Rookie Rides Three for his First CBR Win on the Road to Cheyenne

In his first final four shoot out appearance on the Road to Cheyenne, the rookie bull rider from Montpelier, Louisiana rode three bulls to overpower two world champions and the No. 2 man in the standings to win the inaugural Championship Bull Riding Showdown in Salina held at the Bicentennial Center in Salina, Kansas.

“I have been waiting on this a long time, it’s always been my dream since I was a kid and watching everybody else do it, I always knew that’s what I wanted to do,” said an elated Koby Radley after riding Jack Tar for 91.5 points, the JQH bull who has produced five 90 points plus rides on the Road to Cheyenne.

With only three events left on the regular season schedule, the bull riders came to Salina to take home not only the $30,000 that was up for grabs, but the invaluable points that determine their CBR World Standings position heading into the CBR World Finals in July at Cheyenne Frontier Days in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

At the end of the night, there were a total of 22 qualified rides and in addition to the winner’s perfect stats, two time World Champion, Cody Teel, and the No. 2 man in the standings, Cody Rostockyj, also rode three bulls in an attempt to unseat World No. 1 Sage Kimzey who rode 2 of 3 in Kansas to remain at the top of the CBR leaderboard with a comfortable 351.5, or 4 bull lead over the field.


Round One

The riders put on a show from the first out as 7 of the first 9 riders put up scores. Cody Teel took the early lead after section one with 89 points on Championship Pro Rodeo’s Kojack, but Radley answered with 89.5 points on one of the favorite bulls on tour, Elite’s 059 Boomer.

“He went right this time and last time he went left, but he is real fun and it all worked out,” continued Radley who was on Boomer for the second time this year.

Tim Bingham turned in the third highest mark in round one with an 88 on Rockin R’s Hurricane Kitty, a young competition bull sired by Stray Kitty.

Wyatt Rogers would amaze the experts in the arena riding away from his hand for at least two seconds after he lost his grip on the rope that was tied around Rawson’s Too Juicy. The duo would earn kudo’s from the crowd and 87 points to advance.

Radley’s lead would hold until the last section when three time World Champion, Sage Kimzey, completed a picture perfect 90-point ride on Mike Rawson’s anchor bull, 107 Jailhouse Socks. 

Semifinal Round

With 14 qualified rides in round one it took an 85 point score to advance to the semifinal round. Rostockyj jumped out first in the semi’s with 90 points on Comanche Moon followed by rookie Joseph McConnell who tied the 175.5 lead with an 88 on Long Creek Outfitters and Harris’s perennial bucker, Bargain Bin. Cody Teel would make his move with 87.5 on an unknown bull to him, Clark Sanders’ Green Machine, which went both ways for him to earn 87.5 points and post 176 points on two.

But the Rookie Radley drew his second rematch of the night, -50 Divinity from B&M and was 89 points which earned him 178.5 for two rides.

“I had been on him before and he threw me off real quick before, and he bucked the same tonight, I guess I had a little more try,” said the rookie sensation who is leading the CBR’s Horizon Series tour.

Kimzey was the last out and sailed into the final four with Rockin R’s 3820 Mayhem for 88 points. Kimzey was the first to cover 3820 since the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne last July. 

Shoot Out Round

Five rides in the semi’s resulted in a tie for the fourth slot in the shoot out round, but Rostockyj edged out rookie Joseph McConnell with a higher score from the back judge which set the stage for the rookie to challenge the top three riders in the CBR; Sage Kimzey, Cody Teel, and Cody Rostockyj.  

Radley had the lead and selected the tried and true C735 Jack Tar from JQH Bucking Bulls. Kimzey was next and took 126 Hood Rat. Teel took the unridden 158 Sleeping Deacon leaving Rostockyj with 231 Big Baby.

Rostockyj was out first and electrified the crowd with 91 on Harris’s 231. Teel conquered the unknown riding 158 Sleeping Deacon who left the chutes with a huge jump while backing up into the right hand spin, Teel continued to be airborne, but survived as first rider to post a score on the grandson of D&H Cattle Co.’s Backlash who’s 8 outs have produced three round winning rank score awards and an average bull score of 44.5.

