Championship Bull Riding Announces 2016 CBR World Finals Qualifiers

Since its inception in 2002, Championship Bull Riding has evolved into an entertaining and adrenaline charged sporting event that features a cast of the most talented bull riders and bucking bulls in the world.

The rules are few and easy to understand; there is but one man, facing off with nature, nowhere to go, with only their body and their determination to decide their fate. Is it intellect, skill or brute strength? 

In 2015-16, thousands of fans attended CBR events across the nation with its multi-tiered event structure. These action-packed performances keep fans on the edge of their seats and have earned Championship Bull Riding the reputation of putting on world-class entertainment. Under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Benny Cude, the original goal of providing good stock, good money and insurance for the cowboys has developed into two booming bull riding series where the cowboys and the contractors want to compete.

More than 500 bull riders from the United States, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and Mexico hold CBR memberships. These professional cowboys compete in more than 50 events per year on both the Road to Cheyenne tour, and the qualifying Horizon Series. The ultimate goal for CBR athletes each year is to qualify for the prestigious CBR World Finals in Cheyenne, Wyoming where the coveted title of CBR World Champion is decided.

The CBR World Standings is filled with perennial title contenders, and this year's race for the gold buckle did not disappoint. Fans have already witnessed over sixty 90-point rides. Many of those rides were made by 3 time World Champion Bull Rider, Sage Steele Kimzey, and the reigning CBR World Champion, Cody Teel, as well as several rookie sensations that dazzled the leaderboard each week and will be part of the mix in Cheyenne at the World Finals, but the real story was the emergence of Jacob O’Mara as the contender for the World Title this year in Cheyenne. Winning three events (Fort Worth, Lufkin, and Rio Rancho), O’Mara climbed to the No. 2 position behind three time World Champion Bull Rider, Sage Steele Kimzey.

The 15 regular season Road to Cheyenne events were won by nine different cowboys. Reigning World Champion Cody Teel won one event (Conroe) as did 2015 CBR World Champ Sage Kimzey (Bossier), but 3 of the 15 events were won by rookie riders, Mickey Andrews, Newt Brasfield, and Koby Radley. 

Last year’s CBR Finals Average Champion, Brennon Eldred, had a strong year winning two events including back-to-back titles in Hobbs, NM and the coveted George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio, TX. Cody Rostockyj led the CBR standings from September until late February and won two events, Laughlin, NV and Jackson, TN. 

Money was left in the bank at two events where no qualified ride was made in the Shoot Out Round thus rolling the money over to the next event (Huron and Mercedes). Kimzey was the average champion in Huron and Corey Bailey in Mercedes.

The season has ended and the top 26 riders on the CBR Road to Cheyenne Tour point standings has been determined. The rider who wins the most points throughout the CBR Road to Cheyenne Tour season, including the World Finals, is crowned the CBR World Champion after five rounds in Cheyenne. 


2016 CBR World Finals Qualifiers

• Sage Kimzey

• Jacob O'Mara

• Brennon Eldred

• Cody Teel

• Cody Rostockyj

• Newt Brasfield

• Corey Bailey

• Wyatt Rogers

• Eli Vastbinder

• Koby Radley

• Chandler Bownds

• Jeffrey Ramagos

• Juan Alonzo

• Colton Jesse

• Mickey Andrews

• Tim Bingham

• Demond Haynes

• Trey Benton

• Neil Holmes

• Joseph McConnel

• Reid Barker

• Cory Atwell

• Jonathan Brown

• Lane Toon

• Aaron Pass

• Taryl Smith


CBR World Champions

• 2015 Cody Teel, Kountze, TX

• 2014 Sage Steele Kimzey, Strong City, OK.

• 2013 Cole Echols, Frierson, LA 

• 2012 Josh Barentine, Johnson’s Bayou, LA

• 2011 Clayton Foltyn, Winnie, TX

• 2010 Luke Kelley, Mt. Vernon, IL

• 2009 Hugo Pedrero, Mexico

• 2008 Clayton Baethge, Johnson City, TX

• 2007 Bonner Bolton, Odessa, TX

• 2006 Matt Austin, Wills Point, TX

• 2005 Matt Austin, Wills Point, TX 

• 2004 Austin Meier, Kinta, OK 

• 2003 Ross Johnson, Avarado, TX

• 2002 Mike White, DeKalb, TX 


2016 CBR Road To Cheynne Tour Stops

• Mercedes, Texas

• Huron, South Dakota

• Window Rock, Arizona

• Jackson, Tennessee

• Laughlin, Nevada

• Hobbs, New Mexico

• Conroe, Texas

• El Paso, Texas

• Rio Rancho, New Mexico

• Lufkin, Texas

• Salina, Kansas

• Fort Worth, Texas

• Las Vegas, Nevada

• Del Rio, Texas

• Cheyenne, Wyoming