Hedeman Recruits Newfound Talent for CBR Bounty Bull at the Season Opener

On Friday night, the first night of competition at the CBR Bud Light Classic in Jackson, Tennessee, fans will experience the CBR Bounty Bull Faceoff. The bull rider with the highest marked ride of round one will be pitted against the newest bucking bull from Benny Cude’s Championship Pro Rodeo, 9639 Crystal City. If successful, the bull rider will pocket $10,000 for his eight-second effort.

"I am excited for the true bull riding fans to see one of my bulls make his first debut as a bounty bull. The fans in Jackson know the difference in quality bucking bulls and 9639 Crystal City should not disappoint them on Friday night. He is not tricky, just a true bucker and if the rider makes the 8 second whistle the score will be huge," Benny Cude, owner of Crystal City.

Four-time World Champion Bull Rider Tuff Hedeman, who selects all the stock on the Road to Cheyenne Tour, made the announcement today his selection from Benny Cude’s pen of buckers who boasts only one qualified ride since his debut on the professional circuits in the fall of 2015.

9639 Crystal City debuted on the Road to Cheyenne bucking off three time NFR qualifier Trey Benton in 4.71 seconds in October on stop 5 of the CBR’s televised Road to Cheyenne tour in Mercedes, Texas.

The bull who will represent Championship Pro Rodeo has faced off with six NFR qualifiers and won each time. The only bull rider to hear the whistle on him is CBR cowboy Eli Vastbinder who rode him in Ashland, Missouri in the summer of 2015 at a PRCA rodeo.   

So what makes 9639 Crystal City so difficult to ride? According to bull guru Brett Barrett, who will flank CC for Cude, he is a “no tricks” kind of bull.

“He is just a really intense bucking bull who comes out of the chutes with a strong kick and quick turn back to the right while pushing the gas pedal,” added Barrett. The seven-year-old bull was bred by Tom Teague and allegedly received his name after being turned out in a pasture in Crystal City, Texas when he was a calf and was impossible to catch for over two years, thus when it came time to registered his brand number with a name he was dubbed “Crystal City”.

With the bred to buck programs nearing three decades in the making, it is no accident 9639 bucks. He is the son of a Smooth Move cow and is a grandson of the great Mossy Oak Mudslinger, a former multiple world champion bucking bull. According to Barrett, he is 1,300 pounds of athletic ability combined with intensity and big bucks.

Who will be the first bull rider on the Road to Cheyenne to make the whistle on him?

9639 is not just lying around at Benny Cude’s 7 Rocking X Ranch in Priddy, Texas dreaming about his second shot at remaining unridden on the CBR Tour. Shocking to most fans is that only about five percent of the work (with bucking bulls) happens at the bull riding.

Having a pen full of potential bounty bulls is what makes a great stock contractor, but Cude stresses the work behind the scenes is what creates success, “We put our bulls first. We live, eat and breathe with these bulls.”

Comparable to any professional athlete, 9639 Crystal City has an exercise regime and a strict diet.

“Crystal City gets 12 pounds of grain and 2 flakes of hay in the morning – we keep the same routine at the ranch or on the road.  The only time this varies is if we have to load up and hit the road really early, then he gets his grain and hay when we get to our destination. There were also several events we went to this winter where it was extremely cold and he got more hay in order to help sustain his body heat to keep him warm and keep his energy up.

We have a track at the ranch and all the bulls, including 9639 Crystal City are jogged around the track daily and he is no different. When we are traveling, if the pens and housing permit, he is jogged up and down the alleyways every morning.”


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