Super Star Sire Shines in CBR Bull Team Challenge

Three events and 3,000 miles later, the CBR Bull Team Challenge competition is off to a very competitive start. With over one third of the bulls bucking for the first time on the Road to Cheyenne, Billy Jaynes of Orchard Texas, and partners swept the first two competitions with back to back wins from three bulls who are seasoned CBR professionals and all three sired by the same bull, the legendary #61 Little Yellow Jacket.

Jerilynn Harmon’s Elite Bulls came up with the win in Laughlin as Mike White put a winning combination together bucking 626 Karaoke, 059 Boomer and 166 Big Tex.

Billy Jaynes, the South Texas stock contractor, breeder, and former World Champion Bull Team owner finished first in the CBR Bull Team Challenge competitions both in Huron, South Dakota and Window Rock, Arizona.

Jayne’s team scored 283 points, just edging out the second place team of Harris Bucking bulls with 282.66. Harris bucked Hy Test, Herbie and Big Baby for his second place finished with one qualified ride, 91 points by rookie rider Boudreaux Campbell on Herbie. 125 No Dry County (Hurst) was an 89.5 point rank bull score as he bucked off rookie Baylee Worden. Tied with 125 was Cowtown Cartel who represented Sellers Bucking Bulls in Huron, owned by William Barnett. 128 Uptown Funk (Knapp), 27 Loan Shark (JQH) and 136 Uncle Tink (Jared Allen) finished out the top 5 in the rank category – all with 89 bull scores.

In Huron, Jaynes winning team was the only team to post three qualified rides, a plan the team manager Billy Jaynes expected when he selected this week’s bulls for the CBR’s team competition worth over $45,000 in each city on the tour.

“We brought three bulls (1925 Painkiller, 25T Destination Unknown, Flab Slab), the guys love to get on, all our bulls were solid tonight and had their usual trips, giving it their full effort and it worked out,” said Dennis Davis who hauled and flanked the team for Billy Jaynes and the Jaynes Gang during the season opener.

But as thrilled as Jaynes was to see his name on the winning jumbo check during the season opener, it was a unexpected bonus to win again six days later in Window Rock, Arizona where their trio of bulls were 282.34 points for the second BTC win of the 2016-17 season.

What is the magic of the Jaynes Gang’s season so far?

Jaynes feels he found the missing link to his bull team when re-acquiring a bull he raised, 25T Wicked Ways, now known as Destination Unknown – his original futurity name. Jaynes had sold the bull to JQH Bucking Bulls, Skip and Elaine Jones, in 2015 where he competed on their winning CBR teams and was ridden seven times out of seventeen outs on the Road to Cheyenne, twice for 91 points including a round win for World Champion Sage Kimzey who recently rode him again in the final four at Laughlin. Destination Unknown’s event Earnings are $6,666.67 with career earnings of $13,333.34.

The second bull for the killer combo of the Jaynes Gang is 1925 Painkiller. A five year old bull sired by Little Yellow Jacket and out of a Houdini sired cow.  This young superstar was originally named by and for his pharmacist owner Amy West McKinney and since his second place finish as a calf they have been offered a great deal of money for him.

The Jaynes Gang competes as a team when pulling up to a CBR event, but they also praise the accolades of their bull’s individual accomplishments. Painkiller’s event earnings total $6,666.67 with career earnings of $226,592.00. 1925 debuted with Aaron Pass in Cheyenne in 2014 where Aaron rode him for 89.5 points. During his tenure at CBR events he is ridden 50% of the time attempted and four times for 90 point plus scores.

“For owners JR and Amy McKinney, Painkiller is not for sale, said Jaynes. He earned them $100,000 at the 2013 Million Dollar Futurity and they feel he has done so much for them he is just part of the family,” Added Jaynes.

Rounding out the trio on Jayne’s champion team is the well-known bull Flab Slab owned by Skip and Linda Johnston. Flab Slab has been attempted 23 times on the Road to Cheyenne since 2014 and delivered a qualified ride eleven times, with three event wins on his back and four World Champions’ names besides those stats his event earnings are $6,666.67 and career earnings an impressive $92,182.19.

Jaynes won Window rock by 5.74 points over JQH Bucking Bulls with the same trio but this week 25T was the second highest marked bull of the event. The rankest bull in Arizona was rookie bull 3388 Wet Willy (Barker and Barnett), 89 points. W26 Page Break, also of Harmon’s and Crimson King (Melton) who were next on the list, both at 88.5 points.      

Jerilyn Harmon’s team pulled out the win in Laughlin with a few points to spare. Their win came mostly from the assist of two qualified rides from Eli Vastbinder. He rode Boomer in round one for 89 points and Karaoke in round two for 91.5 points.  In contrast to Huron’s .34 point spread between first and second, Harmon’s win was 3.73 points over the second place team of JQH.

The rankest score in Laughlin was from a rookie bull 118 Reaper from Harmon and Rinaldo’s team. He scored the rankest bull mark of the new season posting 91.5 points as he bucked off Denton Fugate in 3.03 seconds. The top five bulls by rank score were Harmon’s 118 Reaper (91.5), 128 Uptown Funk (90.5) from J.C. Knapp, 20 Cadillac Jack from TDS(90.5), and Harmon’s 626 Karaoke (89.5). Of those rank scores, Vastbinder was the only one to cover on Karaoke.

With sixty teams competing, the CBR Bull Team Challenge competition is just getting under way with more than half of the roster and two thirds of the season left to compete. But already it has been a great display of the bred to buck programs in our industry that are continually powered by CBR stock contractors.

Stay tuned as of today the bulls are winning thus far on the Road to Cheyenne with 121 outs vs 43 qualified rides. 


Bull Team Challenge Events Results:

Huron, SD – Sept 1

Window Rock, AZ – Sept 7

Laughlin, NV – Sept 10