3728 Yellowhair

Sire: Little Yellow Jacket     Dam: Berger cow

The latest chapter in the thirty plus years of great bucking bulls coming from Hurst Pro Rodeo in Slaton, Texas include 3728 Yellowhair who was introduced on the Road to Cheyenne in January of 2015. Since that first CBR out in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Yellowhair, a double bred Berger bucking bull, bucked his way to the 2016 CBR Bull of the Year nominee list.

In the sixteen months since joining the tour, Yellowhair has been in the final four Shoot Out round six times. Nine times this season he appeared on the CBR draw sheet and was only covered 30 percent or three of those nine outs. Two of the three qualified rides were earned by No. 2 ranked CBR cowboy, Jacob O’Mara, who rode him in Rio Rancho and Lufkin, both times for 92 points and both times he cinched the event titles while on the back of Yellowhair.

“He tried me a little harder this week, he bounced my feet out of him and I had to hustle to catch up and then he changed directions on me too, he is one you should ride but if you stub your toe he’s going to buck you off,” said O’Mara about his winning ride on Yellowhair in Lufkin, Texas.

In Lyndal Hurst’s opinion one of Yellowhair’s rankest outs was with CBR World Champion, Sage Kimzey, during the final round of Rodeo Houston in 2015 where he bucked off the Hurst Pro Rodeo bull.

“Yellowhair is a special animal. He’s got the power that you would expect from a bull his size but he’s also got the finesse of a bull half his size. He’s just a great athlete and he’s a pet too!” said Kimzey.

It is no surprise that this bull who is described as more mellow than yellow, at least on the outside of the chutes he was bred to buck. A son of Little Yellow Jacket and out of Berger bred cow, 3728 established twelve unanswered outs on the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association chart and eight of the eight appearances on the CBR Road to Cheyenne he has gone unridden.

Statistically 3728 shows a 74.19% career buck off average, remaining unridden in PRCA competition on sixteen outs.

The only other rider to cover him besides O’Mara was three time WNFR qualifier, Chandler Bownds, covering him for 91.5 points during the Casa Ford Tuff Hedeman Championship Bull Riding round on his way to a second place finish in Tuff Hedeman’s long-standing El Paso event.

“Chandler made the best ride of the year and was probably the best out Yellowhair has had,” commented Hurst Pro Rodeo owner, Lyndal Hurst.

Yellowhair has nine trips in CBR competition bucking off top cowboys including Cody Rostockyj, Brennon Eldred, Newt Brasfield, Juan Alonzo and Colten Jesse.

Eli Vastbinder rode him for 87.5 points during the 2015 CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

This first time WNFR bull qualifier, made his first appearance on the professional circuits in 2013 in limited aged competitions, but his outs were minimal until 2015 where he was seen in 21 different cities showcasing his talents on all three professional levels of bull riding.


It’s All in the Family

Yellowhair’s 22.45 average bull score indicates plenty of fire coming out of the chute, but according to his chauffeur, Lyndal Hurst, he is just a big family pet that anyone can get close to and he is easy to be around including an 8 year old that was granted a special western wish to see his favorite TV bucker.

Yellowhair will be accompanied to Cheyenne with his Hurst family who have traveled as a family to the CBR World Finals every year since they were moved to Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2010.

Stay tuned as there might be a possible rematch as nine of the 2016 CBR World Finals qualifiers have been on him. It is probably safe to say that whomever draws Yellowhair will discuss his trips with O’Mara and Bownds.