Are Bull Riders Masters of Fear

Bull riders and stock contractors in general are tough guys for a living, fighting with blood sweat and tears for eight seconds of victory on the dirt. They face off daily with thousands of pounds of bovine athletes both in and out of the bucking chutes.

These tough guys put on a brave face on a daily basis as they fearlessly face off against their bovine opponents while in the public eye. Whether rational or irrational these modern day gladiators also have fears of their own.

A few prominent cowboys and CBR staff were not afraid to share what really terrifies them, besides losing.

It may not be ghosts or goblins, but whether it’s reptiles, insects, or political figures, no matter how rational or irrational, things can still give these tough guys the jitters and leave them feeling a little spooked.

2015 CBR World Champion, Cody Teel: “Losing and driving in bad weather.”

Eli Vastbinder: “I’m terrified of snakes and Hillary Clinton.”

Aaron Pass, who will no doubt be trick or treating with his two beautiful daughters, releases that he is afraid of ostriches and snakes. Luckily I think he will be okay on the streets of Kaufman.

Famous Energy Bullfighter Brandon Loden is not afraid of a 1,500-pound angry farm animal running at him but he is afraid of spiders.

If you want to send Houston bull rider Demond Haynes running just pull a kitty cat out of your rigging bag. “My biggest fear is cats...I hate them, they creep me out,” said Haynes.

The award for the most original fear goes to Cajun cowboy Jeffrey Ramagos who obviously had a rough childhood. “My biggest fear are birthday party clowns… I used to be scared of cotton candy as a kid because I thought it was clown hair!”

In no particular order JQH Stock Contractor Elaine Jones is afraid of snakes, spiders, failure and poverty, says her husband.

CBR Rider Administrator Ciciy Cross Blair: “Wrapping houses with friends as a teenager and getting shot at!”  

Taryl Smith: “Would have to say snakes.”

Boudreaux Campbell: “Spiders and losing.”

Word has it that the reigning Stock Contractor of the Year Mike Rawson doesn’t like snakes, or letting anyone else behind the wheel of his truck.

Wyatt Rogers: “I don’t like losing and not a big fan of flying, which comes with the business.”

Colten Jesse: “Snakes would probably be my biggest fear, not much scares me but I don’t mess with snakes.”

CBR Photographer Todd Brewer: “Hillary Clinton getting elected.”

Cody Rostockyj: “My kids thinking I suck.”

Interesting enough not one rider mentioned any bulls, but word trickled down that the reigning tough guy on the back of the chutes, World Champion Bull Team owner Jeff Harris, is deathly afraid of “FROGS.”

Happy Halloween everyone!