Bingham Admits Father Knows Best as He Qualifies for His First CBR World Finals

Tim Bingham, two-time Utah High School Rodeo Champion and the 2013 National Intercollegiate Rodeo Bull Riding Champion, will be making his first trip to the Championship Bull Riding World Finals in Cheyenne, Wyoming, but he is no stranger to the grandstands of Frontier Park.

Cheyenne Frontier Days aficionados will remember Tim Bingham from the wreck that took place during his ride in the rodeo portion of CFD. Despite his unfortunate ending in Cheyenne, he still looks forward to being back at the Daddy of ‘em All.

“Great concerts, the bulls are always good, I made the short go last year, came back to the final round sitting second, but got stomped and knocked out in the short go,” said Bingham about his 2015 trip to Wyoming. 

Despite last year’s adventure, Bingham is fired up and ready for a summer of rodeos and the trip back to Cheyenne for his first CBR World Finals. Bingham, a professional bull rider since 2011 is a favorite among bull riders on the rodeo trail with his positive attitude and friendly demeanor.

Tim’s qualifying on the Road to Cheyenne began in Hobbs in January of 2016. He might have bucked off at that his first event of the season, but by the time he got to Rio Rancho the following weekend it is safe to say “he got his groove on.”

He rode two of three in Rio Rancho including his first appearance in the final four shoot out round and earned the first of his three 90 point plus rides on the Road to Cheyenne. He was 90.5 on Jared Allen’s 25 Billy Jack, but that is not the Jared Allen bull he would like to get on again in Cheyenne.

911 Hy Test is the answer to what is his favorite bull in the CBR.

“Hy Test I would have to say is my favorite bull, I would like a second chance at him, he is fast and fades to the middle and looks good doing it, he really can put on a show,” said Bingham about the bull who bucked him off at 5 seconds in Rio Rancho, owned by Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team.

Bingham, known to be an upbeat and very personable guy took that almost win from Rio Rancho down the road to El Paso and rode two to advance to the Final Four shoot out round for the second consecutive week. Riding Rawson’s 1711 Too Juicy (90.5) and Elite’s Boomer (89.5) he advanced to round three.

“Too Juicy was my best ride for the season, Juicy was right in the gate to the left and really kicked up and bucking the whole time,” recalled Tim.

Following El Paso he would turn in a 90 point ride in Lufkin on Harris’ Bargain Bin, but bucked off in the second round. He would buck off in Bossier on his first, but rode one in Salina. He finished his Road to Cheyenne with 14 attempts, five qualified rides. Five times he advanced to round two and twice he made the final four shoot out round.

Bingham will enter Cheyenne in the No. 16 slot on the CBR World Standings roster.

“My goal was to make the Cheyenne finals, I knew Sage and those guys had such a big lead, when I got back all I wanted to do was to make the finals and I am content with that, best I can do is go there and kick some butt,” laughed Bingham who then shared his philosophy of life… and bull riding.

“Love what you do or do something else.”


It’s All in the Family

After a long 12 months riding and competing in all levels of the professional industry including CBR, PBR, and PRCA, Tim stands firm on his philosophy which he developed from advice from his Dad.

“If you are going to do it, then do it right and all the way. When you don’t like it anymore then don’t do it,” are the words he respects from his father who is a general contractor when he is not watching his sons ride bulls. 

“That always fires me up when he says that, and it makes me think about remembering to enjoy where I am right now,” laughed Bingham.

After suffering a broken leg, foot, and arm in January of 2015 that kept him from riding until mid-May of 2015, Bingham is excited to be back healthy and ready to make the next run with what he calls his “rodeo family.”

Bingham, who admits his inspiration, comes from his traveling partners which for the summer are 3-time NFR qualifier and 6-time CBR World Finals qualifier, Trey Benton and pro rodeo’s Jordan Spears.

“Trey is consistently good and they both want to be the best, and they don’t settle for anything less,” continued Bingham.

Tim is not sure about his family’s plans, but expects his Mom and Dad and brother Tyler will make an appearance at his first CBR World Finals.

He plans to get on bulls almost every day from now until Cheyenne while rodeoing and when he is off from a rodeo he will head to the practice pen to stay in shape.

Bingham won over $30,000 at his first NFR in 2014 and finished that season as one of the top 5 bull riders which allowed him to be entered in some of the larger PRCA sanctioned events.

Bingham is the 2013 National Intercollegiate National (NIRA) Finals Rodeo Champion. Representing Hillsboro College in 2013, Bingham won the title with three of four qualified rides.  After winning the first round of the NIRA National Championship with a score of 83.5, Bingham landed on his free hand and broke his wrist and arm in three places. He proceeded to ride three more times and scored twice (79.5 twice and 79 in the championship round) to claim the title.

If that does not impress you, you should know that he started the competition with a broken foot!

“He is the new face of the rodeo cowboy,” Hill College Rodeo Head Coach Paul Brown once said. “With Tim’s guts, determination and brains he will go far in the rodeo world.”

Bingham was a model student athlete as he not only won the NIRA National Championship in bull riding, but he was an Academic All-American the same year.