Rookie Radley Rounds Out the Top Ten on the Road to Cheyenne

A Cajun cowboy, who heard the whistle 56 percent of the time he competed this season on the Road to Cheyenne televised tour, is coming to Cheyenne for the first time. CBR rookie, Koby Radley, from Montpelier, and his south Louisiana bull riding family have taken the CBR by storm this year. Together he and his brother-in- law, Jacob OMara, have won seven event titles and over $100,000 this season and for the moment, Radley occupies the No. 10 position on the CBR World Finals Standings roster.

According to these bull riding brother-in-laws, being together is the secret to their success. The thicker than thieves bull riders say they study, talk, and get on bulls constantly at home so they will be ready when they get to the Frontier Park Arena on July 25 26 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

To spice things up, Radley, who spent the 2015-2016 season dedicated to the CBRs two tours, is on pace to win the 2016 qualifying tour Horizon Series Championship. Radley who has wanted to ride bulls all his life stepped up on to the televised tour in January.

Competing in only nine of the fifteen CBRs Road to Cheyenne tour events, Radley racked up enough points to break into the coveted top ten.

Ive always wanted to do this, watching everyone else ride while I was growing up, its my dream.

Within the CBRs top tour, the right-handed Radley attempted 16 bulls and covered nine of them. The only time he progressed to the final four Shoot Out round he was declared the event champion. Winning the Showdown in Salina, his first CBR Championship title win, Radley managed to jump over several veteran riders on the CBRs standings chart.

Radley posted his highest marked ride for the season by riding JQHs C735 Jack Tar for 91.5 points and the bull was awarded the Champion Bull title for his effort with Radley in the Salina, Kansas event where he led the event average even before he rode C735 in the Shoot Out round.

He posted two 90-point plus rides since January and scored two go round wins during the regular Road to Cheyenne season which included winning round one in Lufkin riding 059 Boomer for 90.5 points.

Statistics point to consistency as Radleys secret weapon. He rode at least one bull in seven of the nine events and progressed to the semi-final round six times in the nine events he entered.

Radley is the 2015 International Finals Rodeo Youth World Champion Bull Rider where he was the only rider last summer to cover three bulls at the super bowl of youth rodeo. He began competing at age 8 and progressed in junior rodeo including competing in high school rodeo in both Mississippi and Louisiana as a junior bull rider.


Its All in the Family

Eighteen-year-old Koby Radley will be traveling to Cheyenne with his bull riding brother-in-law and sister, Jacob and Kortlin OMara, but once they arrive they become competitors who both want a piece of the mega purse up for grabs in Cheyenne.

Ive been there a couple of times and getting to go there this year and ride, including against my brother-in-law, its going to be awesome, its been an outstanding year and getting to go together this year as a family is great, said Radley.

According to the rookie, he and OMara use their time in the truck wisely talking about bulls and how they can better their riding skills and themselves.

I have been waiting on this for a long time, this is my dream, I started riding when I was 8 or 9 years old when my Dad put me on for the first time, remembered Radley.