Championship Bull Riding and Famous Energy Drink Launch Ride and Fight Famous Partnership

Championship Bull Riding today is pleased to announce the global strategic partnership with Famous Energy Drink. 

Inspired by the strength, stamina, and integrity of the relentless athletes competing with Championship Bull Riding (CBR), Famous Energy Drink has entered into a long-term, worldwide partnership with CBR.

This relationship is part of CBR’s ongoing and accelerated implementation of strategic business partnerships, aimed at assisting businesses build on our diverse fan base and demographics to expand and continue their success.

Enjoying a wealth of success in 16 cities across the U.S., CBR provides an entry into the high energy lifestyle of our fan base. CBR fans are loyal followers both in the competition arenas and interaction with strategic online and internet-based media.


Fight Famous

Designed for people who lead very active lifestyles, Famous Energy Drink is a perfect match for the CBR’s bullfighters, modern-day gladiators, who will wear the company’s logo jerseys while fighting 2,000 pound bucking beasts and saving the lives of the famed bull riders during events on the televised Road to Cheyenne tour.

“We are out there pounding the dirt working with each bull and rider to get them to safety. Sometimes that includes jumping on the bull to cut a rider’s hand out of a rope, running to pull a cowboy to safety from underneath a bull and you need every ounce of Famous Energy you can find to fight that for two solid hours,” said Brandon Loden, three time CBR Bullfighter of the Year.


Ride Famous

In a world of many choices on the shelf for a better and positive lifestyle enhancer, Famous Energy provides B12 and B6 vitamins with only 110 calories to help you feel the energy in a healthy way… without the jitters, the crashes, or the bad aftertaste so many other drinks have.

“The desire to win makes us all aware of everything we put in our body and anything that helps us obtain even the slightest edge before and during competition is significant to our success,” said Cody Teel, 2015 CBR World Champion and 2012 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider.

Since 2012, Championship Bull Riding has been broadcast on FOX SPORTS NETWORK (FSN).

FSN regional networks reaches 90 million households in HD each week and fans and viewers have the opportunity to see the Road to Cheyenne Tour on FSN’s 26 national primetime CBR broadcasts.

Beginning the week of January 4, 2016, FS2 began airing the 2016 Road to Cheyenne CBR telecasts in primetime. The original broadcasts will air through the week of August 8, 2016. Immediately following original telecasts, FS2 will air repeats for an additional 15 weeks. Beginning May 29, 2016, FSN will broadcast, during primetime, 15 weeks of 2016 CBR tour telecasts.

Available in a series of three unique flavors, Famous Energy Drink will support the CBR’s athletes on the Road to Cheyenne as they take on the grueling energy challenges of their sport.

Looking forward to the new branding, Famous Energy is confident that with the great support of CBR and its rock solid hard earned position in the western lifestyle industry, the product will be a leading contender on the shelves in grocery outlets and convenience stores. 

Famous Energy proudly supports the “Fight and Ride Famous” lifestyle enjoyed by western lifestyle enthusiasts and cowboys and cowgirls across the county.

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About Famous Energy Drink - Famous Energy Drink is created for those who love the active life style – from rodeo fans to Famous rock stars cowboys. Famous Energy is available in 3 incredible flavors, every one designed to satisfy the most complex tastes.  Famous Energy is available at convenience and grocery outlets and in music events over more than 5 states and planning nationwide expansion. Famous Energy supports all cultural and sporting events, emerging artists and the Famous Energy positive lifestyle.