Facetime with Cody Rostockyj

Qualifying as the fifth ranked rider on the 2016 Championship Bull Riding World Finals contestant list, Cody Rostockyj had a stellar third season on CBR’s premier tour. The twenty-seven year old father of two will make his third appearance at the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 25-26 in the Frontier Park arena after leading the CBR’s televised tour for six months in the first half of the season.

"I have been pretty much healthy all year and drawn good and have more confidence, you know you are going to get on five great bulls because that’s all CBR brings up there, you shoot to win the finals and hopefully the year-end World Title,” said Rostockyj when talking about this year’s trip to Cheyenne.

Rostockyj has twenty-eight career go round wins and eleven times he has scored 90 points or better with two coming from the 2016 season. He rode 60 percent of his bulls on this year’s Road to Cheyenne with eight top ten finishes and four times he finished in the top five. He advanced to the final four Shoot out Round four times, he advanced to the second semifinal round eight times in the thirteen CBR events he attended.

“My 2016 Road to Cheyenne was the most memorable yet,” laughed Rostockyj while packing for the rodeo run he begins this weekend before traveling to Cheyenne.

Agreeing with Rostockyj’s analysis, let’s take a look at the background behind his answer. He rode one bull and advanced to the second round during the season opener in August in Huron, South Dakota. He continued on to Window Rock, Arizona where his dominance of the first quarter of the 2016 season began. He rode three for three and finished second in the season’s second event gathering enough points to take over the lead of the CBR World Standings from Sage Kimzey.

Six days later he would pack up and travel to Laughlin, Nevada where he again rode three bulls, but this time he came away with his first event title win on the Road to Cheyenne. He remained on top of the leader board and as a bonus, Rostockyj now had a six consecutive bull ride streak in place.

With two events left on the fall run, Rostockyj headed to Conroe where he rode one and advanced to the semifinals before bucking off. As disappointing as Rostockyj was to end his now seven in a row ride streak, he could not be too unhappy because his lead was strong enough to retain the No. 1 ranking on the standings roster.

As the calendar rolled to 2016, Rostockyj would win his second tour title in Jackson, Tennessee at the first event of the New Year. He would not only win but also mark the highest marked ride of his career, a 92.5 on J908 Outside the Box (Jaynes), the same bull he rode to win the Laughlin event.

“If I got to pick my bull in Cheyenne it would no doubt about it be J908, Outside the Box. We have a history together and I am 2 for 2 riding him, but I would like a shot at Karaoke,” added Rostockyj.

After winning Jackson his season would hit its only rough patch as he bucked off in Hobbs, Rio Rancho, and El Paso in the first round of each event. But at the end of the season the statistics would show that Rostockyj rode at least one bull in all but five of the fourteen events on his Road to Cheyenne including another three for three showing in Salina to finish second.

Rostockyj rode sixty percent of his bulls on the 2016 tour up from forty-four percent in 2015, but more impressively the cowboy with the extra-large personality and the remarkable talent in front of the television cameras would remain the No, 1 rider in CBR for six months. In addition to his success in CBR he is currently occupying the No. 5 ranking in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and won the All American ProRodeo Finals and Cody, Wyoming Stampede. He will be competing on the PRCA side of the CFD rodeo on the same days as the CBR World Finals which means he could ride as many as four bulls on Monday and five on Tuesday.

“You want to be the guy that wins it and be part of that legacy,” continued Rostockyj.

In 2015, Rostockyj was third heading into the Finals and rode three in Frontier Park to finish sixth in the final World Standings. He was crowned the CBR’s Horizon Series Champion this same year and earned the $20,000 bonus that goes with it.

“I never really had anything to do with bull riding. My dad rode some when I was young, but I never got on calves or steers. I played baseball, and one day turned 14, and I don’t know what got into me. I thought, ‘man that’d be fun to try,’ I’ve been with it ever since,” he laughs.

But despite the time it takes, it was a commitment to a solid foundation that built Rostockyj’s bull riding career. 

“My dad, when I told him I wanted to ride High School Rodeo, he made me go for a year to the practice pen without ever going to a rodeo or anything so I could get everything down basics-wise and then went to High School Rodeos.” Rostockyj is a former Regional High School Rodeo Champion from Region 10 in Texas, one of the most competitive states for high school aged rodeo.

Rostockyj first jumped into bull riding at an early age in 2006, but admits he tried to dive off the deep end too quickly in a professional career when he first turned 18.

“I just thought I was awesome and could go and do it and went and wasn’t as good as I thought,” he recalls with humor.

 He went back to the steady course he knows, building up his resume. He college-rodeoed for Hill College, competed in amateur rodeos and then entered the CBR Horizon Series. 

“I got all of it down better than I had anticipated and just slowly come into it,” he says of his flourishing career now at the age of 27. 

This year will be his third trip to the CBR World Finals where he finished fourth in the 2015 CBR World Standings a year ago, and 12th in 2014.


It’s All in the Family

The 5’8, 140-pound bull rider is married to Tomile Brown Rostockyj, daughter of the infamous Hill College Rodeo Coach, Paul Brown. His father, Lonnie, works in a machine shop that does ironwork for the hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper. But next week it is his aunt who will be making the trip to Cheyenne. This year, while his wife and two kids, Collin and Zoey will stay home due to Tomile’s work schedule, but you can be sure Cody will be using the Facetime app to keep in touch.