O’Mara Wins His Second Title in Two Weeks on the 2016 CBR Road to Cheyenne

For twenty-seven years bull riding fans have poured into the George Henderson Expo Center for a night of top flight bull riding and this year was no different as they witnessed Louisiana cowboy Jacob O’Mara ride past the 26 man field and step into the winners’ circle for the second time in two weeks as he added the Hyo silver trophy buckle from the 2016 T-Rex-S CBR Bull Bash to his growing collection.

O’Mara who thanked the crowd first then told Tuff Hedeman and the fans he was happy not to be a one shot wonder after bucking off last weekend in the CBR El Paso event. The cowboy from Prairieville, Louisiana who wears purple and gold chaps to support the LSU Tigers, had this to say about that comment.

“I came back last week after winning Rio Rancho and the rope got jerked out of my hand in El Paso… it’s frustrating when you don’t do anything technically wrong but a malfunction happens and there is nothing you can do about it and not everyone knows that and you want to prove your point that the win wasn’t a mistake,” laughed O’Mara holding the Hyo Silver trophy buckle, Fenoglio boots, and a check for $18,750.

O’Mara is anything but a one shot wonder, riding 80 percent of the bulls he has attempted so far this year, the 2011 National Finals Rodeo qualifier (NFR) has ridden nine of his 11 draws on the 2016 CBR Road to Cheyenne.


Round One

3 time World Champion, Sage Kimzey, jump started the Bull Bash as the first qualified ride, an 88.5 score on F12 Platinum Gold. He would retain the lead until section two when Honeyville, Utah’s Tim Bingham rode one of the favorite draws on the tour, Jeff Harris’s 911 Bargain Bin, for 90 points. Bingham would retain the lead in round one until CBR rookie sensation Koby Radley from Montpelier, Louisiana, took Elite’s 059 Boomer for a 90.5 point spin to thrill the capacity crowd and win the first round.

There was a total of 13 qualified rides in round one and Wyatt Rogers would be the final cowboy to advance to the semifinals with his 86 point ride on Sid Vicious, a JQH bull making his CBR tour debut in Lufkin.



The crowd was backing the two Road to Cheyenne rookies that advanced, Demond Haynes and Koby Radley, but the bulls and four bull riding veterans would take control of the event in the semifinal round.

Trey Benton of Rock Island, Tex., continued to ride strong on his comeback journey and was the first rider to conquer two. His 91.5 show on the high flying Black Betty would earn him the lead in the average (179) and eventually the round win honors.

“Honestly, I don’t think I even think I could see the bull but for about two seconds during the entire ride, he was 4 or 5 feet off the dirt the entire time and I was doing everything I could to survive,” said Benton who was traveling to three events in three different states this weekend.  

But Jacob O’Mara was not intimidated by Benton’s performance and he answered with one of his own picture perfect performances on Elite’s 626 Karaoke, a bull he rode a year ago in Bossier City for 90 points. O’Mara’s 90 point bull ride gained him 178 points on two.

“I was excited to see my name next to 626, once you make the corner on him he rides super smooth and he is right there for you with a lot of points,” added O’Mara. 

Mahindra Young Gun Eli Vastbinder would be the third man to ride his second draw and he would clock in at 176.5 after riding JQH’s 25T Wicked Ways for the first time.

Kimzey would be the last rider to post a score in the 12-man field as he rode H6 Gas Monkey, a bull he had ridden a week ago in PRCA competition, for 88.5 which put him in the Shoot Out round with 177 points on two bulls.


Shoot Out

Benton with a one point advantage in the average would earn the right to select his bull first. Having never been on any of the four bulls selected by Tuff Hedeman for the Shoot Out Round, Benton chose Harris’s Y104 Speckled Pup, an unknown bull making his debut on the Road to Cheyenne.

O’Mara’s pick was easy as he selected National Finals Rodeo bull Yellow Hair, the bull he rode to win the CBR Rio Rancho title two weeks prior.

Kimzey with a choice between two unridden bulls, 1137 Cowbanger and 26 Ray Donovan, selected Championship Pro Rodeo’s 1137 Cowbanger which left Eli Vastbinder with Box K/Jones and Ferguson’s 26.

