at broadening the CBR’s Bull Team Challenge Competition. The two changes are designed to provide additional options and incentives to the sixty bull team franchise owners.

Bull team expansion is the first phase in Jayne’s new blueprint for the fifteen year old bull riding company headquartered in North Texas. The second opportunity is the addition of a draft option which allows the franchise owner to control and possibly create the team’s own destiny by selecting the bull rider match up.

“Since CBR started over 15 years ago, it has always been committed to creating great bull rides and our bull teams provide us with those quality resources, I believe Stock contractors want to feel like they can control their investment, and though nothing is for sure in this sport, controlling the matchup should help. Here is the exciting news, our first experience with this new option will be in Cheyenne where the franchise owners are competing for $100, 000,” said Jaynes.

Bull Team Expansion

Expansion of the Bull Team Challenge (BTC) begins in 2018 with the addition of twelve new teams. Current Bull team challenge owners and CBR Board members were given the first opportunity at $45,000 per team if purchased by April 30, 2017.

Any remaining BTC teams will be offered to the public at a sale price of $50,000. Purchase prices will include 2018 BTC annual sustaining fees of $2,500.

The top 24 teams at the conclusion of the regular season will advance based on points to the CBR World Finals BTC competition held in July in conjunction with Cheyenne Frontier Days. Expansion of the BTC teams requires additional events and the CBR will announce three new venues for the Road to Cheyenne tour at a later date.


Beginning in July at the 2017 CBR World Finals in Cheyenne, CBR will host an event “Draft Party” for the 24 qualifying teams of the CBR World Finals. Draft party tickets will be $500 per team and included in the price are two tickets, complimentary dinner with drinks, participation in a Calcutta and the opportunity to draw two bull riders entered in the event and select their own bull rider-bull match up for round one. The $500 fee is optional and if owners choose not to participate Tuff will draw their riders and create the matchups so each owner will be represented well. Additionally owners and non-owners that are not participating in the draft, can buy a discounted ticket and take part in the food, drinks and Calcutta.

The same concept will be implemented during the regular season events and the twelve teams per event will have the opportunity to participate on the 2018 Road to Cheyenne televised tour.

“This accomplishes several things, first it creates more good matchups that leads to good bull rides, and it makes franchise owners feel like they are more in control of their own success and failure, which I believe will allow us to grow the Bull Team competition.”

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