Louisiana’s Tough Guy

Jeffrey Ramagos from Zachary, Louisiana joined the already in progress 2015-16 Championship Bull Riding season on September 12 in Laughlin, Nevada. 

Known in Louisiana as the “rough talent”, he was selected for the first tour stop based on the CBR’s qualifying tour, Horizon Series, points. In his first televised appearance, Ramagos advanced to the final four Shoot Out round with 175.5 on two bulls. Ramago’s success came from riding Harris’ 01 General Lee and Benny Cude’s 0450 Black Magic. He bucked off the unridden Jaynes Gang bull, TNT15 Foreplay, in the final round, but finished his inaugural Road to Cheyenne tour event in fourth place. 

Ramagos has been riding bulls professionally since 2011 when he joined the PRCA. He has six go round wins as a rider and his highest marked ride on the Road to Cheyenne was 89.5 points on Lyndal Hurst’s 125 No Dry County in Rio Rancho, New Mexico in January. He rode six bulls on tour and competed in 12 of the 15 CBR Tour competitions riding at least one bull at half of those events which resulted in his No. 12 position in the current CBR World Standings as he heads to Cheyenne for his first World Finals. 

Ramagos didn’t even take up bull riding until he was thirteen years old when he started watching it on television and decided to try it. With no rodeo experience in his family, he taught himself.

“I never had anyone to break it (bull riding) down for me,” claimed the rookie that likes the CBR because the three rounds give you three opportunities and a great pen of consistent bulls.

“My first bull I knew I had to do everything right or I’d buck off, like I did on him in a Horizon event the week before, but my second bull felt great, hope to draw him again - my final four bull kicked so hard out of the gate he had me raised up and then he turned back, no blinker on or nothing - when I finally got back up where I needed to be I was so far behind and stretched out on my arm that he bucked me off.”

Ramagos, known worldwide for one of the worst bull riding accidents which took place on March 8, 2014 at the Okeechobee Spring Rodeo. 

It is described by one cowboy who was there as the bloodiest head injury he had ever seen. The back of the bucking bull's head hit 21-year-old Jeffrey Ramagos in the face, a catastrophe riders call "kissing the bull”. He did not have a helmet. 

"It looked like his face was torn off," explained former PRCA cowboy, Beau Schroeder said.

The Discovery Channel chronicled the accident very accurately in a prime-time television special according to his Mom.

“This was a very horrific accident that was life altering for my son and our family. It is amazing that after a whole day of hard work filming and after editing Jeffrey's story was told in 10 minutes. I thank God every day that the Lord spared his life that day! Thank you Discovery Life for sharing our family's journey.”

Despite flying under the bull riding radar since that life threatening injury in 2014 that would have been the end to most careers, Ramagos never quivered about returning to the arena. Swapping his cowboy hat for a helmet, the determined Ramagos was back riding bulls less than eight weeks after Okeechobee where he had a five hour surgery to put five plates in his face.

Ramagos, an extreme sports enthusiast, would like to be on the television show “Deadliest Catch”, and works out seven days a week. Mixing weights, core strengthening, and cardio are his formula for riding the required eight seconds. The Cajun cowboy who claims pizza as his favorite food would like to raise his own bulls some day and may be be back at the CBR as a stock contractor.

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you.” --Jeffrey Ramagos