911 Hy Test

Sire: Phenom I Dam: 13X Kid Rock daughter

Bred by Matt Scharping, Phenom Genetics

Representing Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team, the professional bucking bull that leads the race for highest average bull score (on multiple outs) on this year’s CBR Road to Cheyenne is none other than 911 Hy Test. Hy Test, recently nominated for CBR Bucking Bull of the Year will make his first appearance in the legendary Frontier Park Arena at Cheyenne Frontier Days CBR World Finals on July 25-26 in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  

Bred and raised by Matt Scharping, the owner-operator of Phenom Genetics, 911 became the anchor of this bull team partnership that won the Champion title in El Paso and was Reserve Champion in Huron, South Dakota as they completed their inaugural CBR season winning $32,000 while competing within the CBR Bull Team Challenge.

Competing three times, Hy Test remains unridden which surprises his operator, Matt Scharping.

“I expect every bull rider to ride him, he is not mean and stands (in the chutes) like a soldier, and never has a weird day… he will do the exact same thing time and time again,” said Scharping.

Sired by Phenom I, 911 was one of two bulls born in Scharping’s first calf crop in 2009. Modeling top of the line genetics every time he bucks, that is not why Matt and Jared selected him for their CBR team.

“It takes a certain type of bull and he fits that model very well, he is something they (bull riders) can get warmed up and he will get stronger later in the ride,” continued Scharping.

Scharping’s statement of Hy Test getting stronger into the trip is backed up by facts. According to CBR results, all three CBR attempts were in the “almost” qualified ride column. Chandler Bownds rode him the longest at 6.98 seconds in El Paso, followed by another righty, Newt Brasfield, in Salina for 6.50 and the only left-hander that has pulled their rope on him is Tim Bingham who oddly lasted the least amount of time and bucked off at the 5 seconds mark in Rio Rancho.

“He is as strong later in the ride as he is at the start, and you really have to keep up as he moves ahead, which makes him a little bit tricky.”

Will a right hand or left hander have a better chance at the unridden bulls? According to Matt, left because he goes to the left every single time and actually keeps bucking after the rider hits the dirt.

Representing Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team, a partnership team led by Jared Allen a recently retired NFL super star that lined up weekly for the Carolina Panthers, 911 Hy Test is having his best year as a professional. According to, he is currently sporting a 72.73 buck off percentage for 2016 and that stat moves to 100 percent within CBR competition.

He also holds the highest average score (multiple outs required) for the 2016 CBR Season with a 45.3 average bull score.

He earned the Bull of the Event (highest marked bull) trophy buckle in El Paso scoring a total of 92 points on a four-judge system.

Is it possible we see a rematch in Cheyenne?

All three of Hy Test’s opponents are qualified and entered for the CBR World Finals. Out of the three, Scharping feels his best out was with multiple time CBR and NFR qualifier, Chandler Bownds when he attempted him in El Paso.

“Chandler really got him going and I adjusted the flank there a bit and he really showed off,” said Scharping.

911 boasts four round winning outs with his bull scores and five round wins for bull riders.

According to Scharping, Hy Test is home chilling right now and he will remain in that mode for a few more weeks. Closer to the CBR’s super bowl of bull team competitions, 911 will buck a few times to keep lean and in shape, a condition Matt claims is not natural for his lead bucker.

As far as his team’s game plan for competing for the $120,000 prize check and bonus package, Sharping had this to say.

“You bring your best three bulls that you feel you can get the best scores on but we can’t control the draw, the bulls will be prepared to be there, the variables such as the riders make it out of our control.”


It’s Family Thing

Scharping will be traveling to Cheyenne Frontier Days for the first time and is looking forward to the bulls and their first time at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

“It’s always fun to see what it is, I have heard about it so much and never had the opportunity to go, but we have a reason to be there,” continued Matt who will be traveling to Cheyenne with his wife, brother and sister in law and several friends.

As for 911, he might not have an actual blood sibling on the trailer with him, but you can bet, Allen and Scharping will have two more phenomenal bulls teamed up and on the trailer with their super star bull of the year nominee 911 Hy Test.

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