Kimzey was next out on Barn2Buck’s Hood Rat, a first trip on this bull for the reigning No. 1 rider in the world. The bull came out and it looked like the champ had his seat, the bull came around to the right and in a rare occurrence Kimzey ended up a little behind at 4 seconds and lost the battle. But Kimzey is in good company as he was the third World Champion to join the bull’s buck off stats. Eldred was the last rider to get a score on him, 91 points, on his way to the CBR Average title last summer in Cheyenne.

With his brother in law Jacob O’Mara, his sister and 24 bull riders cheering him on, the rookie had a solid seat from the first jump. Radley kept moving his feet and never got out of position as he and Jack Tar earned the highest marked ride of the night 91.5. This was Radley’s first event title and a move from 21st to 11th in the CBR World Standings.

“Jacob and I talk about the bulls and study them and mostly how we can better ourselves… I picked the only bull I knew on the final four list because I knew he was good and he would fit me and it worked out pretty good,” smiled the young Radley who recently took over the Horizon Series standings and plans to ride in all CBR events to finish out his stellar rookie year.  

Radley has attempted 12 bulls on the Road to Cheyenne and ridden 7. Riding at 58 percent, he has ridden his first round bulls to make the semifinals in 4 of his 6 tour events. Radley earned his way on tour thru the qualifying Horizon Series placing second once, third three times, and one sixth since riding in his first event in August. He took home a check for $9,875, a custom HyO Silver trophy buckle, a pair of custom Fenoglio boots, and a straw hat from American Hat Co. 

CBR Bull Team Challenge

It was a showdown in Salina on the bucking bull side of the score sheets. William Barnett’s Barn2Buck won the Salina championship with 2079 Cowtown Cartel leading the team’s .72 victory over Championship Pro Rodeo and the other 10 teams.

Barn2Buck won with a total of 282.29 points with two ride scores and one 92.5 rank bull score posted by 2079 as he bucked Trey Benton off in 2.29 seconds when Benton admittedly tried something new to get out on the unridden bull.

“He’s so strong leaving the chute I tried to get up over him a little too much and it was a mistake,” said Benton as he praised the great bucker sired by 4C’s Carrillo Cartel.

Colten Jesse rode ZY Hez Twisted for 87.5 and Newt Brasfield was 89 on Y9 Final Judgement.

050 Gold Buckle earned the Bull of the Event title as he was the highest marked rank score of the night with a 93 point effort bucking off Newt Brasfield in the semifinal round.

Jack Tar was the Champion Bull with his 91.5 ride score to lift Radley to the title. 

World Title Race

Besides Radley moving from No. 21 to No. 11 in the CBR World Standings, not much changed except Cody Teel gained one bull score on No. 4 Brennon Eldred and with his three bull score performance in Salina, Teel moved him back into the third position.

No. 2 Cody Rostockyj moved one bull closer to reclaiming the No. 1 slot as he earned three scores in Salina as opposed to Kimzey’s two qualified rides.

Brasfield stayed steady at No. 5 with Wyatt Rogers inching back towards the top 5 at No. 7, just one great bull ride behind O’Mara at No. 6.  

The riders will head to Fort Worth for the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge CBR on April 9 for the first of the last two regular season events, which ends in Del Rio at the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding on April 30.

Rider Results

Shoot Out Round

1, Koby Radley 91.5 points on Jack Tar, $7,625. 2, Cody Rostockyj, 91 points on Big Baby, $4575. 3, Cody Teel, 88 points on Sleeping Deacon, $3,050. 4, Sage Kimzey, 0 on Hood Rat, $1,000.

Average Results

1, Koby Radley, 270, $9,875. 2, C. Rostockyj, 266.5, $6,825. 3, Cody Teel, 264.5, $5,300. 4, Sage Kimzey, 178, $2,250.

Bull Team Challenge Results

1, Barn2Buck #2, 282.29, $20,000. 2, Championship Pro Rodeo, 281.57, $12,000. 3, Elite Buckin Bulls 4, 281.22, $8,000. 4, (tie) Rawson 3, 279.17, $2,500. 4, D4 Cattle, 279.17, $2,500.