You Get it When You Get Here

For one weekend, over the past twenty-four years, Tuff Hedeman and his crew have taken over the historic coliseum in Fort Worth where Hedeman got his start producing bull riding events. Since 1993, Tuff Hedeman’s signature event has been the Fort Worth Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge. It is known as a grand event both for the contestants and the spectators who pour into the Stockyards Cowtown Coliseum year after year to see this year’s collection of premium buckers and hot shot riders brought in by the four-time World Champion and Pro Rodeo Hall of Famer.

Sanctioned since 2005, by Championship Bull Riding, this year’s bull power did not disappoint, as this event is known to produce some of the rankest scores on the Road to Cheyenne tour. This year’s top two teams were led by former professional bull riders, Cory Melton and “mighty” Mike White. After all, who better to choose rank bulls than two former super star bull riders?


High Marked Bull

Six bull riders made their debut in Fort Worth as rookies on this year’s CBR trail, but the judges saw more than six rookies on the bull side of the equation. An emerging new superstar that was the highest marked bull for the second consecutive event, 1086 Big Lew posted a 92 point bull score for D4 Cattle Company and bucked off veteran Fort Worth rider, Aaron Pass in 3.14 seconds.

“He was strong and a little long out there before he turned back, but all in all he is the perfect bucking bull… big and strong, bucks hard but nothing trashy to him,” said Pass.

1086 Big Lew was not the only rank bull unloaded in Fort Worth, the top two placing teams were both comprised of rank scored bovine athletes. Of the top four teams that earned a check all but one, JQH, only had one bull ridden, a statistical trend CBR events have seen over the past month.


The Champs

Scott Winston and Cory Melton traveled the shortest distance to bring the winning team to Fort Worth from nearby Tolar, with three bulls that would have to be considered veterans of the tour. This team earned their second BTC Championship title this year after being 2nd in Jackson, 3rd in Hobbs and winning 1st in Bossier City. What’s impressive about this team is they have only used a total of 7 bulls, a statistically low number on the Road to Cheyenne.

Led by K912 Western Hauler’s All Shook Up in the rank department, Melton’s admittedly unpredictable bull was 91.5 points bucking off the rookie and Salina Champion Koby Radley in 5.91 seconds. Considered the anchor of this team, K912 was the rankest bull scored in Bossier City in March and finished second in that category for Fort Worth. Winston and Melton’s trio of buckers cleared the field in Fort Worth BTC competitors by 3 points with 287.59 total points for the win and a total of 28 points on the World Finals qualifying totals which is 6th place to date.

The second bull on this team, 169 Crimson King, was the rankest bull marked earlier this year in Jackson as well. The only ride score for this team came from 3 time World Champion Sage Kimzey on his first attempt of the popular 161 Firehouse. With Kimzey’s 88.5 ride score, the bull was 87 points.

Firehouse has come thru for several riders in clutch moments on the CBR tour including Cody Teel’s World Championship equation last year in Cheyenne when he racked up 90.5 on him in round four. 161 has four qualified rides in 9 attempts at CBR events and two of those four are for 90 point plus. He tracks four outs on Probullstats on the PBR side with zero ride scores.


Runner Up

Behind the Reserve Champion BTC Fort Worth team was Elite Buckin Bulls #3 with Mike White tightening their flanks. White’s Fort Worth team included 626 Karaoke at the lead with 89.5 points when he bucked off Lane Toon in 3.4 seconds. But the biggest shock on this team stats is Trey Benton’s buck off of 059 Boomer in 7.69 seconds. 168 Big Tex was the only bull that had to work the full 8 seconds as Newt Brasfield posted 88.5 on him to go with his 88 bull score. Elite’s total was 285.59 and as they completed their third event of the three event team challenge, they soared to the top of the CBR Bull team leaderboard with 34 points and an assurance that their team will be competing in Cheyenne at the CBR Bull Team World Finals in July.  


Third and long

Third place went to Amarillo, Texas’s JQH’s team lead by Skip and Elaine Jones. Their bull, Jack Tar was the Highest Marked Ride of the event when Corey Atwell took him for a 90.5 spin to win the semi-final round. It was the second consecutive event where Jack Tar took home the honors. JQH was the only team in the money earning category of the top 4 to have two qualified ride scores. Their first score came from 25T Wicked Ways who was assisted by Tyler Taylor with 87 points on his Road to Cheyenne CBR rider debut. 1001 Crazy 8’s 90.5 points on the bull side split third thru fifth in the rank score totals in Fort Worth. Using six bulls,  JQH has placed second twice and one third on this year’s Road to Cheyenne and sits in the top ten with one of their teams and one team scheduled to compete in the final regular season event in Del Rio on April 30.


The Game Changer

The fourth place team in Fort Worth was owned by Championship Pro Rodeo and Kevin Ruggs. Their trio of Kojack, El Paso City, and Gold Buckle were 281.80 and consisted of one qualified ride on Kojack by Koby Radley for 88.5 points. The shocker on their three outs was when Kimzey bucked off of Gold Buckle at 6.72 seconds.

It would have been a game changer in the bull team results if Kimzey had made the whistle on 050. The 1.28 seconds would have earned them the third place position, but Kimzey said hats off to the bull whom he described as literally bucking hard enough to get him off his A game.

“He was just better than me tonight,” said Kimzey.


Notable Outs

Other notable outs were Hurst’s Yellowhair who was 90.5 points bucking off rookie sensation Colten Jesse in 3.17 seconds. Yellowhair, known to have somewhat of a split personality, was busy entertaining and getting a massage from Western Wishes children earlier in the evening and according to owner Lyndal Hurst, is a pet at home and in the back pens, but he is all business when he loads into the bucking chutes.  

CBR has one regular season event left on the schedule where bull teams will be jockeying for an invitation to the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. The Friday night portion of the George Paul Memorial in Del Rio will be the Cheyenne Challenge which is an automatic invitation to the World Finals. The second performance on Saturday is the last BTC event where points are eligible for the World Finals event.


2016 Fort Worth, TX CBR Bull Team Challenge Results