The Riders, The Bulls…the Legends of Fort Worth

 Fort Worth Tuff Hedeman Championship Bull Riding

Fort Worth has a strong case for claiming to be the bull riding capital of the world and that all started twenty-five years ago when Tuff Hedeman began a tradition at the Cowtown Coliseum in the historic stockyards that lives on today. The Fort Worth Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge is known as an event that can make and break your career and the buckle that comes with it is coveted by all who have earned it.

Twenty-four of bull riding’s elite riders have stood in front of the chutes and talked to Tuff about their night. Hedeman’s signature event has always been known to bring in the best bulls to test the best riders and this year’s event will be no different.

While the city is called Cowtown because of its history as a center for the cattle and beef-processing industry, it also has been a fortress for pro bull riding. One contributing factor for Fort Worth’s status as a major provider to the sport is its claim of being the first rodeo to feature bull riding in the listing of rodeo events, the other is four time World Champion and Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer, Tuff Hedeman who gives credit where credit is due.

“I always look forward to this event, the fans, the sponsors and the whole Ft Worth community gets behind it and it’s a great way to give back to the people of Fort Worth who have supported me during my career”, said Hedeman, the Ambassador and Chute Boss of Championship Bull Riding.

Taking a look back at the winners Tuff Hedeman had this to say about the first five Tuff Hedeman Fort Worth Bull Riding Champions.

1993      Cody Lambert – “Proving that long shots can win an event! Luckily drew probably the only bull in the championship round that he could ride.”

1994      Clint Branger – “The best bull rider I've ever seen who never won a world championship stuck it on Okeechobee Fats in the championship round.”

1995      Gilbert Carrillo – “Rode Wild Red Man in the championship round; The best ride I've ever saw him make!”

1996      Aaron Semas – “Made a great ride on my favorite bull of all time Palace Station a.k.a. Whiplash in the championship round.”

1997      Brian Herman – “Known As "PeeWee" to his friends rode the great Terry Williams bull Promise Land.”