Stay Tooned for Number 24 in the CBR World Standings

For 23-year-old Lane Toon, riding in the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days was a yearlong goal in 2015. Not only did Toon accomplish that goal but last July he rode into Frontier Park Arena as the number four ranked bull rider and had a legitimate shot at the 2015 CBR World Title.

Riding high off his 2015 season, and after competing in his first World Finals, Toon finished in sixth place and decided he was ready to set the 2016 CBR season on fire. In Huron during the first Road to Cheyenne event, a collision with a bull named Smooth Talker yielded a broken bone in his shoulder resulting in four months of healing and rehabilitation.

“It was the worst pain I have ever had and that includes a metal plate in my face for a broken jaw! My shoulder locked up and had to keep stretching it, lots of stretching before I could get on another bull,” said Toon who was preparing for a Friday night rodeo in Winnsboro, Texas.

Toon, a Smithville, Oklahoma bull rider who began riding in the CBR Horizon series three years ago had to really amp up his efforts to make it and stay on the televised tour after the shoulder injury caused him to miss four events.

Toon reappeared on the draw sheet in Jackson, Tennessee in mid-January in hopes of keeping alive his dream of making a second Cheyenne Frontier Days CBR World Finals.

“It was in early January that I got on three practice bulls before Jackson, I rode one, Mike Rawson’s Too Juicy and bucked off my second one,” continued Toon who would see that pattern repeat many times between Jackson and the end of the season.

Toon would go on to ride five of his first round bulls in the next 9 events on the Road to Cheyenne, but the sophomore CBR rider could not  get past the second bull in the semifinal round, a problem he summed up.

“The injury put me in to some old bad habits – I could only pick my arm up about half way and not picking my shoulder up, a problem I had overcome in my riding, came back and I had it in my head that it would hurt if I pulled it up,” said Toon.

In Toon’s plan, the answer to his problem lies on the road. Getting in shape while attending rodeos for three different associations this summer is the way to achieve top form by the time he gets to Cheyenne.

Favorite ride? It is Del Rio that stands out for Toon.

“I went into Del Rio number 28 and came out number 24, and qualified,” laughed Toon who did not know he would make it, but drew back to the semifinal round on time.

“After bucking off Pepper, I came back to ride Hondo for 89 points, “said Toon.

That 89 point score edged out two riders and put his name on the list of 2016 CBR World Finals qualifiers.

Toon might should move to the border town as last year Del Rio an event that propelled him to his top four standing. He covered a bull of the year nominee, Cadillac Red, who at that point had not been ridden in a year. Toon would finish the event his season best, third place.

“On top of the unridden part, he threw me off twice this year. Nobody was getting him rode, and I got him covered.”

Getting them covered runs in the blood for Toon whose grandfather rode bucking horses and both his uncle and dad rode bucking bulls and horses. Toon gravitated solely to bulls and cites the CBR as a prime place to compete.

“With the CBR they really don’t care who you are and where you come from. If you give it all you’ve got they’ll keep inviting you back. They’re really good events. Once you get on tour a man can have it made.”

 What is your plan for Cheyenne?

“All I can do is just go have fun, ride all five bulls and let it fall out the way it will.”

And it’s this attitude Toon carries with him regardless of the standings.

He has not won a televised event, yet, but he has been to the Final Four Shootout Round twice and had six top-10 finishes in 2015.

Toon has ridden 50 percent (5 of 10) of his bulls at 2016 televised events, and his highest marked ride this season was an 89 on Mike Rawson’s Too Juicy, a bull he has ridden twice on tour.

His best rides seem to be when matched with bull of the year nominees. To date, Toon has heard the whistle and a score on some of the CBR’s finest including, Gold Buckle, Cadillac Red, Kojack, Black Betty, Something Else, Canadian Cadillac and twice on one this year’s nominee Too Juicy.

Toon’s highest career ride was in 2015 on Gold Buckle - 90.5-points in Las Vegas.

If he could pick his final round draw, Toon says it would be Mike Rawson’s Yellow Wolf.

“I have seen him with Jacob – that’s the bull I would pick for final four.”


It’s A Family Thing

Traveling with Keaton Moody for the summer and Newt Brasfield to the finals, Toon is looking forward to sharing the history and bull riding at the “Daddy of ‘Em All” with his girlfriend Macey Smith, friends Denise Robence and Kathy Tucker. My parents came out last year, but it’s hard for them to get away from work so I am not sure if they can make it this year.