All That Glitters is Not Gold

Rodeo culture savors stories about the power of the gold buckle. Thousands of people descend upon venues such as Cheyenne Frontier Days and Las Vegas, Nevada, each year to witness the ceremonial events that crown the industry’s world champions.

The universal symbol of a cowboy World Champion is a custom crafted gold belt buckle, to be worn only by the one who earned the title.

The buckle is thought of as a sign. It sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made, and our status in the western lifestyle culture. 

Hyo Silver crafts an exclusive collection of timeless jewelry and trophy buckles that capture the southern legacy of gold and silver while representing one of the ultimate signs of manhood, Championship Bull Riding.  

“Hyo Silver is honored to sponsor the trophy belt buckles for Championship Bull Riding; the ground breaking organization truly honors the sport in celebrating cowboys and stock contractors, and boy do they put on a phenomenal performance!” said Vice President of Hyo Silver, Josie Berg. 

One of the perks of being crowned CBR World Champion is the extraordinary trophy and the gold buckle that accompanies the title. Hyo Silver crafted the traveling World Champion Trophy which serves as a piece of history that includes a replica buckle with custom engraving of the name of each CBR World Champion since the beginning of the CBR in 2002.    

“We are extremely proud to have a great partner and sponsor like Hyo Silver.  They have done an outstanding job with the CBR World Title Trophy and all the buckles that represent the path to the world championship,” said CEO Benny Cude.

The 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne was filled with “gold buckle” moments each revolving around a buckle.

Each event on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour features the Hyo Silver buckle being awarded to the CBR Bull Riding Champion as well as the CBR Bull Team Challenge Champions, Bull of the Event (High Marked Bull), and Champion Bull (High Marked Ride). These buckles are the results of memorable moments that will live on for years to come on our waist, walls, and especially in the hearts of the many recipients.



Just in time for Christmas, Hyo Silver is proud to present this exclusive line of jewelry that captures the southern legacy of silver and gold.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, and the tranquility of faith, Hyo Silver presents an exclusive collection of timeless jewelry designs.

Handmade pieces feature signature design elements of tri-colored gold mixed with cool hues of sterling silver against a deep contrast of black antique and vibrant accents of colored crystals and gemstones.



Brooches, conchos, cuff links, knives, money clips, spurs and watches.



Hyo Silver works with clients ordering trophy buckles for: rodeo events, hunting and athletic tournaments, college graduations, agricultural competitions, corporate prizes, horse races, and more! There is no minimum order required for trophy buckles and we offer quantity discounts starting orders of 6, with greater discount brackets for larger orders. Trophy buckles are available in solid silver but most clients select our plated option. Whether you are ordering 1 or 100, we can provide you with a custom buckle that equates the grace in your accomplishments with the luminosity of gold and silver.


Custom Design

Hyo makes it easy and convenient to personalize buckles, gifts, jewelry and just about anything you can think you want! The Hyo Silver design staff is very pleased to work with customers to create a custom piece in their company’s signature style. Customers can incorporate options like gemstones, colored crystals, sterling silver, solid gold, or gold overlay scroll work, brands, figures, initials, logos, and more on our buckles and some jewelry items. Hyo Silver specializes in custom trophy buckles, class rings, and personalized jewelry from our original styles. The process is simple: Choose a Style & Select Options, Start an Order or Contact Us, Work with a Designer to Finalize.



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