Nineteen-Year-Old Bull Rider Gets Past Two Heavyweights to Win First CBR Title

There was not much wind left in the sails of sports fans in Texas this weekend after the loss of the Houston Texans football team in Round 1 of the NFL playoffs. As a matter of fact, the game was being broadcast on the replay screen as the crowd filed into the Ultimate Challenge Championship Bull Riding Horizon Series event at the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon, Missouri on Saturday evening.

But there was one Texan that woke up Sunday morning with a “W” beside his name on the roster of rookie bull riders looking to earn their way to the Road to Cheyenne professional bull riding tour.

When nineteen-year-old JT Moore left Alvin, Texas it was above 60 degrees and the sun was shining. By the time he got to Lebanon it was 5 degrees with snow showers.  Little did he know the rapid change in temperature would not only define his first win on the CBR’s Horizon Series, but position him to hopefully get a shot at the Road to Cheyenne in the near future.

Moore rode two of the toughest bulls on the CBR’s premier tour, JC Knapp’s 027 Kookaburra and Jeff Harris’s Herbie, for an average score of 179.5 to win the event in front of a fan packed arena.  

The two bulls were in Missouri competing in the bull team competition and being bucked as a warm up session for the CBR Road to Cheyenne televised tour, which resumes in Tennessee later this week.

Moore rode the elusive Kookaburra for 88 points, but according to the stock contractors competing, he owned the bull who is known for his first wicked corner and has only ridden ridden once on the Road to Cheyenne.

“I drew that bull Kookaburra and honestly was not happy. I had seen that bull at a CPRA and IPRA rodeos and kinda knew he could be tough both on and after the 8 seconds... I knew what to expect so I tried my hardest and it worked out,” JT had to say about his first round bull.

With seven qualified rides out of 37 bull riders, veteran bull rider and traveling partner of Moore’s, Codrick Murphy, would finish first in round one with 90 points.  JT was second behind him with the 88 and the third traveling partner, De’Arion Loud was third with 86.5 points.

Garrett Ashley was fourth with 85 followed by a pair of 84.5 scores from former junior champions Wrangler Dunda and Matt Birdwell and Gannon Ivy with an 81.

The twelve-man short round would separate the riders even further and JT once again found himself with a bull drawn that was known to be a “handful”. JT took former Stock Contractor of the Year, Jeff Harris’s advice and the bull performed beyond Moore’s expectation and according to Harris, the young Texan made a picture perfect ride on his bull Herbie. 

“I told JT he is going to be a whole lot like Knapp’s bull, he jumps real high and kicks every jump; sets you up on your rope,” said Harris. “He is really a bull riders dream,” continued Harris.

Herbie, an unridden Coffee bred bull who has been on the rodeo circuit with Harris, debuts with Harris’s bull team next week at the CBR Bud Light Classic in Jackson, Tennessee.

Moore, a former three-time Region 7 High School Champion started riding sheep when he was young and progressed.  His dad has helped him pursue his dream of being a professional bull rider. He is described as a young man with a vision to ride bulls and has it in his blood. He rides them jump for jump and is also referred to as “sticky”, one of the best compliments you can get if you are an aspiring bull rider.



1., JT Moore, 179.5. 2., Codrick Murphy, 178. 3., Gannon Ivy, 162. 4., De’Arion Loud, 86.5.


Bull Team Results

1. Jeff Harris, Palestine, Texas

2. JC Knapp, Mansfield, Texas

3. Mike Rawson, Martinsville, Texas

4. JC Knapp, Mansfield, Texas


Photo courtesy of Texas Ranch N Rodeo Weekly