World’s Finest Livestock Arena Returns on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne

Enjoying what is the longest sponsor partnership on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne, W-W Manufacturing is the company that manufactures and supplies the product of choice for Championship Bull Riding. In addition to CBR, W-W supplies the National Little Britches Association and the International Finals Rodeo arenas as well as many other professional rodeo associations.

W-W Manufacturing began their business in 1945 by designing and manufacturing quality livestock handling equipment that stockmen and horsemen everywhere would soon demand. W-W Livestock Systems continues to carry on the tradition of superior craftsmanship that earned them the reputation as the "World's Finest".

Who better to talk about the arena than CBR Production Manager Chris Rankin? He is the manager that oversees the formation, use, and tear down of the CBR’s W-W traveling bucking bull event arena. Chris and the arena log in 20,000 miles and journey to more than twenty cities nationwide in the course of the twelve-month bull riding tour.   

“What separates W-W from other companies is there product is always built with the customer in mind, they manufacture the kind of equipment that the customers ask for. Most of the guys at W-W are either involved in the cattle or rodeo industries and they always have the customer and the safety of livestock in mind.”

“There is a reason CBR has been partnered with W-W livestock systems since 2009,” added Rankin.

“W-W products are built to withstand the wear and tear that we put there gates panels and chutes through on a weekly basis. Not only do they make the toughest and best product available but there equipment is very user friendly as far a setting it up and tearing it down, that is where CBR benefits the most when it comes to setting up because of the time restraints we are under at different events.”

W-W Livestock Systems has one goal in mind, the customer. Their staff is dedicated to providing efficient livestock handling equipment which is guaranteed to exert a minimum level of stress on livestock while maximizing safety and ease of handling for the operator.

Dedicated to quality, W-W is in constant pursuit of ways to improve their products to meet customer needs. They have established a national and international dealer network with qualified personnel that have 435 years of combined experience. With this extensive wealth of knowledge available for consultation, W-W can help you design a system that is perfect for your operation.

W-W is the product of choice for professional rodeo associations and supplies equipment to the IFR along with all major stock shows and expos across the United States. An extensive network of more than 1,200 dealers provide W-W's high quality products to customers nationwide. 

W-W’s commitment to producing products for the hard working farmers and ranchers across the World include the recent introduction of the BoarBuster system, the newest product in the lineup that is expected to revolutionize the control of feral hogs with an advanced technology trapping system.

The BoarBuster system, which is about 18 feet in diameter and capable of capturing more than 30 feral hogs per drop was introduced in the summer 2015. The new trap will be exclusively manufactured and marketed by W-W Livestock Systems. “This trap is easy to transport and set up. Most people can start catching hogs within 24 hours of assembling it,” said Marc Popejoy, general manager for W-W Livestock Systems. “Its technology gives the user total control, and most importantly, it works. Feral hogs should be scared.”  

You can check out the BoarBuster and all that W-W has to offer by stopping by their booth at the WNFR Cowboy Christmas located inside the Las Vegas Convention Center. Factory representatives will be on hand to help you for the length of the rodeo in Las Vegas. For more information on W-W see or call 800-999-1214.


W-W Manufacturing

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