Seven Time Stock Contractor of the Year Returns to the CBR Bull Team Challenge

The partnership of Williams and Delmas started as a friendship which kicked off several years ago when then CBR and PRCA bull rider, Friday Wright of Moss Point, Mississippi, enrolled in Panola Junior College in Carthage, Texas. 

“I met Terry with Friday in Carthage, and became friends with Terry and his son Clayton. Soon after he started sending me young bulls to get started and we bought several from them,” said 26 year old Delmas about partnering with one of the most well-known bull men in the bucking bull industry.

“We got to be good friends and my father and I are in the cattle business and with Williams we supply bulls for PRCA rodeos. We started taking the younger bulls to amateur rodeos to get them started and broke in,” continued Delmas. 

“We entered Baytown, Texas bull team competition in May and placed well there and then we went to the Arkansas CBR Bull Team event and won first and third and it was then we decided it was a good investment and the partnership started from there.”

With about 25 head of bucking bulls in Moss Point, Mississippi, Delmas is looking forward to competing with Williams with the two teams, Williams and Delmas and Williams, Delmas and Pepper. The bull teams have competed thus far in Huron, South Dakota and Conroe, Texas during the first quarter of the CBR Bull Team Challenge and can be seen in Rio Rancho, Bossier City, El Paso, and Lufkin in January and February on the 2016 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne.

“Terry has the biggest heart of any guy I know, he will do anything for you, but if you know him then you already are aware of that,” said Delmas, one of the youngest partners of a CBR Expansion team. 

Terry Williams is not a newcomer to Championship Bull Riding. The 2002 and 2004 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year, five-time PBR Stock Contractor of the year, Horizon Series founder and its first managing director, and was the principal founder of Championship Bull Riding in 2002. 

Williams re-enters the CBR Bull Team Challenge for the 2016 season with two teams and bucking bull gurus will be anxiously awaiting to see what he loads up for the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne.

Williams, the owner of legendary bucking bulls such as Promised Land, Panhandle Slim, Baby Face, Moody Blues, Locomotive Breath and Red Wolf, is from the piney woods around the east Texas town of Carthage. He is also favorably known behind the chutes as the guy who discovered three time CBR Bull Fighter of the Year Brandon Loden. Loden, while honing his bull riding skills at Williams’s ranch, was asked to fight bulls one day in a pinch, and the rest is CBR history.

In 1990, it is said that Williams had a premonition that the stock contractor's future was in stand-alone bull riding competitions. So he bypassed the rodeo events and concentrated on single bull riding only events.

"I've been around stock all my life," he said. "I was raising bulls and I needed to do something with them. That's when I started doing stand-alone bull ridings. In 1993, the PBR came along and they had the good sponsorship and TNN televised its events."

In the later portion of the 1990’s, Williams began investing even more in his bucking business. 

In 1997 he paid $30,000 for Panhandle Slim. At that time it was a record for the highest price ever paid for a bucking bull. As far as bulls go, Panhandle Slim was not very big (1,300 pounds). But he had so much speed and so many direction changes that made up for his lack of size. 

Williams will no doubt enjoy watching his offspring, #63 Half Nutz, as he replicates his famous father at the WNFR next month.

Considered a rank bull guru among professionals, Williams said it can be a gamble when purchasing a bull. "You can get the right type," he said. "It's like a person. You can look at a person and they look physically fit. But you don't know if they have the stamina and want-to."

His well-renowned stock, and long standing friendship with CBR Ambassador and 4 time World Champion Bull Rider, Tuff Hedeman, has propelled Williams to leave Carthage with his bulls and haul them to Washington, D.C., Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Nashville, Tenn., and Charlotte, N.C. to Las Vegas all in the course of just one year.

But while Williams will no doubt travel and be in the stands watching his two teams in 2016, his passion has turned to raising and developing young bucking bulls. But you can be sure if bulls are unloading within a day’s drive of Carthage, the infectious smile and personality of Terry Williams is near.