The Power of Now

We analyze bull riders for the splendor of their work, for titles won and records set, for moments given to those of us who can only watch, and for memories made that will outlive their mortal selves, and ours.

The reigning CBR World Champion Cody Teel, inarguably one of the best bull rider athletes of this era, has given bull riding fans just that since his debut four years ago. With 24 recorded 90 point plus rides and over 600 outs to his stat sheet, Teel has always finished the year with an above 50 average riding percentage with the high being 60 percent in 2013.

At 6’0”, 165 pounds this right handed bull rider, who won his first PRCA World title in 2012, the NFR Average title in 2013, placed in three rounds to finish 5th in the world in 2014, flies to Las Vegas at the end of this month with his same grit, determination and preparedness that earned him the CBR World Champion title earlier this year while riding with a broken ankle.

Teel enters Vegas in seventh place in the PRCA 2015 World Standings. At $83,018 in earnings this year, Teel said it is the least amount statistically that he has accumulated in pursuit of the NFR title.

The former College National and Texas High School Champion Bull Rider shared what he has learned on both the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association trail and the CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne. Here are a few insights of how he will make the most of the PRCA’s annual premier event in 2015, the National Finals Rodeo.



Cody Teel has been riding or preparing to ride bulls most of his life and at this point in his career his consistency is facilitated by the fact that he knows how to handle the ups and downs of the road.

Known for his consistency and adapting to his current conditions, Teel once again puts faith in the basics of bull riding to prepare.

“Last year I never got sore so I am doing the same things this year.” Teel, who works out twelve months out of the year, uses his own practice bulls, the Mighty Bucky training system, and probably most important - common sense. As far as preparation and handling the grind of the NFR schedule of ten rounds, the champ had this to say, “You have to be able to constantly accomplish your daily, as a bull rider.”

“The sports medicine team is available to us daily and knowing things like that will help you prepare. I rest and make my daily appearances, but that’s about all as far as my schedule goes.” 



“This is a great pen of bulls, very even, maybe the best in a long time,” according to the south Texas bull rider that is known for his tenaciousness in bovine prep work.

“I think this year’s pen will certainly make the bull riding more interesting.”

Teel says he has been on approximately half of the stock selected by former bull rider and PRCA cowboy Cody Whitney to perform in the Thomas and Mack Arena for ten nights.

“My favorite moment of each NFR is that first night, round one, when you are putting your rope on your bull, it’s a combination of nervousness, anxiety, and pressure – but I love it.”



The last time Cody Teel heard the eight-second buzzer in PRCA competition was on October 2 in Seguin, Texas at the Guadalupe County Fair and Rodeo.

“I had a nagging injury to my groin and it got worse there, so I have been rehabbing since then,” said the 23 year old native who shares his time between his new home in College Station and his native Kountze, Texas roots.

“I feel stronger this year than I was in 2012. I have been riding horses bareback and training on the Mighty Bucky, Foltyn (Clayton) and I will get on my practice bulls starting this week, but I am staying in shape with ranch work, gym training, and fixing up my new house.”

His ankle and foot feel fine according to Teel after he survived two bulls with a fractured foot to win the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne this summer.



“For me, it’s all about knowing what to expect. I am probably mentally tougher than I have been in the past,” said the always calm, cool and collected World Champ.

But Teel’s work is more instinctive than learned he continued, “I go out and ride them, it’s a simple formula. The goal is to stay on, one bull at a time.”


2015 Professional Highlights

2015 CBR World Champion

• Won the Lea County Fair & PRCA Rodeo (Lovington, N.M.)

• Won the 134th Silver Spurs Rodeo (Kissimmee, Fla.)

• Won the Wrangler Champions Challenge (Scottsdale, Ariz.)

• Won the Pueblo Colorado Champions Challenge

• Won the Comal County Fair & Rodeo (New Braunsfels. Texas)

• Co-champion at the Sheridan WYO Rodeo

• Co-champion at the Cowboy Capital of the World PRCA Rodeo (Stephenville, Texas)

• Co-champion at the Arcadia (Fla.) All-Florida Championship Rodeo

• Co-champion at the Longview (Texas) PRCA Rodeo

• Co-champion at the XIT Rodeo & Reunion (Dalhart, Texas)