Mickey Andrews and Jared Allen Get the W in EL PASO

In a sold out El Paso County Coliseum, Mickey Andrews of Checotah, Oklahoma, earned the highest score of his professional bull riding career to win the ninth stop on the CBR’s Road to Cheyenne, the 11th edition of the Casa Ford Tuff Hedeman Championship Bull Riding Rresented by Sunland Park Racetrack and Casino in El Paso, Texas.

“There are so many people and the atmosphere is awesome here, I was pumped up and wanting to win, it’s been a long time coming,” said Andrews about his first career CBR event win.  

On a night where Andrews would have highs and lows, the 22 year old college senior at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, made a gutsy move to keep his first round score of 83 points which eventually advanced him to the semifinal round where he earned the first 90 point ride of his CBR career. He would be one of only two riders advanced on two scores to the final four shoot out round where he was the only bull rider to make the required 8 second whistle.

With a 91 point career high ride on Championship Pro Rodeo’s bull, 105 Money Talks, Andrews took home the $21,750 check, a pair of Fenoglio boots, a hat from American Hat Co. and a custom trophy buckle from Hyo Silver and his first event title win on the Road to Cheyenne.


Round One

Corey Atwell took the lead early in round one with 88 points on Tom Baker and Lyndal Hurst’s Double C. Mahindra Young Gun, Corey Bailey, quickly edged him out with the first of five 89.5 scores earned by Bingham, Bownds, Eldred, and Holmes. Radley, Brasfield and then Andrews would round out the 10 qualified rides in round one, but United States Army Vet and crowd favorite, Juan Alonzo, seized the round and the crowd with 91 points on 626 Hard Times, a new bull from Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team who debuted last week in Rio Rancho.

Five riders left the arena during round one with more than 7 seconds on the clock, but no qualified ride.



The 12 man semifinal round got underway with two riders, Trey Benton and Demond Haynes, advancing on time to join the 10 qualified rides from round one.

Andrews would take control of the average with 90 points on Championship Pro Rodeo (CPR) 9639 Crystal City.

“I knew he was going to buck and be good, I was pumped up to get him, I saw Sage win $10,000 on him a few weeks ago in Jackson and I was just a half a point behind him that day and I really wanted to get on him then, but it worked out for here.”   

The next seven riders would fall short of the whistle until Tim Bingham took the average lead on Rawson’s Too Juicy with a 90.5 point ride.

Bingham with 180 on two earned the right to select his bull first and he chose Jared Allen’s Uncle Tink who bucked off Sage Kimzey last week in Rio Rancho. Money Talks was Mickey Andrew’s pick, followed by Alonzo who earned the right to ride last week’s winning bull, Lyndal Hurst’s Yellowhair, and Neil Holmes would attempt Black Betty, for the second time. 

Away from his hand, Holmes came down at 7.82 on Black Betty. Crowd favorite Juan Alonzo survived Yellowhair’s indecision on which way he wanted to go and Alonzo soon looked like he was in complete control... until he wasn’t and he would hit the dirt at 6.82 seconds.

Andrews was next putting his faith on the advice of CPR’s Brett Barrett and a few of his bull riding buddies who knew the bull. Andrews, who does more than pay a little attention to the bucking stock unloading week to week on the Road to Cheyenne, earned 91 points to bring the crowd to their feet.

“I was talking to Brett with CPR and he said he is going to fit you good, he’s out of the right and you are going to like him, he’s a good pick for you and then luckily Tim picked a different bull and I got to get on my pick, Money Talks and it worked out.”

And then there was one. With Andrews patiently waiting on top of the chutes, Bingham would buck off Jared Allen’s 136 Uncle Tink who came out and went to the right this week, an unusual move according to Matt Scharping of Allen’s Pro Bull Team.

Andrews, thrilled to get that first Road to Cheyenne tour event under his belt, credits Austin Meir and his college rodeo coach, Mike Visnieski, for mentoring him and teaching him to prepare.

“I follow a new program my rodeo coach gave us last year, it is a program that lets you practice even when you can’t, but I love to get on the drop barrel to keep in shape.”

Admitting to battling CBR Rider Wyatt Rogers for the No. 1 ranking in their regional college rodeo world, Andrews said it keeps him on his game as well.


CBR Bull Team Challenge

Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team No. 2, with Matt Scharping at the helm, captured their second win in two weeks as well as Bull of the Event honors in El Paso. With one qualified ride and two rank bull scores, Allen’s buckers were 288.07, just 1.17 seconds ahead of William Barnett’s Barn2Buck team. Winning the title last week in Rio Rancho, Scharping wisely kept the team in place. 

“What I love about CBR is the bull riders really give the bulls a fair shot, and as a stock contractor I greatly appreciate that,” said Scharping after accepting the $20,000 check for Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team No. 2 as owner Jared Allen, an NFL defensive end for the Carolina Panthers, awaits the kick off to the Super Bowl on Sunday.  

Anchoring the team was Billy Jack who Corey Bailey rode for 89.5 points in round one. Admiral Bull helped his team with a rank score of 89 points bucking off the No. 1 ranked CBR rider, Cody Rostockyj.

Hy Test, admittedly Scharping’s favorite, contributed to the team victory with a 92 point bull score, tying the rankest score of the night, on his way to bucking off Chandler Bownds who lost his rope at 6.98 seconds.

“Billy Jack did his deal again but Admiral Bull was ranker tonight and after his injury he just keeps proving to me he is getting strong and stronger, Hy Test showed really well tonight, he was super-fast and drifted which shows well and the judges rewarded him,” continued Scharping.


World Standings Race

With a little help from his friends in El Paso, Cody Rostockyj retained his No. 1 ranking in the CBR World Finals race. Rostockyj, who has been atop the leaderboard since last September, bucked off in round one, but so did his friends No. 2 Cody Teel, No. 4 Wyatt Rogers and with the absence of No. 3 Sage Kimzey, who made the short round in the Fort Worth PRCA rodeo on the same night, the standings did not move much in the top 5. Brennon Eldred now sits in the No. 4 slot after covering his first round bull which bumped Wyatt Rogers from fourth to fifth. With just one bull ride separating the top 3 ranked riders, each of the six stops left on the Road to Cheyenne are crucial to the CBR bull riders as they continue to jockey for positions in the World Standings.


Shoot Out Round Results

1, Mickey Andrews 91 points on 105 Money Talks owned by Championship Pro Rodeo/Cude Energy, $21,750.00.


Bull Team Results

1, Jared Allen’s Pro Bull Team No. 2, 288.08, $20,000. 2, Barn2Buck No. 1, 286.90, $12,000. 3, CPR/Cude Energy, 285.50, $8,000. 4, Williams/Freeman/Pepper, 284.86, $5,000.

Champion Bull – (Tie) Juan Alonzo, 91 points on Hard Times (Allen) and Mickey Andrews, 91 points on Money Talks (CPR)

Bull of the Event (tie) 626 Karaoke (Elite) and 911 Hy Test (Allen), both earned 92 point bull scores


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