CBR Announces 2016 Stock Contractor of the Year Nominees

Most stock contractors can be found standing on the bucking chute analyzing a bull’s out or perched on top of the back pens searching for any indication of who might be the next great bucking bull.


A CBR stock contractor’s main goal is to provide quality bucking bulls that give the bull rider athletes a good shot at winning each and every out. It makes no difference who the rider is or what round of the tournament style format they are competing in, the bulls are expected to buck with a good sense of timing that give the rider an opportunity at a competitive score and 295 different bulls were used for the 2016 Road to Cheyenne tour.


Some years these bull men seem to have it all figured out. Their bulls are healthy, bucking, and always on go, but some years are lean and their teams of bulls require constant attention. It is after these years that bull men have to re-focus on raising, acquiring and developing bucking bull prospects for Championship Bull Riding’s Road to Cheyenne caliber bulls. 


These men never stop working. Mike Rawson, the reigning CBR Stock Contractor of the Year was wheeling and dealing at last year’s banquet where he had just won his 2015 Stock Contractor of the Year title, Neckover stock trailer, Hyo Silver trophy buckle, and custom Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade saddle.


According to most contractors, keeping a pen of bulls is hard. Once you have them then you have to figure out which events to go with them and when to rest them. It’s a full time job according to Rawson.


Ten different contractors have won Stock Contractor of the Year for CBR since its first year of operation, 2002. They are a highly charged group of competitive men and women, even though they think of themselves as family. Harlan Robertson won three times and Mike Rawson twice and thus far those are the only repeats for the coveted award since the CBR began in 2002.


Recruiting top bulls to compete in the sport’s elite CBR Bull Team Challenge is just one aspect of “playing the game” says bull team owner and 2014 Stock Contractor of the Year, Jeff Harris.


“This is a family of friends, several of our best friends are our competitors and when we all work together to make the events successful, it happens for everyone, the bull guys, the riders, and especially the fans.”  


Riders enjoy being able to get on bulls that can produce event-winning rides and this year’s total payout to stock contractors participating on the Road to Cheyenne events was $675,000 and an additional $138,750 was paid to CBR hosted bull team competitions.


With yearly increases in the prize monies available to the winners of the CBR’s wildly successful Bull Team Challenge division, 22 professional bucking bull teams led by stock contractors will head North and West this summer to Wyoming to compete for $372,500, including a $120,000 bonus check to the winner of the CBR Bull Team Challenge World Finals held in conjunction with the legendary Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 25 and 26.


Championship Bull Riding first embarked on a partnership franchise league with stock contractors in 2010 to build an organization that allowed bull owners to compete for record setting amounts of money while providing competitive stock for the ever changing talented young athletes in the sport of stand-alone bull riding.


For 15 years, bull owners and their partners have seen what an opportunity CBR offers to make an impact on the sport combining the best bucking bulls with the top bull riders riding professionally today.  Once a year, one deserving individual from that category is named Stock Contractor of the Year. You cannot win or purchase this title, it is a process by which the CBR World Finals qualified bull riders and CBR stock contractors each cast their vote.


The list of twelve 2016 Stock Contractor of the Year Nominees was announced today by Tuff Hedeman and CBR.


2016 Stock Contractor of the Year Nominees


Championship Pro Rodeo

Elite Buckin Bulls

Harris Bucking Bulls

Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team

JC Knapp

JQH Bucking Bulls

Lyndal Hurst Bucking Bulls

Melton Bull Co

Rawson Bucking Bulls

Rockin R Bucking Bulls

The Jaynes Gang


CBR Stock Contractors of the Year

2015 Mike Rawson, Martinsville, TX

2014 Jeff Harris, Palestine, TX

2013 Mike Rawson, Martinsville, TX

2012 Billy Jones, Moscow, TX

2011 Danny Reagan, Palestine, TX

2010 Brad Vogele, Ark City, KS

2009 Scott Burruss, Conway, AR

2008 Alan Murphy, Saratoga, TX

2007-2005 Harlan Robertson, Gilmer, TX

2004 Chuck Griffith, Lufkin, TX

2003 Terry Williams, Carthage, TX