1137 Cowbanger

Statistics don’t always help Tuff Hedeman in his task of evaluating and selecting whether an animal is the right choice for the elite bucking bulls chosen as nominees in the CBR’s Road to Cheyenne Bull of the Year award.

But when it comes to 1137 Cowbanger, he was Hedeman’s choice four times for a final four Shoot Out Round bull and tapped by Hedeman as the Famous Energy Bounty Bull of the legendary George Paul Memorial Bull Riding. The elusive bucker bucked off three time World Champion Bull Rider, Sage Kimzey of Strong City, Oklahoma, for the second time this year, as he attempted him for the $10,000 bonus bounty ride in Del Rio, Texas. 

“The bull bucked extremely hard, he started really strong and what happens to a bull like that is he usually doesn’t get ridden very far and Sage tested him and he didn’t know what to do when Sage lasted longer than he was used to - so he was just kind of throwing a fit,” said Hedeman.

“If it happened again I think Sage would ride him, he just didn’t tonight,” added the four-time World Champ.

The 1,200 pound black bull owned by Championship Pro Rodeo is best described as electric. He heads to Cheyenne for the first time in his young but storied twenty month career as a professional bucking bull.

He is bred to buck. Sired by the great bucking bull I’m A Gangster and his mama was sired by the first bull to sell for one million dollars, Frontier Rodeo’s Big Bucks.

There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up and the kind you make up, except in bull riding where the whistle determines whether the stats are marked into the ride or no ride column.    

Cowbanger is undefeated in CBR competition and has been ridden once in his professional career when he was three years old and on the bull competition circuit. But like most athletes, bulls also get better in time and combined with solid coaching and handling, and the same can be said of this great bucker.

His bull scores have risen to a high of 47 points, which is way above average highes for a bovine athlete. Management decisions have helped him be his best when it was discovered which chute he clears the best after the gate is opened. His bull scores for effort have exceeded expectations and average scores in both professional rodeos and bull riding only competitions.

He has been tried by seven riders on this year’s Road to Cheyenne and no bull riders have ridden him.

 5.19 seconds is the longest any rider has stayed on his back and that was accomplished by the CBR rookie bull rider Joseph McConnell; but why is he so hard to ride?

“He has a hop and a skip coming out of the chutes while exploding underneath you,” says stock contractor and manager, Brett Barrett, of Championship Pro Rodeo. In his opinion it will take a rider that slides his rope back, rides loose, keeps shuffling and is constantly moving as opposed to a rider that sits up and centered.

“2015 CBR Horizon Series Champion and top 5 rider on the CBR tour, Cody Rostockyj or National Finals Rodeo qualifier, Aaron Pass are best suited to him,” chimed in Champion Pro Rodeo’s co-owner, Zach Craig. 

If you are a bucking bull aficionado you might see the resemblances of Cowbanger to the great Little Yellow Jacket, the deceased bull that was a three time World Champion Bull. He is often compared in bucking style and pattern.