CBR Bestows Bull of the Year to 2079 Cowtown Cartel

Currently ranked No. 18 on list of prize buckers, this rookie bulls’ scores tell the story of how he landed on Tuff Hedeman’s coveted Bull of the Year nominee list. His bull scores include a 46 in Rio Rancho, a 45.5 in El Paso, 46 in Lufkin, 45 in Las Vegas, 46.5 in Salina and a 45.5 in Del Rio.

“I am honored to be in the company of these other Stockmen, but it’s really about the bull; I just wrote a check to get him here; his Mama Cowtown Trash and Daddy Carrillo Cartel did the rest,” said owner Billy Barnett.

This award is voted on by the Stock Contractors and bull riders of the CBR. 

2079 was presented the Bull of the Event award three times in his seven outs on the 2016 Road to Cheyenne tour. He earned his highest bull score (46.5) in Salina where he bucked off Trey Benton in 2.2 seconds which shocked Barnett as much as Trey, but Barnett thought that trip was his rankest out on this season’s tour. I am guessing Trey Benton, who Barnett thought would ride him, thinks the same!

Cowtown Cartel, a son of Carrillo Cartel, anchored Barnett's Barn2Buck bull teams this year never scoring less than 45 on The Road to Cheyenne.

There are plenty of cowboys that bucked off of this great bucker. If you want to ride him you need to talk to Brennon Eldred and Newt Brasfield, the only two cowboys to hear the whistle while on his back. Both are top ten cowboys in CBR and both won the event championship title after covering him first in Las Vegas and then Del Rio where Eldred and Cartel earned the highest score of the CBR season, 94 points in the Shoot Out Round.

“I knew I was going to pic Cartel in four man (Shoot Out round), I felt like he fit me and was the rankest bull and when you have Teel, and O’Mara to beat, I had to pick the rankest to win over them because they won’t stub their toes,” continued Eldred. “Hedeman told me to stay to the front because this bull will get you raised up and slam you, and that is exactly what it felt like.”

In round two in Las Vegas, Brasfield and Cartel teamed up for an 89.5 bull score and a 90-point ride effort. This was the first time 2079 had been ridden on the tour. 46 in Rio Rancho, a 45.5 in El Paso and a 45 in Las Vegas.

“It’s a funny story about my second bull,” said Brasfield. “My dad had mentioned something earlier in the week, he told me he had a bull picked out for me that he would like to see me get on because he really bucks and I think he will really fit you.” Proving the cliché dad knows best, dad did as Brasfield would advance by riding his dad’s pick, Cowtown Cartel, in the semifinals. Championship Bull Riding is full of impressive bulls and the CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge format not only ensures talented opponents for the bull riders at each CBR event, but has created a whole new playing field for stock contractors to compete with their top animals.

We salute the over 250 different bulls who have competed during the regular portion of the Road to Cheyenne Tour and pause to recognize a few who have had outstanding seasons and have been recognized by their peers as candidates for the title of CBR Bucking Bull of the Year.

This year’s winner will be awarded a custom saddle by Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade, trophy buckle by Hyo Silver, Custom Fenoglio Boots and a pure beaver felt hat from American Hat. .

Many times the rankest bull score goes unnoticed to the fans because the bull bucks so hard the rider fails to stay on and make the whistle. Sometimes the rider and the bull out-perform all the other competitors and the rankest score will be rewarded and marked on a qualified ride.

Either way the bull walks away with the distinguished ranking that is not celebrated in the arena, but is revered behind the chutes and on the stat sheets.

Sire: Cowtown Cartel

Owner: William Barnett, Cypress, Texas