CBR Reveals 2016 World Finals Bull Team Challenge Qualifiers

The 2016 CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days will mark the sixth installment of the CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge World Finals held in conjunction with the legendary Cheyenne Frontier Days on July 25, 26, 2016.  The CBR’s wildly productive program for the bovine athlete and their stock contractors has paid out a total of $813,750 to bull team owners since last August!


The excitement, energy and competing on the hallowed ground of the world’s largest rodeo is all part of the experience of bucking your bulls during the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Twenty-two bucking bull teams spent the previous nine months crisscrossing the country earning points and collecting checks to be one of those select teams that will make their mark on the dirt in front of the historical Frontier Park Arena. The CBR Bull Team Challenge includes twenty teams that qualified on three event placings with the second two team coming from Cheyenne Challenge events held in Jackson, Tennessee and Del Rio, Texas.


While the thrill of bucking your bulls in Cheyenne is motivating, the team owners are probably looking at the two-day $372,500 payout and the fact that one team owner will walk out of that CFD arena on a Tuesday night with a $120,000 bonus check as the finest feature of the event.


In addition to the $120,000 check, this year’s winner’s prize package will include a pure beaver American Hat Co western hat, Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade trophy saddle, exotic Fenoglio Boots, custom 24-foot Neckover Trailer, and a Hyo Silver trophy buckle.


Championship Bull Riding first embarked on a partnership league with 20 teams of stock contractors in 2010 to build an organization that allowed bull owners to compete for record setting amounts of money while providing competitive stock for the ever-changing talented young athletes in the sport of stand-alone bull riding. 


Due to the popularity of the concept and the growth of both Championship Bull Riding and the CBR bull teams, the CBR bull team program has expanded four times since the beginning in 2010. The inception of the CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge began with an expansion of teams from 20 to 30 in 2011. In 2012, an additional 15 increased the number of teams to 45. With 3 additional teams added, and the most recent expansion during the 2015-2016 Road to Cheyenne, the CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge currently has 60 teams.


The BTC World Finals held its first team Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge World Finals event when the CBR relocated its World Finals to Cheyenne in 2011. The five former CBR Bull Team Challenge World Champions include: Owen Washburn (2011), Jaynes Gang and Bays (2012), Mike White (2013) Benny Cude’s Cude Energy (2014), and the reigning World Champion Bull Team Mike Rawson and partner Jim Probst (2015).


The CBR 2016 regular season has come to a close and all eyes are on Cheyenne Frontier Days for the two night performance of the CBR World Finals on July 25 and 26. Tickets are available at and start at $29.00. For more information on the CBR Bull Team Challenge program contact Kay-Lee Pearson at or call the CBR office at (817) 626-2855.


The 2016 Bull Team Challenge CBR World Finals Qualifiers

Season Points BTC Season Earnings
1/2 Elite Buckin Bulls #3 34 $44,000.00
1/2 Rawson / Probst 34 $44,000.00
3/4 Flip'em Off Buck'en Bulls / Knapp 31 $40,000.00
3/4 JQH Bucking Bulls #2 31 $28,000.00
5 Barn2Buck #2 29 $28,000.00
6-9 Jared Allen's Pro Bull Team #1 28 $32,000.00
6-9 Rawson Bucking Bulls #1 28 $25,000.00
6-9 Winston Loe / Melton Bull Co 28 $20,000.00
6-9 Elite Buckin Bulls #4 28 $18,000.00
10/11 JQH Bucking Bulls #1 27 $12,000.00
10/11 Harris Bucking Bulls 27 $20,000.00
12 D4 Cattle Co 26.5 $22,500.00
13 Championship Pro Rodeo / K&G Bucking Bulls 26 $16,000.00
14-16 Championship Pro Rodeo / Cude Energy 25 $13,000.00
14-16 Elite Buckin Bulls #2 25 $20,000.00
14-16 Championship Pro Rodeo 25 $24,000.00
17-19 The Jaynes Gang / Johnston & McKinney 24 $5,000.00
17-19 Championship Pro Rodeo / Kevin Ruggs 24 $13,000.00
17-19 JC Knapp 24 $25,000.00
20 Rawson Bucking Bulls #3 23.5 $10,500.00
21 Championship Pro Rodeo / Willis - Jackson, TN Jackson Cheyenne Challenge
22 Cunningham / Scoggins Del Rio Cheyenne Challenge