J908 Outside the Box

Sire: Jed Clampett   Dam: Wild Thing (Creekbend 302 daughter)

Owner: Jimmy Jaynes - Orchard, Texas

If you are a bull rider, the general consensus of what to expect if you draw J908 Outside the Box is speed with intense power, but if you are a fan what you get is a bull that is the center of many memorable moments over the past four years on the CBR Road to Cheyenne.

J908 is the second of two extremely experienced bulls on the CBR Bull of the Year finalists listing. J908 will be making his fifth consecutive appearance this year at the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne on July 25 and 26 in Frontier Park Arena. The big black and white bull has 37 recorded professional outs with only eight qualified rides. Each qualified ride took place on the CBR Road to Cheyenne televised tour events where he was half of the equation that produced four championship titles for his cowboy opponents.

The right spinning bucker returns to Cheyenne this year, the site of his first CBR out in 2012, as a return nominee for CBR Bull of the Year, but just as impressive as his one-time 21 month unridden streak are the success stories within the statistical numbers. 

Seven of the eight times he was ridden he carried the rider to 90 point plus scores. He boasts a career 90.75 average ride score and a 78.38 percent buck-off average. He was awarded the Champion Bull twice in 2016.

Cody Rostockyj is the only CBR rider to cover this bull twice. He seems to have a special connection with the bucker, riding him both times. On each occasion that he selected him for his final four Shoot Out round opponent - he was riding for the championship title at an event. J908 delivered 92.5 points for Rostockyj’s Jackson, Tennessee win and 90.5 points early in the 2016 season when Newt Brasfield passed on the storied bucker and Rostockyj got his first shot at the Southeast Texas born and bred bull. In spite of a deep sand for footing, Rostockyj and J908 gave the crowd a thriller as he rode him up to the pay window for the Laughlin, Nevada win.

While most of his outs were on the CBR Road to Cheyenne televised tour, ten times he bucked off each of his opponents during his ten PBR outs. J908 has bucked off four World Champion Bull Riders including JB Mauney (PBR), Wes Silcox (PRCA), JW Harris (PRCA), and Josh Barentine (CBR).

South Texas bull rider and multiple CBR and NFR qualifier, Trey Benton, was the first of 8 cowboys to cover the once elusive big bull sired by Jed Clampett. J908 and Benton teamed up for Benton’s first of two wins at the legendary George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, posting 90 points in the Shoot Out round for the win in Del Rio.

When his front feet hit the ground he sometimes goes backwards as he makes a powerful left turn, which puts the rider up on his front end. When he has you where he wants you he “turns the crank”, as one bull rider described, “until he gets you off his back.”

Cody Teel experienced this when he took Outside the Box for 91 points and the 2015 Lufkin event championship. Neil Holmes rode him less than 60 days later in his second attempt and scored 91 at Fort Worth. The bull would then go unridden in four different cities (including an attempt by Simao de Silva) until Rostockyj would ride him in Laughlin.

Following Rostockyj’s pattern and remembering he was beat by J908 in Laughlin, Newt Brasfield did not make the same mistake twice and selected him for his winning ride during the CBR Las Vegas in March which was Brasfield’s first CBR title win.

After watching this bull for four seasons and on 28 videos from the Road to Cheyenne, he does have a little something unsual in his trip, instead of bringing his front end around as he makes that first corner, he brings the rear around – faster and faster.

Outside the Box is sired by Jed Clampett, a PBR and NFR Finals bull owned by Jerry Nelson’s Frontier Rodeo. With 25 different CBR riders having attempted J908 and 9 of those cowboys qualified for the World Finals in Cheyenne, will someone new conquer this great bull or will it be a rematch of a previous challenge?

“I think it’s an honor that he is nominated, I really love this bull, he was a slow developer and was not a great futurity calf, but now he loves to buck. He likes to go on the trailer and he is calm all the time. I also like that he never tries to hurt the riders and comes out clean in the chutes,” Jimmy Jaynes, owner.