Championship Pro Rodeo Readies Bulls for WNFR

Gold Buckle The Grand Obsession of Rodeo Bull Riders

The 2015 CBR Bull of the Year Co-Champion, 050 Gold Buckle, turned pro at a PRCA rodeo in San Angelo, Texas in February of 2014 when NFR qualifier, Reid Barker earned 89 points on him at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo. He returns to his PRCA roots on the dirt in the Thomas and Mack Arena being selected to represent Championship Pro Rodeo at the 2015 National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He has a heart of a champion, goes from almost dying to making it to the NFR in the same year, said CPR general manager, Zach Craig. He is rider friendly but he is rankest for the first three seconds but then he levels out, he is a big and flashy a  spotted Plummer looking bull with big horns, about 1,600 pounds.

Brennon Eldred and Reid Barker are the only qualified NFR riders who have been on him and they both bucked off the good lucking spotted bull on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne in 2014.

If Eldred draws him in Las Vegas he can always phone a friend for a little help. Former NFR qualifiers Elliot Jacoby and Trey Benton have both ridden 050 for 90 plus points in CBR competition.

Gold Buckle enters this years NFR draw in Las Vegas with a 60 percent buck off rate for 2015, 13 points higher than his 2014 percentage. His average bull score is 22.33 and he has been ridden 14 times of 29 attempts with six of those rides being 90 points or more. But this bucker has one unusual statistic on his record, it really does not matter if you are left handed or right handed, his ability to buck you off remains equal for both riding hands. Which is directly related to the fact you never know which side Brett Barrett is going to load him.

Gold Buckle traded hands from Lyndal Hurst to Zach Craig and Brett Barrett in early 2014 and never looked back until a severe illness that kept him at the Oklahoma Veterinary School for several weeks in March of this year. He recovered, but the team at Championship Pro Rodeo held him back and let him have a full recovery before he hit the road again in the summer 2015. Thanks to the animal knowledge time, and friendship of Jeff Harris of Rafter J Ranch and Harris Bucking Bulls in Palestine, Texas, he was able to bring this bull back to his talented self.

We just made him a pet and slowly brought him back with a steady diet, probiotics, and hands on care, said Harris, no stranger to rehabilitating performance stock.    

Gold Buckle can be just the assist the 15 cowboys headed to the WNFR are hoping for. He has bucked his way to five round winning rank bull score wins and eight rider round wins. But the best statistic on his record for this time of year -  if you draw him you have a 57.1 percent chance of being the round winner based on his current data.


54 Cadillac Red Sheer Riding Pleasure 

If you want to win the PRCAs year-end finale you might have to get past a big red bull named Cadillac Red. Although he is rarely ridden, NFR qualifiers Joe Frost and Sage Kimzey have both heard the whistle while still on his back in 2015.

This great bull from Championship Pro Rodeo provided the assist to Frost as he went 90 points on 54 in the final four Shoot Out round at the 2015 CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days while World Champ Kimzey was 90 points on him in the PRCA rodeo in Pasadena, Texas. CBRs current No.1 rider, Cody Rostockyj, rode him to the pay window at the All American in Waco for 89 points.

#54 Red, as he is known in the back pens, was the highest marked rank bull score of the 2014 CBR World Finals in Cheyenne. At that event, the then four year old bucking bull earned his rankest career mark of 46.5 in the process of bucking off PRCA World Champion J.W. Harris in 6.39 seconds.

He sports a 90.48 buck off percentage for 2015, higher than in 2014 where he turned in a year end buck off performance average of 72.73 percent. He has been attempted 28 times on the professional circuits and only covered in seven of those outs.

Ironically two of the five cowboys to hear the whistle while battling Red are Jory Markiss who rode him for 89.5 and Lane Toon for 88.5, both rides occurred twelve months apart, at the same event, in the same outdoor venue - the CBR George Paul Memorial in Del Rio, Texas.

54 is a son of the XS Ranchs Winchester and is a grandson of the great Tahanta and out of an XS Cash cow. The strikingly handsome red bull has been seen on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne eleven times and thus far thus far has bucked off 85% of his opponents. 

Cadillac Red, owned by Benny Cude of the 7 Rocking X Ranch in Priddy, Texas, has represented Cudes buckers well with five High Point Bull buckles including wins at CBRs televised tour events in Fort Worth, TX, Huron, SD and most impressively the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne.

This super star rank bull score was a huge assist to the Cude Energy bull team who went on to win the 2014 CBR World Championship Bull Team title at the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

In the bowl like, loud atmosphere of the Thomas and Mack Arena, my bet is on 54, but if he is ridden, it will be for a big score.