Carr Pro Rodeo Bucking Bulls Top the List of NFR Selected Athletes

The seven bulls traveling to Las Vegas on the Carr Pro Rodeo trailer will have to buck hard to compete with the bucking horse division of Pete Carr’s rough stock string. Carr is the owner of the reigning 2015 Bucking Horse of the Year, Dirty jacket and had more bulls selected for this year’s NFR than any other stock contractor.

Carr’s bulls arrive in Las Vegas with 2013 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year and their manager, Billy Jones of Moscow, Texas, who also manages Carr’s CBR Bull Team Challenge efforts which have been successful this year with this stellar lineup of bucking stock, winning the CBR Bull Team Challenge in El Paso, Texas in February of this year.   

“It’s our mission at Carr Pro Rodeo to continue to raise the bar for production and performance in our industry. Our team consists of the very best in the business who share my passion for the sport of rodeo, and we enjoy bringing that experience to rodeo fans everywhere,” said Pete Carr.

A closer look at Carr’s NFR string of bulls reveal that they are more than capable, and probably likely, to stay in step with their equine teammates.  Let’s take a look at a few of this year’s WNFR bucking bulls representing Carr Pro Rodeo, Box K Cattle Company and with 2013 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year, Billy Jones. 


63 Half Nutz

Leading the team of Carr buckers is the bull most bull riders refer to as “Half Nutz”.

It is no secret that the bull labeled 63 Half Nutz is a bucker. With only one qualified ride on the stat sheet within PRCA competition (three total career rides) this well pedigreed 5 year old athlete finished third in the PRCA Bull of the Year race for 2015 and loads out to Las Vegas next month for the second time. Sired by the great Buckeye, the 2009 PRCA Bull of the Year, who happens to be a son of the great Panhandle Slim (3 X PBR Finals bulls), and is out of a Dillinger (1999 WNFR bull) cow.

Over the course of his PRCA career, Half Nutz has been ridden just one time, but that was one of the top-marked rides of 2015. When matched with the talented bull, Scottie Knapp was 93 points to win the West of the Pecos (Texas) Rodeo in late June.

Before the first latch is cracked on his chute, it should be pointed out that his relatives have seen the dirt at the Thomas and Mack Arena in Las Vegas - collectively probably more than any other bull on the WNFR Stock list, but don’t hold us to that statistic.

Bred and raised by Ken King of Box K Cattle Co., the strikingly handsome black white-faced bull has maintained a 90.91% buck off percentage during his career, which started as a super star futurity calf. 63 competed and found success in the competition based ABBI and UBBI circuits before finding a permanent place on the trailer for Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo.

He has made appearances at the World Finals in all three of the three major bull riding associations and when pitted against this year’s contestant list he is 1 for 5. He has bucked off Stall, Teel, Bownds, and Breding in the past.

He bucked off Joe Frost in round 7 of the 2014 NFR.  He reappeared again on Joe’s dance card at the CBR Eldorado Resort Casino Tuff Hedeman Championship Bull Riding in Bossier City last March and Joe rode him for 91 points in the final Shoot Out round. What makes this bull so elusive? According to bull man Billy Jones, “He is hot and quick.”


838 Lineman

Well known to bull riders as a “great draw”, 838 Lineman, a seven year old son of Stinger, a son of J.Lo, bred by the Circle T Ranch, has been a perennial favorite draw for four years on the PRCA and CBR circuit. Nine times bull riders have won a round on this great bull and standing in line first for a rematch should be reigning CBR World Champion, Cody Teel who rode him for 91 points in 2014 in Lovington, New Mexico.

838 arrives in Las Vegas for his fourth trip to the National Finals Rodeo with a 75 % buck off rate, his highest since his 2013 debut on the pro rodeo and bull riding circuits. WNFR bull riders who have seen 939 are Brett Stall who has been on Lineman three times, twice he heard the whistle; Kimzey rode him at the 2014 WNFR for 84.5 points, but was 92 points on him in 2014 in Guymon, Oklahoma; Clayton Foltyn has attempted him once and bucked off in 1.9 seconds in August.

The highest marked ride of Lineman’s career, 93 points, was earned by Cory Granger during the bull’s debut season in 2012.  Right-handers will statistically fair better than left-handers and if you hear the whistle you have a 64 % chance of winning the round.


78 Poker Face

It is no doubt this bull will be in the rank pen at the 2015 WNFR. Sired by Rodeo, a son of Chaos and out of an Automatic cow, 78 was raised by Laramie and Hayden Wilson, and purchased by Ken King, Box K Cattle Company. The elusive 78 is unridden in PRCA and CBR competition after 63 attempts. WNFR bull riders who have attempted the 98.36 % buck off rated bull are: Clayton Foltyn, Reid Barker, Parker Breding, Sage Kimzey, Cody Teel, and former bull rider who is serving as the bucking bull livestock director for the WNFR, Cody Whitney.


905 Red Rocket

Red Rocket, a son of Waterproof and out of a Little Yellow Jacket cow, bucked his way to the WNFR for the first time since making rodeo debut in rodeo in 2013. Cody Teel was the last cowboy to hear the whistle on this great bull when he went 90.5 points on him in CBR competition in Jackson, Tennessee in January of 2014. Right-handers might have a chance to ride him, but left-handers are battling a 100% buck off statistic. Red Rocket has three round winning outs and coincidentally three qualified rides on his list of accomplishments.


807 Hokey Pokey        

Chandler Bownds, Parker Breding and Cody Teel are the three out of this year’s bull riding class that have seen 807. Teel is the only WNFR cowboy to cover him and that was two years ago when he rode him for 90 points in Rosenberg, Texas in 2013. Breding attempted him in 2013 at the WNFR.

807 has ten outs in 2015, nine in PRCA competition and one CBR out. He has been ridden six times of the career 46 attempts. 807 has the advantage in the Thomas and Mack Arena as he has never been covered on the dirt there after two trips to the PRCA’s Super Bowl of rodeo.