CR Corpus Red

Owned by J.C. and Amber Knapp

Each time I search my computer for the words “Corpus Red” hundreds of documents, spreadsheets, and photos appear. The photogenic big horned red bull owned by J.C. and Amber Knapp that exudes talent and passion has survived not only five years on the Road to Cheyenne, but has managed to buck off over seventy-two percent of his opponents and the twenty-eight percent that do survive his large first jump are rewarded with big scores.

“Great bull, always bucked hard even if it wasn’t always rider friendly. If you saw your name by his it meant two things. Hitting the ground hard or hitting the pay window,” said CBR super star Cody Rostockyj.

But my multiple laptops are not the only evidence of this bull’s contribution to Championship Bull Riding over the last five years. He has been nominated for Bull of the Year three consecutive years, winning the coveted title in 2015. Four times this season, he was the anchor of the winning bull team representing JC Knapp which banked $87,000 for the Knapp and Flip’em Off Buck’en Bulls teams. Appearing 8 times on the Road to Cheyenne he finished the 2016 tour near his career average at 70 percent buck off.  

Corpus, which means “a sample” has more than lived up to his chosen name. As an exemplary example of the kind of bull you want to own or draw, and whether or not he is beloved for his statistical production, consistent bull scores, or admired for his athleticism, he is one the most popular bulls in the industry. He is on social media with his own Facebook page, twitter account and hashtag used by the lucky and the unlucky who draw him. As of today, he has 9,236 friends on Facebook that follow his journey.

CR was awarded High Marked Bull (Bull of the Event) twice during the 2016 season, once in Laughlin and again in Conroe. He was also twice the High Marked Ride (Champion Bull) bull assisting Brennon Eldred in Vegas with a 91.5 and Elliot Jacoby in Conroe with the same score. But the stat you don’t see on is that he was the high marked bull and the high marked ride at the same event – Conroe, a feat that only happened once on this year’s tour. He was also ranked as the No. 6 bull on Probullstats in 2014.

If you want to know what cowboys think about CR, just ask Cody Rostockyj, Trey Benton and Tuff Hedeman. Trey and Cody both posted 92.5 ride scores on him during his tenure with CBR, and before the CBR went to the three round format, Hedeman used him 11 times in the short round when CBR used a two round format. But as good as he is, he is also frustrating to even a World Champion who is one for one on CR.”

According to his owners, they know to warn the cowboy who draws him after he is ridden in an event prior.

“There is just something about his trips after he has been ridden, it’s like he gets mad and remembers last weekend,” smiled Amber Knapp who has traveled almost every mile with the bull that was actually named because he was found near Corpus Christi, Texas.

The bull’s parentage has been unknown up to this point in his career, but his online popularity recently uncovered that he may be sired by a bull named Double Vision, but the Knapp’s have not had his ancestry confirmed at this time.

He has been ridden only 12 of 41 attempts, but 7 of those qualified rides were for 90 points or more. He boasts a current buck off percentage of 70.73. 12 times he has earned the round winning bull score and 50 percent of the times the rider earns a qualified ride, he wins the round while on his back.

Craig Jackson was the first to ride him for 91.5 points in 2011 and five years later Brennon Eldred posted that same score on him in Las Vegas. Other riders who earned 90 points or more on CR include Cody Teel, Trey Benton, Cody Rostockyj, Eli Vastbinder and Elliot Jacoby.

Corpus Red is living the good life with the many other bulls known as JC Knapp’s Bred2Buck gang in Mansfield, Texas. He frequently appears on Facebook with Amber Knapp as a docile pet, but make no mistake, his demeanor can change in a second.

Owners JC and Amber Knapp have chosen to retire Corpus Red this year at the CBR World Final in Cheyenne.

“As we have decided to retire him in Cheyenne, it would be the greatest thing for him to go out as bucking bull of the year,” said JC Knapp, co-owner with Amber Knapp of CR Corpus Red.

Although we will not see him in the pens behind the chutes next season, his memory and honors will live on -  hanging on walls inside trophy rooms across the country - forever.

Brennon Eldred - “A great bucker with a lot of heart.”