8 Ole School

Ole School was nominated by Tuff Hedeman this year for Bull of the Year after nine outs on the 2015-16 Road to Cheyenne.  He was ridden three of the nine times he appeared. He was primarily a round one bull representing Jeff Harris’s bull team, but was selected once by Tuff Hedeman for the final four shoot out round where he bucked off Brennon Eldred to end the Oklahoma bull rider’s quest for back-to-back event titles in Sin City.

“There are no tricks about that really good bull of Jeff’s, he is just really rank,” said the No. 3 man in the CBR World Standings.

“Las Vegas with Brennon was probably his best out,” said owner Jeff Harris. And right Harris was as that was his highest marked bull score, 46 points for 3.1 seconds work.

8 Ole School is owned by former CBR Stock Contractor of the Year, Jeff Harris of Rafter J Ranch in Palestine, Texas. According to his chauffeur, manager, and developer his second best performance on tour this year was recently in Del Rio, Texas when he bucked off NFR qualifier, Kanin Asay in round one at the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio, Texas.

“He will go either way, he has lots of buck and kick and a lot of whip to him when he turns back,” continued Harris about his young four year old rising star.

“I raised him so this is special because I developed him from a calf and to be on the list with that group of bulls is a proud moment… he is just getting strong enough to show what he is capable of on the tour,” said Jeff Harris, Rafter J Ranch and 2014 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year.

The story of here to there for this Gunslinger sired bull is quite interesting. Harris received a load of commercial cows from someone he did business with frequently and that also raised bucking stock. There huddled up between in the cows was two bull calves.

“He looked like a wood rat, he was pretty pitiful, after six months I got him stout enough to even carry the little dummy and he bucked great with the dummy. Bucked him three or four more times, when he was two and a half years old. When he turned three I took him to a local UPRA rodeo and they won first and second on him at that rodeo on two consecutive days.” 

Ole School has a strong career average buck off percentage of 76.92 and that holds true within CBR competition as well. Ole School bucks off right handers 83 percent of the time they mount him, but left handers stand a better shot with his left hand buck off average at 33 percent.

8’s introduction to the CBR tour was in the deep sands of the Laughlin, Nevada arena in September of last year. He was ridden on his first out by Eli Vastbinder for 85 points.   

He would finish the season with three qualified rides on the CBR’s televised tour with his highest scored ride coming from Jackson, Tennessee in January with World Finals qualifier Neil Holmes where together they posted 89.5 points. One week later CBR and NFR qualifier Aaron Pass rode him in Hobbs, New Mexico for 87.5 points.

“You know I expect the guys to ride him more than they do, he’s got something about him and Kanin Asay said it best, the bull just really bucks,” laughed Harris. 

Ole School has won the round himself with the highest bull score twice and once he won the round for a rider. His highest bull score to date is 46 points and that was from his Vegas appearance this season.

Statistically Ole School is having his best year with 66.67 percent buck off and an average bull score of 22.08. That buck off percentage rose from 50 percent in 2015.

Ole School will be in Cheyenne with Jeff Harris’s teams and there are many names on the 26-person bull riding roster that would love to see there’s next to his, but you can bet those left handers would be especially thrilled and statistically would stand a better chance of riding him at the CBR World Finals competition in Cheyenne. 

Bull of the Year being is announced at the CBR Year-End Gala in Cheyenne on July 24. The significance of the recognition is immense to the stock contractors that develop these amazing animals for competition and it is an honor to be nominated by four time World Champion Bull Rider Tuff Hedeman.