Vastbinder and Cowbanger both went right and then the bull’s speed and intensity left Vastbinder behind at 5.52 seconds.

In an uncharacteristic buck off, Kimzey would assist Ray Donovan’s unridden statistic as he came down at 5.05 seconds.

But the third man out, Jacob O’Mara, would not disappoint the bull riding savvy crowd in Lufkin, Texas.

After attempting to buck off the left handed O’Mara by changing directions, NFR bucker 3728 Yellow Hair settled in his trip and for the second time on the 2016 Road to Cheyenne, O’Mara and the bull would turn in a 92 point score, putting the pressure on Trey Benton.

“He tried me a little harder this week, he bounced my feet out of him and I had to hustle to catch up and then he changed directions on me too, he is one you should ride but if you stub your toe he’s going to buck you off,” said O’Mara about his winning ride.

With both rider and bull making their first final four Shoot Out Round appearance of 2016, Harris’s Speckled Pup stumbled leaving the chutes which put the right handed Benton tilted into his hand, the bull then turned back the same direction putting Benton at a disadvantage with no room to recover and his bid to win his first title this year would end at 3.75 seconds.


Bull Team Challenge

Mike Rawson of Martinsville, Texas was the Lufkin Bull Bash Champion for 2016. Bucking three well-known bulls on the Road to Cheyenne, it was Black Betty’s scores that earned him the Hyo trophy buckle, check for $20,000 and another pair of custom Fenoglio boots.

Mike’s night did not begin as he would have liked. Jeffrey Ramagos bucked of 107 Jailhouse Socks at 6.79 seconds, but Lane Toon turned things around for the two time CBR Stock Contractor of the Year when he rode Too Juicy for 89 points, but it was Trey Benton’s determination and hard work on Black Betty in the semifinal round that earned him 91.5 points on the rider side and Betty posted a 90 point bull score that assisted the 290.29 total score to win the title.

Mike White and Jeri Harmon’s Elite Bucking Bulls were behind him in second place by 2.84 points. With Karaoke and Boomer being ridden for 90 and 90.5 respectively. White’s team turned in 287.45. Sellers and Prewitt were .13 behind Elite with 287.31 for third place and Jaynes Gang picked up fourth on 285.12 points.

Bull of the Event, decided from rank bull scores, was a tie between Barn2Buck’s 2079 Cowtown Cartel, Terry Williams’ 1472 Crime Boss, and Benny Cude’s 660 Pure Pleasure all with 92 point bull scores.

Champion Bull honors went to Lyndal Hurst and Yellow Hair for his contribution to O’Mara’s 92 point winning ride in the final four.


World Standings Race

CBR World standings leader Cody Rostockyj retained his lead after riding Kojack for 88.5 points in round one and now sits at the top with 1,059. But look out, Sage Kimzey would gain the most in Lufkin after a strong showing riding two to regain his No. 2 position with 1,055 points. No. 3 Cody Teel, who bucked off in round one, stays at 880.5 points. Wyatt Rogers and Eli Vastbinder round out the top 5 with Brennon Eldred, who also bucked off in round one, in at No. 6.

Jacob O’Mara surged from No. 11 to No. 7 with the Lufkin event win and Chandler Bownds, Corey Bailey, and Newt Brasfield round out the top ten standings as of February 14, 2016.


Rider Results

Shoot Out Round and Event Winner

1, Jacob O’Mara 92 points on Yellow Hair owned by Lyndal Hurst, $18,750.

Average Scores: 1, J. O’Mara, 270. 2, Trey Benton, 179.3, Sage Kimzey 177.4. Eli Vastbinder, 176.5.


CBR Bull Team Results

1, Rawson Bucking Bulls, 290.29, $20,000. 2, Elite Bucking Bulls, 287.45, $12,000. 3, Sellers and Prewitt, 287.31, $8,000. 4, Jaynes Gang/Johnson/Dial/McKinney, 285.12, $5,000.

Championship Futurity Results  

1, Trailblazers, 266.50, $20,000. 2, Thunder, 264.75, $7,000. 3 (Tie) 4G / Massey / Long / CL7 / Cooley and Sellers Bucking Bulls, 262, $4,000. 5, Prewitt & Donaho, 261.75, $2,500.

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