#Youngandhungry Rookie Qualifies for His First CBR World Finals

Previous generations of bull riders were taught that in the arena you should let the eight second whistle do the talking for you, but the present-day generation follows a completely different set of standards.

On April 27, 2015 Colten Jesse expressed a thought on twitter, as he often does, but on this day it was more of a vision than a notion.

“I am having daydreams about night things,” said Jesse.

Fourteen months later he finds himself preparing for that vision - the July 25 night show performance of the CBR World Finals to be held at the 119th annual Cheyenne Frontier Days.

As an Oklahoma Seminole decedent, the rising young CBR star stays close to his roots with positive thinking and quotes.

“My grandpa lives on a reservation in Northern Oklahoma, and still attends pow-wows,” continued Jesse.

“The Seminole Nation does not have many rodeo contestants so it’s really cool to be one and they are starting to follow my career and are very supportive.”

Jesse started riding like many bull riders thru the encouragement of his father in his native Konowa, Oklahoma. He rode in the Oklahoma’s Junior and High School Rodeo Associations when his path crossed someone who would be of great influence and assist in providing his rock solid riding fundamentals at home in the practice pen and on the road competing. CBR Stock Contractor Chad Ramer, who has been supplying bulls to both of the junior associations in Oklahoma for many years, had this to say about the No. 13 qualifier in the 2016 CBR World Standings. 

“That boy has so much natural talent it’s amazing. He rode Lil Moody when he was 14 years old for 90 points at the Fire and Ice event - after bucking off in the Junior division he entered the open, he won that and got on Moody for the bounty bull; Rode the heck out of him for 90 points,” said Ramer.

In January of this year, the 2013 Youth Bull Riders Open Bulls World Champion caught a ride out of Oklahoma and headed west with CBR’s No. 3 ranked rider, Brennon Eldred, where he competed alongside Eldred in his first CBR Road to Cheyenne in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on January 23, more than half way thru the CBR regular season.

Knowing he had to play catch up, he bucked off 2015 Bull of the Year, 050 Gold Buckle in that first round, but by the time he got to Bossier City a few weeks later, he was three for three and finished second challenging one of the most successful bull riders of our decade and fellow Oklahoman, World Champion Sage Kimzey.

Jesse rode 059 Boomer (Elite) for 88.5 to advance to the second round where he rode a bull that bucks off 85 percent of his opponents, 1472 Crime Boss, (Terry Williams) for 86.5 points. He selected 1925 Painkiller (Jaynes/West) in his first final four Shoot Out round and rode him for 89 points. He scored a total of 264 on three bulls, but more importantly he put points in the CBR World Standings column that would keep him on the Road to Cheyenne.

The momentum continued as he rode into Las Vegas and rode two but lacked enough points to make the Shoot Out round. Confident he did the best he could, he traveled to Salina and covered 571 ZY Hez Twisted (Jaynes) for 87.5 to advance to the second round where he would buck off the talented 1086 Big Lew. Fort Worth was next and he rode 249 Gunsmoke in round one to gather more World Finals points.

His season ended with disappointment in Del Rio as he drew a bull of Chad Ramer’s.

“I had been on him twice before and at the practice pen and rode him each time; I was overly confident and I bucked off,” said Jesse, a mistake that you can bet won’t happen twice.

For only being on the professional circuits of pro rodeo and CBR for 13 months, it is without doubt, Colten Jesse has made an impression.

Currently riding 50 percent of the bulls he attempts and seven of the twelve on the Road to Cheyenne, Jesse claims to not think about each bull too hard and just have fun doing what you love. His favorite ride this season was when he rode 059 Boomer in Bossier City at the Eldorado Resort Casino Shreveport Tuff Hedeman CBR.


It’s All in the Family

One of Jesse’s positive thinking social media quotes after winning a major junior bull riding event was, “If it’s meant to be it’s up to me.”

That being said he has always had strong support from his parents, Todd and Michelle who will be making the journey to the Northwest to see Colten ride in his first pro bull riding World Finals.

The Konawa, Oklahoma native has been riding since he was four years old when his Dad put him on first sheep.

“It’s always what I wanted to do and when I got old enough Dad started to let me go with some of the other guys like Brennon Eldred who I learned a lot from, then Joseph McConnel stopped by the house one day and started going together to bull ridings… just kind of happened like that,” said Jesse about his family that is on the road and off the road supporting him.

“I am looking forward to my first finals, it’s going to be a cool experience.”