Eldred Brings the Heat to the Horizon Series

After a two month absence from CBR action, Brennon Eldred returns with a victory from the 6th Annual Bringin’ the Heat Horizon Series produced by J.C. Knapp Rodeo Company at his rodeo arena in Mansfield, Texas.

Sometime after sampling Knapp’s world famous beef brisket, but before the Extreme Pyrotechnic fireworks, Eldred, the 2015 CBR World Finals Champion, posted two posted 90-point plus rides to put a win and some confidence in his column before he heads to Las Vegas at the National Finals Rodeo in two weeks.  

“We were blessed by the cool weather, overflowing crowd, and talented roster of riders and bulls that came to compete, it was an awesome night,” said J.C. Knapp. Knapp is a veteran stock contractor and owner of the 2015 CBR Bucking Bull of the Year, CR Corpus Red.

With three NFR qualifiers and a host of CBR veterans bringing the heat on the daysheet, it is no surprise round one ended with thirteen qualified rides. Eldred rode past the field of 29 riders, which included CBR Horizon Series Champion, Koby Radley and his NFR competitors, Jeff Askey and Cody Rostockyj who covered their bulls for 86.5, 83 and 88.5 respectively.

Eldred earned the opening round win with 90 points on V9 Roy Boy who was bucking for the Pointed Rock and Vance bull team. Former CBR tour veteran, Jarrod Craig reemerged to collect second place in round one riding 68 Choctaw Bingo (Brown Ranch) for 89.5 points.

Eighteen year old rookie, Boudreaux Campbell would advance on a third place finish on a bull from Cunningham and Scoggins and Rostosckyj rode to fourth with 88.5. Denton Fugate impressed the crowd with his 87 points on 3441 Spur Me to a tie finish with John Pitts for fifth in the round.

Ten of the thirteen cowboys would advance to the championship round of the two header where the bulls penned for the short go at the J.C. Knapp’s Mansfield arena are known to be daunting.

The short round would be set with Knapp’s string of bull team winning bull athletes including 027 Kookaburra, 61 Black Warfare, 00 Grave Digger, and a few new athletes Knapp gathered for the annual event. Only three would hear the whistle in the final round. Jarrod Craig was 84 points followed by Koby Radley at 86 and Eldred would take the lead, the round and the average with 86 points. He would finish 176 on two, 2.5 points ahead of second place Jarrod Craig. Koby Radley was the only other bull rider to ride two and he finished third at 172.5.

Eldred, who finished 3rd in 2015 and 5th in 2016 on the Road to Cheyenne televised tour, holds the record for the highest scored ride last April when he rode the CBR Bull of the Year, Cowtown Cartel for 94 points and the win at the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio, Texas.

Eldred who turned twenty-two years old last week is from Sulphur, Oklahoma and has been a fixture in the top ten CBR World Standings since his rookie year in 2014. Eldred is a former Oklahoma High School Bull Riding Champion.


Mansfield Horizon Series Results

1, Brennon Eldred, Sulphur, Okla., 176 points, $3,085.00. 2, Jarrod Craig, 173.5, $2,100.00. 3, Koby Radley, 172.5, $1,315.00 4, Boudreaux Campbell 90. 5, $895.00. Cody Rostockyj, 88.5, $580.00.

Bull Team Results

1, Mike Rawson, 213.56. 2, Flip Em Off, 211.03. 3, Cunningham/Scoggins, 210.47. 4, Brown Ranch, 210. 5, Burleson/Barnett, 209.56.

Editor’s Note: Bringin’ the Heat Bull Team competition was not part of the CBR Bull Team Challenge.