Hurst Makes His Fourth Trip to National Finals Rodeo

There are six associations within the industry of bucking bulls and Lyndal Hurst’s name has been associated with each one - usually placed prominently next to the winner.

Fifteen years after making bucking bull history, Lyndal Hurst heads to Las Vegas with an offspring of the partnership that make him a permanent fixture in any conversation of how the bred to buck programs began. Hurst did not hesitate when asked what has been the pinnacle of his career thus far.

“Watching a bull being born to winning, that we raised from its first two year old trip to the top of his career, watching him work his way thru the system - that is the most rewarding feeling ever,” said Hurst.

Hurst is making his fourth trip to the National Finals Rodeo with a trailer in tow after having significant success in previous years in the Thomas and Mack Arena in December. In 2015, 3728 Yellowhair represented HRR. Hurst’s 207 Cactus Jungle and Elliot Jacoby teamed up in 2014 to win round 7 with 86 points. Three bulls represented HRR in 2013 including 243 Buckmaster, but the two remembered are the two that dominated round four. CBR Bull of the Year 184 Got It and 016 Palace Station John Doe won both categories for Hurst that night.

Cooper Davis won the round on 016 with 84 points and in that same performance 184 earned the highest bull score of the night as he bucked off Trey Benton with 44.5 points. He would go on to buck again in round ten with a 46.5 bull score and left Vegas with an average 45.5 bull score and the third best bull at the NFR after the completion of the ten rounds.



This year 243 Breaking Bad will unload off the Hurst Rodeo Ranch trailer next week and with him unloads many years of Lyndal Hurst’s life. 243 is a grandson of Houdini, a bull Lyndal Hurst and Gene Baker bought in 2001 for and unprecedented one hundred thousand dollars, a landmark purchase in the industry. Houdini is the all-time leading sire of bucking bulls that compete in aged events.

"People thought we were crazy back then," Hurst said.

Since Houdini, Hurst has also added other great sires to his herd. "We added in Skat Kat and then me and Jerry Lindley and Cody Alford purchased M-17 from Danny Mason,” Hurst said each bull passes on something unique to his calves. "M-17 will put the size, heat and kick in them. Skat Kat will put color and horn and the spin in them and you can breed Houdini to a goat and he’ll buck,” laughed Hurst.

It is easy to say that Lyndal Hurst of Hurst Pro Rodeo is a top breeder and renowned bucking bull trainer in the rodeo business Lyndal Hurst has been or raised winners and champions in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, Championship Bull Riding, Professional Bull Riding, American Bucking Bull Incorporated, United Bucking Bull Incorporated and the National Bucking Bull Association.  

Former editor of the Bucking Stock Magazine, Angie Gentry said it best, “This longtime breeder and renowned bucking bull trainer has played a role in the success of numerous futurity champions and has helped shape the industry's perception of what a good bucking bull is worth."

Year to year, CBR enjoys Lyndal Hurst’s great buckers on the Road to Cheyenne. Events have been won and lost on some of his favorite stock such as Mooseknuckle, Jawbreaker, Full Throttle, 2014 CBR Bull of the Year Got It, One Eyed Jack, a son of his sire 2002 Buckers Gold Standard Futurity Champion Lightening Jack,  and Palace Station John Doe – just to name a few. He was the first to crack the gate on the 2015 Bull of the Year 050 Gold Buckle before selling him to fund his daughter’s college.



Lyndal Hurst has had many partners over the years, but his favorite is definitely the one that began the bucking bulls business with him in 1986. He and his wife Leslie live just outside of Lubbock in Slaton, Texas but are in the process of moving the HRR operation and home to the site of the former Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo just outside Lufkin, Texas.

In the beginning Leslie Hurst and Lyndal lived outside of Austin and produced local jackpot and what he calls practice bull ridings. After getting by with sale barn bulls on the day sheets they decided to up the ante.

In the mid ‘90's we started trying to raise our own," Hurst said.

"I started out with four F1 brindles AI'd to Bodacious that Bob Tallman and Milt Bradford put up for auction at the Houston Livestock Show. I still have one of those cows and she's still one of my best cows to this day," he said. Hurst explained that he kept the heifers out of those cows by Bodacious and sold the two bull calves.

"We sold the two bulls at Tallman's sale in Mesquite and from there we just kept growing and growing," he said.

Even more inspiring than the number of good bulls Lyndal Hurst has raised, is the one’s he’s trained including Satan's Own, the 2001 Buckers Gold Standard Futurity Champion. After that the barn door was a revolving door with futurity champions, including the first ABBI Finals Futurity Champion, 106 Comet's Gold.

Since those early years Hurst has become a fixture on the back of the chutes. His string of buckers are featured at Rodeo Houston, PRCA rodeos nationwide, and the Road to Cheyenne tour. He still bucks bulls on both the competitive side of the industry and the rider events and you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice when talking about the youngsters.

“I just bucked a set of Mooseknuckle calves, they really bucked,” said Hurst. Sounds like a dream come true for many who long for the road and the ranch life, but the road to success is not always easy and this year the experienced man atop the bucking chutes in two weeks is just thankful to be spending Thanksgiving with his family - for the first time in six years. 

Photo by Brewer Bull Photos: Lyndal Hurst with daughters, Taylor and Payton, and wife Leslie.

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