911 Bargain Bin

The definition of the word “bargain” is an agreement between two or more parties as to what each party will do for the other. When CBR bull riders put their rope around 911 there is no agreement, but 4 of 8 times on the 2016 CBR Road to Cheyenne he has lived up to his end of the bargain and allowed a qualified ride.

911 Bargain Bin is the anchor of Jeff Harris’s bull team, sometimes in the first round action and many times he is in the semifinal round. He provides high ride scores, an average of 89, and solid bull scores for Harris’s multiple teams. He debuted in Laughlin, Nevada in 2014 with a 90 point score for Neil Holmes.

Last week in Lufkin, Tim Bingham rode him for the bull’s second 90 point score and the highest bull score of 911’s career, 44.5.  According to the cowboys and, he is a little bit easier to ride if you are a left hander like Corey Maier, Jacob O’Mara, and Neil Holmes who have conquered the beautiful black and white Coffey bred bucking bull who was raised by Casey Thomason from Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Right handers have a little more difficulty and 65 percent of the time he will buck them off including World Champs Sage Kimzey, Cody Teel and CBR Average Champion, Brennon Eldred who has attempted him twice.

“He bucks hard and he’s hard to get by for a right handed bull rider because he’s so steep and has some back up and is stronger at the end of the ride than when he starts,” said Eldred.

When I asked CBR No. 1 ranked rider, Cody Rostockyj, he had this to say.

“He backs up and you get tilted forward and your feet start getting behind you, causing you to lose your feet.” 

Rostockyj, known for riding bulls away from his hand as well as into his hand, is one of the few right handers to get by Harris’s top bucker.

Bargain Bin has been attempted 32 times with 12 qualified rides on the top professional circuits. He was the high marked bull in Jackson, Tennessee with an 89 point bull score.

Owner: Rafter J Ranch – Harris Bucking Bulls

Breeder: Casey Thomason, Tahlequah, OK