CBR Bull Team Challenge Wraps Up its Season in Del Rio

Tuff Hedeman and Championship Bull Riding’s Bull Team Challenge (BTC) delivered forty-six outstanding outs with only 13 cowboys lasting the required eight seconds on Saturday night, but it was not lack of effort on the part of the cowboys or the bucking bulls after the two day 39th George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in Del Rio.


Simply the Best

The best bull on Saturday night in Del Rio’s Super Bull of bull ridings was a newcomer. Bucking in the CBR BTC for the first time, 243 Breaking Bad outperformed the other bovine talent at the Val Verde Fairgrounds. Lyndal Hurst of Hurst Pro Rodeo’s home grown four year old is sired by the late great 143 Mooseknuckle and out of a double bred Houdini cow.

“I really like this bull and am proud of him, he is the most athletic bull I have ever raised, he is very light on his feet,” said Hurst which he thinks is his secret weapon.

“He did not allow either rider to reach more than 3 seconds COMBINED while on his back.”

“It will take a dang good bull rider that is having a dang good day to cover him,” said Hurst when asked what bull rider could ride him.

What makes him so difficult?

“He is fast, quick and lots of kick, he takes one big jump and then turn backs and just like his daddy he keeps bucking and spinning and is kind of a show off,” continued Hurst, the first stock contractor to ever win one million dollars with competitive bucking bulls.

Hurst, who has either ridden or competed for over four decades with bucking bulls, has close to a football team of 243’s siblings at his ranch and has high hopes for the future with these calves.

Although he is new to CBR, he has been proving himself on the rodeo trail and won money as a futurity calf in his two-year-old year.

“He was small so I had to let him grow a little,” said Hurst who cracked him out in 2015 at a handful of rodeos and competitive events. Breaking Bad bucked in San Antonio and Fort Worth’s PRCA Xtreme Bulls competition and the Texas Circuit Finals in 2016. Hurst plans to enter him in the four-year-old events in the upcoming months.


Dream Big

The CBR bull Beam Challenge had two significant nights in Del Rio that affected two individual’s fate.

Two teams left Del Rio with Cheyenne, Wyoming in their future. The last two chances to qualify for the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne are always during the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding. Performance one on Friday is the CBR Cheyenne Challenge which advances a wild card team automatically to the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne. This year’s Del Rio Cheyenne Challenge winner was Cunningham and Scoggins from West, Texas.

Mark Cunningham and Dusty Scoggins were awarded the trophy buckle, a check for $20,000, a pair of custom Fenoglio Boots and certificate from American Hat Co., but none of that mattered to the two great friends who experienced their first win on the CBR Road to Cheyenne.

“This means everything to us, so many people helped us along the way, Jeff Harris, Mike Rawson, Lyndal Hurst – they were happy for us too and that means more than all the stuff,” said Mark Cunningham.

Winning the Del Rio Cheyenne Challenge tonight with a total bull score of 275.19, just .31 points ahead of the JQH Bull Team of Amarillo, Texas. It was the first win for the duo of Mark Cunningham and Dusty Scoggins who were proud of their trio of buckers tonight.

“A lot of hard work and effort went into tonight and it feels fabulous,” said Mark Cunningham still clutching the jumbo check made out to his team for $20,000.

“Going and competing in Cheyenne has been my dream for several years and thanks to the many friends here in the CBR, it came true tonight,” continued Cunningham.

J87 Lil Red, their first bull out, was ridden last year in Del Rio by Sage Kimzey for 89 points and this year in Bossier by Jacob O’Mara for 87.5. 211 Artic Air and De’Arion Loud marked 86 points to assist the team’s effort while J87 Lil Red bucked Christian Cox off in 7.19 seconds.

“The first bull out we bought from Jerry Jeffcoat and he goes back to Too Legit, Colby Hill rode him for  87.5.”

“Our second first round bull we just bought from Mitch Terrell after the Baytown Horizon event and he has been better at times, but he did his job tonight,” said Cunningham.

The third bucker in their lineup who was 086 Up N At Em who posted an 86 bull score. 086 boasts a 78.57 buck-off percentage.

“Cody Rostockyj bought him for us, Cody is like my second son and he is fantastic to us, he brings guys to get on bulls for us when we need help, he bought him with us in mind and told us he (Rostockyj) wanted us to win and be successful… we tried to pay him but he won’t take the money,” continued Cunningham.

Lyndal, Mike Rawson, Jeff Harris, they have all been great to us and all came and congratulated us.


Sky’s The Limit

Knowing they had to be fourth or better to make their Cheyenne dreams come true, the bull team of D4 Cattle Co exceeded their needs and posted 284.78 points to be declared the Del Rio BTC Champions on Saturday night. D4 finished 3.21 points ahead of the second place team of Rawson and Probst.

“We wanted to go to Cheyenne, that was our main goal, and we accomplished that,” said team co-owner and bull manager Rhon Brown.

“You know you follow your everyday routine and do your best, you work your bulls and handle them every day,” continued Brown who lives with the stock in Perrin, Texas.

Drawing two veterans and one rookie rider, the D4 team turned in one qualified ride of 89.5 with Corey Bailey riding the team’s anchor bull, 108 War Tiger, a Page bred four-year-old who according to Brown “brings it every time.”

199 Back in Black, a son of Nightlife, was purchased for the team from Ross Tomaski and according to Brown had a good trip and is rider friendly. Veteran Chandler Bownds rode him almost to the whistle at 7.66.

But the big gunner on the team was unmistakably 199 Big Lew who was matched with rookie rider Koby Radley in the semifinal round.

“He reared and kicked high and their backs met in midair and got him off balance and when they landed Radley was too far behind to recover,” described Brown.

This team who made a big impact on the BTC in three appearances since March, is one to watch with  the high marked bull in Fort Worth, Big Lew, posting big scores on the rank and rider side of things and two solid rider friendly bulls in the mix, the sky’s the limit for these newcomers. Welcome aboard, it’s always a wild ride on the Road to Cheyenne.

The CBR Bull Team Challenge is idle until the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne, Wyoming on July 25, 26 at Cheyenne Frontier Days. Tickets available at