Demond Haynes Represents Hard2Break8 at His First CBR World Finals

It will not be 24-year-old Demond Hayne’s first trip to Cheyenne, but it will be the first time he will drive in and pick up his credentials as a contestant. Last July, Demond Haynes stood on the back of the bucking chutes with a flank rope, not a bull rope, in his hands. He silently committed himself to being on the inside of the bucking chute next year and not waiting to flank a bull for another bull rider.

“It’s like a dream come true,” professed Haynes when asked how he was feeling about qualifying for his first CBR World Finals.

Entering the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne as the No. 17 ranked bull rider, Demond Haynes of Houston, Texas accomplished one of the goals he set for himself last year. He is classified as a CBR Rookie, but if you watch him ride you will see no rookie mistakes in or out of the chutes. Haynes is always eager to do anything he can to help anyone at the arena before, during and after a CBR bull riding and you will often find him hanging around the pens feeding, loading, and driving a truck load of bulls. 

Haynes broke into the CBR World Standings for the first time this season with solid showings during the first quarter of the 2016 Road to Cheyenne with strong finishes in Window Rock, Ariz., and Laughlin, Nev. 

Haynes, the 2014 and 2015 National Professional Bull Riders year-end champion, made the final four Shoot Out round in his first CBR Road to Cheyenne tour event.

CBR Stock Contractor Billy Jaynes, Orchard, Texas, had this to say about the right-handed rookie bull rider from Houston.

“Demond’s a great kid, super polite and not afraid to spur one. When he is riding his best and his confidence is high, he goes for it and that is usually what the great ones do.”

Most people remember World Champion Cody Teel riding ZY HEZ Twisted at the 2015 CBR World Finals, but it was Demond that rode him first at the Exclusive Genetics Finals in December of 2014. The son of a bull rider, rodeo is all Haynes has ever known. He began his career at age four and by seven he was riding steers.

“It’s all I ever wanted to do,” said Demond during his first live on air radio show after breaking into the CBR televised tour rankings. 

Demond’s journey to the CBR world finals includes six qualified ride appearances at 14 CBR Road to Cheyenne televised events. He advanced to the semifinal round seven times, or 50 percent of the time  and qualified for the Shoot Out round once. He won the go round twice and his high marked ride of the season was 89 points on 898 Swamp Dog in Rio Rancho and 89 on 1925 Painkiller in Window Rock. But what those statistics do not tell you is that he rode his bulls for seven seconds or more four times before he bucked off just shy of the 8 second whistle.

There is no prize for “almost riding 8 seconds, but it shows his effort and determination and that four scores added to his current No. 17 ranking would have moved him up inside the top 10 standings headed into Cheyenne.

Demond is a graduate from Northshore High School in Houston and recently posted on Facebook how he plans to stay in good shape for the CBR World Finals, “A bull a day keeps the doc away.”

Haynes is no stranger to the practice pen where he begins each day by getting on a bull.

“Me and my partner Bubba do it all by ourselves, we pen, flank, and he opens the gate for me,” laughed Haynes.

“I let myself get a little soft towards the end of the tour, I had to get back in shape and that includes getting on at least one bull a day,” said Demond regarding his regimen leading up to Cheyenne.

Haynes is a working partner in the Hard2Make8 Arena where they host budding young bull riders from age 12 up. They produce weekly jackpots where he helps and encourages the young bull riders to come out to the Hard2Make8 Arena, with or without bull riding gear. Haynes offers gear to those needing help and solicits gear from retired riders on a regular basis.

Demond lives by the philosophy… #YoungnHoldn


It’s All in the Family

Demond is a second generation bull rider following in the steps of his father, John Ash who won the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio in 1998. The first trip to Cheyenne for Demond was as a child and he traveled to CFD to see his father compete in the bull riding many years ago.

Father and son will make the trip to Cheyenne together this year.